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I have been working in various European countries Romania, Hungary, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Spain. I have lectured and held workshops on Spiritual Balance, recycling energy for healing work just to name a few topics. I have worked within the needs of the Us Embassy in Romania lecturing to schools of all scholastic ages. I am always looking for new places to bring Native American knowledge. I am available to work schedules and discuss needs, for now only through this…


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Why You MUST Love Yourself

Why you must love yourself. Learn to Love yourself unconditionally. Release self-judgment. Self-love makes you free - you cannot be controlled (by negative social morphogenic fields, or tribal consciousness, or religion, or your own Lower Self) when you love yourself deeply and unconditionally. Universe is love - to connect to this Oneness we must love ourselves first!…


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How to Stop Suffering and Resonate Joy!

We are living in the end of the Cycle of Suffering. The Love Resonance energy is activating the planet and our energy fields, helping the Higher 3D Earth (the ascension timeline) gain strength.

Starseeds = souls that came to Earth from elsewhere

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Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana meditation is really a science of mind and matter which sharpens and refines your mind. This technique was taught by S.N. Goenka. I have been practicing for about 5 years and it has been very productive and useful for me. I highly recommend a ten day retreat. Go to

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A week ago, I attended my very first Family Constellations therapy group session at the Tree of Life Center with Dr Michaelene Ruhl PsyD. After months of convincing my mother to attend with me, it finally happened and I was so grateful she agreed to go.
Like many in my soul group who have never attended group therapy or worked on themselves - any type of group counseling or therapy can be very intimidating -…

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Ancient Pyramid Builders, Modern Cosmology & The Science of Immortality

Come join us in Sedona at the Creative Life Center with Best Selling Author, Archaeo-Astronomer, Engineer,

Robert Bauval.

$25.00 early bird tickets while they last

What was/is the true function of the Great Pyramid of Egypt?

Had the ancient Egyptians discovered a "science of immortality"?

Can modern quantum mechanics, latest…


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Shaman Claus: The Shamanic Origins of Christmas


Have you ever wondered why in modern Christmas tradition we do the things we do?  What is the origin of the Christmas tree, with the star on top, decorations about, and all the brightly wrapped presents beneath?  Or the idea behind Santa Claus who jets around the globe in a magic sleigh with flying reindeer – defying both time and space – to deliver the world’s children a bounty of Christmas gifts?  And since when did Santa and the birth of Jesus have anything…


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Sedona "Magicians of the Gods" event with Graham Hancock was Brilliant.

We are very grateful to Graham and Santha for giving us 2 nights in Sedona that were both sold out. You still have 5 chances to see Graham on his North American tour He is in Seattle tonight and Portland tomorrow night for all of our friends there.Graham Hancock​ is truly a gentleman and a scholar. He embodies those words. He was so gracious to everyone and especially to his audience, but to all of us behind the…


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Magicians of the Gods: Recovering Earth's Lost Civilization and Reawakening to Consciousness 6-10pm Dec 4th, 2015 Creative Life Center in Sedona

Early Bird Registration $30.00 through Nov 10th, 2015

After Nov 10th & @ the Door $40.00

This will be a rare occasion to have Graham here with us in Sedona to share the paradigm-busting research behind his new book Magicians of the Gods, the sequel to his world-renowned bestseller Fingerprints of the Gods, but he will also offer a second presentation,…


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Though my cousin Char was a psychic medium growing up - she was never close enough to my birth family to help mentor me with my gifts. Though i studied past-life regression with her sister Alicia, my birth family often criticized medium work  behind her back and some in the family were even scared of her!.. Not cool - yet there are some in this family that have…


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PART 1: Reflections on this Autumn Equinox during one of the holiest days of the year - Yom Kippur

PART 1: Reflections on this Autumn Equinox during one of the holiest days of the year - Yom Kippur. 

Though I am a spiritual person - not religious, Ive worked very hard at forgiveness.. Yet there is much even my closest friends don't know about me that I was saving in my memoirs. Sharing some of it today heals me and in is quite cathartic for me on this "holy day" of atonement and must be said.  Though I have often written about…


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The Transgender and Cross-dressing Community and My Experience/Compassion for Their Path..

During the spring, our world was changed with Bruce Jenner's monumental decision to come out of the closet and be his "authentic self." The Olympic athlete on the Wheatie's box became "Caitlyn Jenner" and the world is learning about unconditional love from watching it unfold weekly on "I am Cait" - whether our world wants it or not - it is here. 

Having traveled, worked and interviewed many people in the Transgender community, I was so very happy to see him doing…


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My syncronicities reading “the Circle” by Dave Eggers and the parallels of more social media in our world

As I have written about many times in my blogs and memoirs in progress…life for me since my spiritual awakening has seemed to be an occurrence of "crisp and clear" syncronicities - oftentimes occurring when I read and watch films.  As a result, I must take careful consideration to the types of movies, film or books I choose to read in the little/spare time I have when I'm not working or playing. 



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Online School in the Art of Astrology by Cal Garrison Celebration Sale

Thank You for Tuning into Cal's Real Time Astrology!

We are Celebrating Completion of Cal's first Year of

Real Time Astrology Online Courses.

Celebration Sale is Here Now!

We have just completed 36 hours of Lectures on…


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This happy order

Poetry is in order:

Chaos within the Order

As I sit quietly with my cards, I feel the invisible writing of songs upon the air.
This hallowed ground- this lucky space- has me jumping up and down.
And then I realize that this is where I am meant to be.
All my life seemed a struggle until I took the plunge.

I have restored years of my life. I have restored my future self.
The world is anew with magick upon the mirror. And I see it now.

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Everything Changed

On the first day of the Irish spring, Brigit's Day, Imbolc, february 1st, everything changed. The next weekend I attended a four day sound therapy workshop. The evening before the workshop began I arrived at the hotel in Dublin,got my things settled in my room and went to meet the instructors who were setting up the instruments in workshop room. I had fallen the previous weekend at a ceremony for the Mother Source of the Shannon River and now I limped with the aid of…


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Winter Solstice 2014

Hi Everyone, the first interview is this years 2014 video and the rest are from last year 2013, but they are eternal in there information and reminder of where we are in the cosmic cycle of the year. Enjoy and use this time this weekend  well with prayer and meditation! 'In~Joy" ~*~…


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Healing Gifts for the Holiday's

These gifts are all from local Arizonan's of whom I appreciate their work very much.

From most affordable to most unique and exotic. Bee Candles, Bees Ointments and Salves, these

products we have in our home all the time.

If you want a University level education in one book on…


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This week's Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Libra Moon

Cal Garrison Real Time Astrology

For one on one readings with Cal book a reading on her website:

One Hour…


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Full Moon Eclipse Is Shiftig Us to a Unity Consciousness

There isn't much sense in posting about the Full Moon Eclipse on Wednesday Oct.8th cause there so much on the web about it...But it will happen and 6:25AM est,when major planets will also converge near the Sun&Moon as this occurs either side and within only a few degrees of Washington DC. This indicates possibility of sometime within the next three months there is a good chance of changes in government policy resulting from public revolutionary actions. In the US that means protests with…


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