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Can your good wishes or prayers towards yourself or others be the wrong wish?

This is an interesting topic as one discusses prayers/wishes for 


For example, we may wish for a loved one or friend to recover from illness or we

may wish for good things for ourselves like a new car or landing a new job or to be with our soulmate. 

Whatever the wish - whether it be for ourselves or for others - we always want to make sure it is in

the best interest of ourselves or the other person we are praying for..  This is especially

important as our consciousness changes and we grow more aware and "in-tune" with

others in the years to come.

Case in point, I newly discovered this in my own life when my divorced cousin had a 

challenging week and a dry spell in his love life. Whenever this would happen and I wanted

to send well wishes his way, I used to intentionally pray that he be surrounded by an 

array of beautiful women to date and used to laugh when it would manifest..

But really .. we have to ask ourselves.. "Is this the proper way of wishing someone well?"

In retrospect, it seemed reasonable and benevolent at the time, but when others started

wishing things for me that I didn't want or need on my path - and they began showing up - I could

clearly see the error of my ways..As I was clearly being shown how I was interfering with my

cousin's path by not wishing him what was in the best interest of his higher self and his path. 

This  case in point clearly demonstrates why it is so important to be specific in our prayers and not 

wish "what we think" is in the best interest of others.

Everyone's path is unique and only the individual knows what is best for themselves.. and even 

if they don't know what's best..

Wishing what you "think" someone else would like or want robs that person of experiencing

things they are intended to experience first hand ..on their own as part of their spiritual growth

and that really is interfering.

The same principle applies with healing work. It is important to ask any dying 

or ill person's higher self whether or not it is in the person's best interest 

to receive a healing… as sometimes one's illness and life path may be to learn the lesson 

of curing themselves as part of their journey - and doing the healing work for them may 

be interfering - so this too must always be asked. 

This doesn't mean you shouldn't pray for one's well being or for healing when 

someone we know needs prayers.. It simply means - be more specific in your prayers.

Pray specifically for what's in the best interest of that person on their path as you

 send healing prayers for another.

Along the lines of wishes.. another topic that periodically comes up is the blockbuster

top selling book "The Secret."

Though it appeared on the scene a few years ago as part of the new age explosion

it is a clear-cut example of "pseudo" spirituality - as it teaches people to use what they 

want to attract with their mind.. when we should be using our hearts to attract what's best - 

-not what we may think we want at a given moment. 

By making this connection between our hearts and minds.. we can access what it 

is we truly want and truly need in the best interest of our own spiritual growth this

time around. Lessons we agreed to learn this time around before we

incarnated - something different for each and everyone of us.

For example, some people are so in their mind- they may not quite be able to understand

yet the concept of what working through your heart truly means…. I can always tell just by an

interpretation of my license plate the last few years - "INTL LOVE" - short for INTERNATIONAL LOVE.. 

When someone is in their mind - they usually see "INTEL Corporation" and think business - 

money or dollar signs.. Its funny..but the true people in their hearts "get it" right away.

A very long time ago - the heart and mind once worked in conjunction together.

And as we evolve as a human race and our DNA expands and evolves

those valves/connections will be flowing and opening once again.

As we learn to open these pathways that lay dormant (as shut off valves in our body) we will be

opening and creating a greater energy flow between the chakras in the years to come - 

specially the heart chakra - allowing us to clearly "tap" into greater insight on our path, 

greater insight/understanding with others, more frequent ESP and transparency.. leading to 

a greater clarity to attract with one's heart the right path for ourselves - and what is truly needed 

as an individual.

Although Oprah - a wonderful role model for every woman in the world toted the Secret a few

years ago - it is not a formula to follow - as while it emphasizes gratitude, its principle laws

of attraction promote using the mind to attract what one desires -and not the heart ..and this my friends is ego. 

Following this, a person may attract what he or she wants - but at a cost .. as it will also attract the karmic 

consequences of attracting what is not a person's to take.

For example, wanting a giant house or more money seems benevolent..or wanting a man you see on the 

street or a job as a rocket scientist when you dropped out of high school.

These are all desires.. but they may not be rightfully yours to have.. the owners of a particular  house 

you want may be happy living there and able to afford that house on their path.. and that man you fancy 

may have eight kids to feed at home and may already be happily married to the person he's supposed to be with -

and taking a job you want as a rocket scientist may likely be outside the realm of experience and understanding for 

a high school drop out. All things one may want  or envy ..may not be someone's to have.. As a result, the 

karma from taking something that is not rightfully yours to take on your path -  using your mind (ego)

will bring about more negative karmic repercussions than are truly worth it. 

A good "real life" example of this is the people involved with authoring/contributing to the principles 

taught in the "THE SECRET" itself -- who became wealthy, but who shortly after, became embroiled in on-going 150

million dollar lawsuit between the Secret's author and director. 

Others too, involved with teaching the Secret experienced repercussions and reversals of fortune shortly after

their initial success for attracting and taking what was not there's to take (in this lifetime) using these principles. 

Another example is self-help guru, James Ray who appeared 

in the Secret video. He conducted sacred Native American ceremonies following the success of the Secret video.

Though he had some exposure to indigenous ways, he was not experienced spiritually to perform these on his life path but acquired it through law of attraction (the mind). As a result, it lead to 3 Sweat lodge deaths and 3 negligent homicide convictions that upset Native Americans who sought punishment under the Sioux Treaty of 1868 to prevent such an occurrence from ever happening again. All good examples of why the Secret is NOT a good principle to follow. 

By connecting to your heart - you will attract what you intuitively need and are intuitively supposed to follow this time around..

By opening your heart chakra and connecting to your higher self , this connection truly is possible

-and thus TRULY will be what you want from this approach - and will also be what you need..  because it will be in the best interest of your higher self on your personally designed path for spiritual growth. A much better approach than taking something or someone that does not rightfully belong to you.

Though the concept of opening the heart chakra and connecting to one's higher self may seem foreign to some.. 

in the days ahead, people will catch on at the rate they are able or ready to..

As a writer.. communicator.. counselor/educator and healer - among many other things..  - I am not everyone's teacher. 

And not everyone has to understand or agree with me, but the pen (or computer in this case) is my instrument 

for communicating my thoughts and understandings as I've experienced them.  

So for those that understand this concept, I would love to hear your thoughts on how you 

are ascending/growing as you start to connect on your own individual paths. 

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