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Family and Ancestral Healing and Knowing Your Family Tree

Family and Ancestral Energy healing and knowing your past better connects oneself in the present - as it allows you to "zone in" on what needs healing. 
A person cannot possibly know themselves if they are not open to examine where they come from and what their ancestors went through. Discovering your family tree is a start, but so is doing the energy work to heal you and your family. 
Healing what we "inherit" from the wounds and experiences genetically in our dna strands from family members is so very important at this time. Oftentimes what we are carrying around is on an unconscious level. Energy healing provides that deeper insight and awareness to fix what someone may not realize they are carrying around. For example, a person who wants to stay rooted in one spot and fears moving may be carrying the genes of fears or panic of relatives who had to move around based on war, divorce, famine or economic issues etc.. and may associate moving with that relatives pain or trauma they are still connected too. Or if great grandma Ethel had a fear of losing everything from the great depression, it could unconsciously translate into you carrying the same trait/ fear of losing your money. These are just two examples of a variety of core beliefs Ive seen with my clients that are carried around on a genetic level that needed healing in the NOW. Anyone who discounts looking at their family history and examining their wounds in the NOW - is not willing to look at their mirrors! Again the biggest egos say they don't need to work on themselves.. when in reality Earth is just one big training ground! 
I've had clients ask me : "Is it possible to have no past lives?" and the answer is Yes. There are a few exceptions. I have had "alien" clients who I have healed that are new here to earth that had no past lives in their energy field. Their connection to the past was only this lifetime and where they came from - but it was still impacting them in the NOW. They were still connected genetically to the people they incarnated with as a family and really didn't want to be here on earth anymore.. - so the healing was still needed. These are rare cases, but the majority of my clients have had many lifetimes and come to learn and spiritually grow through experiencing the earth realm. And that is what earth is for.. a learning playground to heal, grow and experience spiritual growth by understanding the "whys" in this lifetime they choose to experience and the people they choose to be with this time around. 
What my clients experience when they come to me for a healing is a better understanding of themselves and ownership in their own healing process by feeling and experiencing firsthand what needs healing so we can do the work. 
Family and ancestral energy healing can be especially important for those having painful moments with parents or siblings that go ignored or unresolved. It is also helpful for those who may or may not be fully aware of how your grandparents treated your parents and how it affected you personally. As the way you were treated by your parents and their learned/inherited behaviors (unconscious or otherwise) influences how you too are treating your partner and/or children in the NOW. If unresolved, it can have "repeat" patterns of dysfunction. Family/Ancestral healing helps your ancestors heal too. By clearing/healing your DNA and sending love to a relative you know suffered greatly in their lifetime, you are healing you and all your loved ones at the same time.
Ancient Wisdom says that 1 person intending to heal their family can shift energy not only personally .. but 7 generations back and 7 generations forward.

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