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Though my cousin Char was a psychic medium growing up - she was never close enough to my birth family to help mentor me with my gifts. Though i studied past-life regression with her sister Alicia, my birth family often criticized medium work  behind her back and some in the family were even scared of her!.. Not cool - yet there are some in this family that have…


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PART 1: Reflections on this Autumn Equinox during one of the holiest days of the year - Yom Kippur

PART 1: Reflections on this Autumn Equinox during one of the holiest days of the year - Yom Kippur. 

Though I am a spiritual person - not religious, Ive worked very hard at forgiveness.. Yet there is much even my closest friends don't know about me that I was saving in my memoirs. Sharing some of it today heals me and in is quite cathartic for me on this "holy day" of atonement and must be said.  Though I have often written about…


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The Transgender and Cross-dressing Community and My Experience/Compassion for Their Path..

During the spring, our world was changed with Bruce Jenner's monumental decision to come out of the closet and be his "authentic self." The Olympic athlete on the Wheatie's box became "Caitlyn Jenner" and the world is learning about unconditional love from watching it unfold weekly on "I am Cait" - whether our world wants it or not - it is here. 

Having traveled, worked and interviewed many people in the Transgender community, I was so very happy to see him doing…


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My syncronicities reading “the Circle” by Dave Eggers and the parallels of more social media in our world

As I have written about many times in my blogs and memoirs in progress…life for me since my spiritual awakening has seemed to be an occurrence of "crisp and clear" syncronicities - oftentimes occurring when I read and watch films.  As a result, I must take careful consideration to the types of movies, film or books I choose to read in the little/spare time I have when I'm not working or playing. 



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For me personally I will start by reflecting on some early childhood experiences with own mother and father growing up from an early age to adulthood and how I can look back now through loving eyes and forgiveness from the energy healing/therapy I now work on individually with my clients.  


Though I was never close to my mother,  as I grew up, it was my grandparents who filled in the gaps in many ways for the lack of parenting and focus my parents were not capable of giving.…


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Everyone in life is hit with adversity at some point. When you and/or someone you love experience some type of tragic circumstance or interference, you must find yourself a new dream. Even if someone you once loved/thought was meant to be a part of your life is no longer here.  You must accept circumstances and not let this change taint you or your heart. Healing from painful circumstances like the pain of divorce or the loss of a loved one can be difficult for people and their families, but…


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Healing Clients with Depression: 3 Different Case Studies for Healing It

In the wake of Robin Williams passing Monday, I want to share more on the topic 

of healing clients with depression as a way of helping those who suffer from it or who

have a loved one currently battling depression. While we all have good  or bad days, and

experience depression at some point in our lives, suffering from depression

is something one can ONLY understand if they truly experience a person's pain 

directly themselves. This experience occurs when…


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Yes We are Slowly Waking Up...

Before our gathering at Return of the Ancestors.. for over ten years in fact, others like Drunvalo and healers around the world have been repairing the earth's grid for the return and activation of energies that have been dormant for thousands of years on this plant.. Many of these crystal pyramids never worked on their own, as they were all interconnected to activate these energy points to work. Long ago, the Pyramids allowed us all to…


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Telepathy and Purpose - the Children of Today

While some refer to children born in the 90s as crystal children, and the previous generation before that as Indigo, we should not put a label on kids as they are all at different levels of growth and understanding in this world.

However, having six niece and nephews and all kinds of children in my life as an educator, healer and friend, I see the amazing skills today that adults are only beginning to truly understand.

Like many of the special children being born, autistic…


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Being an Adult Survivor of Emotional Abuse - Words to Help Others Heal and Self-Love

Young or old, rich or poor, and regardless of cultural background… Emotional Abuse is just as dangerous as other types of abuse but more difficult to detect - as its words leave scars that hit just as hard as a punch.. However, the difference with emotional abuse is it cannot easily be seen. Even with intuition to peel back the layers and know what is truly going on takes time - but as more people grow spiritually and evolve, so too, does awareness for what a person is going through without…


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With so many people and loved ones impacted by Cancer - it is more important than ever for people to search deep within to cure and remove disease from the body. 

ANY Disease can be removed from the body but in our world of Western medicine -  the common cure tactics today for diseases such as Cancer is ONLY the  "removal" and post radiation and chemotherapy treatments without embracing other alternative healing modalities to address the underlying root…


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Past Life Regressions vs DNA Energy Healing: Why I stopped doing past-life regressions and tips for those seeking out regression work

Past Life Regression is an area I started working in towards the end of my grad school in I/O Psychology. In my 20’s after finishing school, I studied with my first shaman/PHD in Psychology, I also proctored classes/doing statistical analysis for my cousin Dr Alicia Tisdale’s client practice - including her regression cases and cure rates post visit. Both the individual case studies and cure rates were astounding! Later on, in the mid 90s in LA - I was able to study with Dr. Brian…


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Family and Ancestral Healing and Knowing Your Family Tree

Family and Ancestral Energy healing and knowing your past better connects oneself in the present - as it allows you to "zone in" on what needs healing. 

A person cannot possibly know themselves if they are not open to examine where they come from and what their ancestors went through. Discovering your family tree is a start, but so is doing the energy work to heal you and your family. 

Healing what we "inherit" from the wounds…


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JumpStart Your 2014 By Doing the "Inner Work"


Great article this week from this couple on Oprah’s Own Network. .…


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Write it Down! A Case Study in Healing Writer's Block

I recently had a new client visiting the US from brazil who came to me with sadness and frustration over her writer's block. This was very frustrated, as every time she sat down to write, the ideas would be there in her head, but the words would just not flow. 

As a communicator who writes daily and for…


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Move or Not to Move? Life Choices - How do you know what's right for you?

As I get settled back into South Florida the past month relocating headquarters personally and professionally for PALS AROUND THE WORLD and my energy healing practice, many thoughts have flooded my mind about how to express change and how others too can know when its right. 

Though my move took some people in my life 'by surprise" - it shouldn't.. As change is part of my unique path and is part of others too.. and change is good when you…


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The Benefits of DNA/Theta Healing .. and the topic of boundary setting during these changing times

As part of the healing process, I recently spent part of the holidays going through a series intensive advanced DNA healing and trance work to connect to my "inner-child" and to do some more tune-up healing work. The holiday time is a great time to do this, as it helps to stay focused on my path and to work more on releasing the emotional abuse from childhood.

A need for this was triggered on December 14th - the day of the Newtown shootings. Having started PALS AROUND THE WORLD, a…


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The Healing Process Contd.. My Personal Journey

Working with kids, I am reminded of childhood and some of the things I faced being the youngest of four. My siblings like many families we are born into, can be loving at times.. but as the years passed and I worked more on myself and grew into an adult - I could clearly see during visits home to Detroit the full range of emotions - love, hate, jealousy, competition and an increased resentment over the years that I had the freedom to move away. 

Working in international consulting,…


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Finally Writing Again!

BLOG - Finally writing again! 

During the last several months, life has really taken me on an amazing journey of profound understanding, miracles and healing.. 

In retrospect, though I didn't entirely understand at the time why I was pulled to visit and travel to certain destinations not on my radar the last few months.. those who know me well - understand it as part of my path of transformation and healing, and that it was a much needed journey for me, as…


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Let's Revive the Site!

Dear friends and fellow lightworkers, 

A big thanks to Robert Dakota who so beautifully created this site as a way for us to share our wisdom, cultural exchange and worldviews and now its time to share our journeys again from the last few months.

While we have all processed much the last few years since many of us met at Return of the Ancestors.. it is time to continue sharing the love, unity and compassion that is felt around the world during this shift in…


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