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Dear friends and fellow lightworkers, 

A big thanks to Robert Dakota who so beautifully created this site as a way for us to share our wisdom, cultural exchange and worldviews and now its time to share our journeys again from the last few months.

While we have all processed much the last few years since many of us met at Return of the Ancestors.. it is time to continue sharing the love, unity and compassion that is felt around the world during this shift in humanity.

Please continue to support our efforts! There are many beautiful stories, films and blogs out there being told that need to be seen.

A big thanks too, to John Nakagawa who encouraged many of us to join WorldViewz while at ROTA with the Mayan Council and Elders around the world - but who has also continued to share his beautiful work with the I LOVE ISRAEL/I LOVE IRAN and I LOVE PALESTINE/I LOVE ISREAL videos - showing the peace, love and humanity growing around the world. Please continue to share your gifts and story through this special portal.

With love and gratitude, 


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