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Full Moon Eclipse Is Shiftig Us to a Unity Consciousness

There isn't much sense in posting about the Full Moon Eclipse on Wednesday Oct.8th cause there so much on the web about it...But it will happen and 6:25AM est,when major planets will also converge near the Sun&Moon as this occurs either side and within only a few degrees of Washington DC. This indicates possibility of sometime within the next three months there is a good chance of changes in government policy resulting from public revolutionary actions. In the US that means protests with mass gatherings. This of course will effect all American, but the world too as their is no separation anymore. This is all part of the evolutionary enlightenment process which was predicted by the Shift in Consciousness back in 12/2012 with the Mayan Calendar. That's right those desiring to keep the masses in Fear heavily promote that as being the End Times....Just as I said back then it was just another twist by those who want control over the masses, because the calendar as did all other perdictions from ancients indicated it was only the End of Time as We Know It  or how we project time into our reality.....The changes which have occurred in our world governments and social attitudes are a result of a Consciousness Shift that is changing how we inner-act with life.... it's literally changing our whole relationship to time by teaching us past and future are only thought held in our mind and memory, and the only true reality is the NOW MOMENT of PRESENT..........this is the New Earth vibration we've spiraled into and 2012 cosmic energy created these new possibilities for our Solar System as it spirals the universe.

This Blood Moon Eclipse (gets it's name from how light rays fall on these cosmic bodies) and like all eclipse energy it carries possibility for endings that will created new beginnings. Like all eclipse's it will also have a greater effect on those who have planets connected in their natal chart or live where it's energy crosses. There are a total of four Blood Moon Eclipses, this is the second, two more in 2015, all of which by possition to other planets are creating energy for humanity to release attachment to the physical and human ego mindset. This is so we can come to develop a sense of the Oneness in all things and our inner-connectedness to all of creation. At this time Mercury has gone Rx and the Sabian symbol for Mercury going retrograde at 3* Scorpio is a house-raising party in a small village enlisting the neighbors’ cooperation. The community gets together to build a house for those in need for the greater good of all. This added energy to help us move into the Unity Consciousness of Oneness as we cooperate with others to build something strong and permanent—perhaps a new mental paradigm for our future as  a community or even a more personal level acting for the Greater Good of the All. So enjoy the transforming beauty of this powerful Full Moon Eclipse...

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