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Write it Down! A Case Study in Healing Writer's Block

I recently had a new client visiting the US from brazil who came to me with sadness and frustration over her writer's block. This was very frustrated, as every time she sat down to write, the ideas would be there in her head, but the words would just not flow. 

As a communicator who writes daily and for anyone who has a career in communications or loves writing, many of you can relate to this dilemma and may have suffered from it at certain times. I know I have and worked hard to overcome this at times in my life when I was shedding archetype cultural "perceptions" imprinted from birth of who I should be .. leading to emerging to be the real me and who I choose to be in all ways.  Like my client, I too would struggle between pursuing my dreams and suppressing my creativity in my 20-30s while doing the corporate grind. 

However, as I always emphasize, everyone's path is unique, and this client's source origin of writer's block was far different from mine. Something to remember with any emotional or physical issue you may have… everyone's journey is unique and their own. 

There are many people who look up to certain role models, especially movie stars and celebrities. This is something I learned as a full-time celebrity reporter and interviewer. Yet, they have their same emotional challenges and struggles just like you and I. My clients too (a few well known yet confidential), have had to endure many things to be where they are, and still have challenges and wounds to heal  just like anyone else.  I encourage especially young people to remember that their movie is NOT your movie. So it is more important than ever to journal and get to know YOU.. it is the best friend you will ever have. Whether you are young or old, writing down goals, thoughts and objectives to help you to better understand yourself including short-term goals and objectives is so important. I also recommend that clients and children too review them periodically to be sure they resonate with how you are feeling in the now and to see if they need to be updated from time to time. 

During this period in our evolution, time and goals are not like they were 5 to 10 years ago. Yes, we need to write down objectives, but everything happens in a sequential flow, and with the changes happening on our earth at this time, there will always be a need to review and revise, and not be "too hard" on yourself if you don't reach a particular milestone. These goals should be realistic, yet also flexible given the time we are living in.

Now back to my client.. During our session, she had no idea why she could not write anymore. All she knew was that she lacked the motivation and drive to perform her job as a writer. This lead to anxiety, depression and stress.

When our session began I was shown lifetimes of the source origin of this fear and anxiety in her energy field that were the root cause of her writer's block. The day before, I was "vibrating" to everything Dutch and I didn't know why. I had baked a Dutch baby pancake and felt anxiety and pressure to write. This is just an example of how I start synchronistically tuning into a client 24 hours before a session. 

What I saw that day in the energy field was the source of what happened and it occurred over many lifetimes. I was shown a Dutch lifetime long ago where my client was a performer and "forced" to perform on stage against her will.  This among several other lifetimes were "healed and cleared" as there was also a Peruvian lifetime where she had the same experience and was "enslaved" with life or death consequences to perform. 

As I share with clients, not always, but oftentimes clients will repeat lessons over lifetimes until they are learned, healed and mastered. These two particular lifetimes of many were surfacing in the NOW and responsible for her feeling the pressure and anxiety to perform. Oftentimes the age an issue surfaces in THIS LIFETIME can be the exit point age from a lifetime when the person died from the related trauma/conflict. Since lessons repeat, our work is much more effective in clearing all the source origins (lifetimes) related to the writers block in the NOW. Another example of why I do not conduct past life regressions anymore - as we are living in a time when multiple lifetimes are sometimes related to the clients healing needs in the NOW. 

With my client validating these lifetimes and feeling the messages from creator - we "cleared and removed all fear and pressure to perform, reactivating her dna and replacing it with new imprints of experiencing joy, ease and desire to write and create with zero fears of repercussion, failure or death that were residual "resurfaced" fears/core beliefs she was carrying over in this lifetime. We also gave her the discernment to attract supportive people to help her achieve her goals, as it was shown there were people who made her feel bad for pursuing her writing that were holding her back (in this lifetime).

Since my client had lifetimes connected to the indigenous cultures of South America, her comfort level with crystals was also part of the post-visit suggestions to reinforce our work together. To spark her creativity and flow of prosperity, Amber was recommended to remove depression, reinforce her creativity and strengthen her belief in herself to see and feel her own success.  It was also recommended that she use a journal to write her career intentions and positive mantras to herself to be read out pre-visit her words were self limiting and very damaging to herself - feeling "enslaved" by her poor self image of herself. A week later, she sounded great and my client is starting to write again.

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