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Move or Not to Move? Life Choices - How do you know what's right for you?

As I get settled back into South Florida the past month relocating headquarters personally and professionally for PALS AROUND THE WORLD and my energy healing practice, many thoughts have flooded my mind about how to express change and how others too can know when its right. 

Though my move took some people in my life 'by surprise" - it shouldn't.. As change is part of my unique path and is part of others too.. and change is good when you follow your intuition, signs and "gut" and when you understand what is right for yourself in the now.

Living light and doing a spring equinox cleansing internally: both physically and mentally along with shedding possessions no longer needed on this journey makes for a wonderful body, mind and spirit connection and makes manifesting new beginnings easier and effortless. 

As I have candidly shared with others, in retrospect, there was much "healing" and learning growth that needed to take place the last 8 years in Los Angeles in order for me to be able to live and make my way home to Miami. Including healing many childhood trauma and beliefs, and healing parental issues so that I could bring my healing practice out in the open to the "forefront" and be as clear a channel as possible for others with my work. I am so very grateful and happy that the blockages with my parents allowing me to "be me" have been healed and shifted miraculously.   So grateful for this - as I have always loved and cared for my parents and very appreciative of everything they do, but just like others, I needed to be accepted for who I am and what I’m here to do.. that is all.

These past few years of healing and temporary separation were a  necessary part of my own process as my own "initiation" or test.. as I call it, for my personal spiritual growth in this lifetime. In retrospect, this had to happen in order for me to heal others.

It is important for others to understand that ANY healer they go to is a "work in progress too" in this lifetime and no one person is infallible or superior or a "master" of lessons. We all have our issues we are here to work on… So I ask that whatever healer you choose to go to - that you remember not to put them on a "pedestal" and expect them to be perfect people. - as its not going to happen! 

Healers are continuously working on themselves just like many reading this are - though being as "clear as possible" is important to my work - It is through daily connection, meditation prayer - specifically connection to nature and spirit - that allows me personally to be focused on those I am healing.. and that is my gift and conscious effort to be "fully present" and a clear channel for the person I'm healing.

South Florida, particularly Miami, is a very special city for me and one that has rich diverse culture and history. It is also a special place for my ancestors - aunts, uncles, great-grandparents and grandparents who have enjoyed living on these lands for decades. I would not have written a blog about Miami 3-4 years ago - if it wasn't! 

Back in 2009, when I was led to study with Drunvalo Melchizedek at his Flowers of Life workshop in Sunny Isles (North Miami Beach),  I was slowly being “clued in” regarding my path leading back here. I had arrived at the hotel that winter for training at the Thunderbird Hotel in Sunny Isles not realizing until I told my parents where I was staying  that it was the same hotel where my great grandparents Louis and Lily lived in the 40s and 50s, and that it was also nearby to where my grandfather George lived during my University of Miami days. As the name of this workshop implied…”Flowers of Life,” my FLOWERS were all around me .. my grandma Rose, my great-grandma Lilly (or Libby as she was called)  -who I'm named after) and my Poppy George. I knew immediately I was home and that they were leading me here.  While Trump and other developers have really made Sunny Isles and other parts of Miami beautiful today, it is my only hope that whatever happens in the future with further gentrification of the land that the Thunderbird Hotel and other sacred lands are preserved and honored, as ALL the land from South Beach all the way through Sunny Isles contain pockets of sacred Indian lands that are an important part of the history of this area.  And so are special areas like the Miami River Circle at Brickell Point honoring the Native Americans built by the Tekesta Indians who once lived here, other lands should be honored and landmarked too. 

Back to the story.. the minute I pulled in the driveway of the Thunderbird years ago for class and saw the statue of the little  girl (me) playing checkers with her grandfather (my Poppy George) at the entrance of the hotel, I  immediately knew I was on my way to coming home soon. This is just one of a billion examples of following your intuition and signs you receive.. When people are present and "tuned in," they gain greater clarity and can learn to see what was invisible to them in the past ... but what is clearly visible to them in the now.. but this awareness takes mastery, spiritual growth, time and concentrated effort and consciousness. There are no short cuts to this.. as everyone is at different levels of growth, understanding and skills but we are all here to learn valuable lessons. 

But in the realm of working to know one’s self and to gain greater awareness and insight in this earth walk is to truly master the lesson of what is right for you personally.. and how to overcome your personal challenges. With this “inner” work comes reassurance and certainty in all that you decide to do next at any given moment. 

Regarding my path and my latest history and move.. launching Pals Around the World in a major city like Los Angeles was important and still is - as LA is still and will always be an important hub.  In addition, learning/acquiring studies with some of the best healers I traveled to study with from around the world as well as the metaphysical/spiritual opportunities for growth that I’ve acquired the last 8 years could only be done while living in Los Angeles. I very much love LA too and I am grateful for the love and support of good friends, family and colleagues and all the knowledge and spiritual growth that took place there, but Miami is my home and where I enjoy being in the NOW. 

So when people say to me " Oh you sound like your old self - so much happier and better in Miami” perhaps they are right!? As I do feel better here.. it resonates!  But I also know this path moving back was right for me without being cajoled or coerced by anyone.. but it was something I needed to “work for” - as without these 8 years away, I would not be able to launch PALS on a global platform and be the healer I need to be this time around. And like everything in life.. when you trust creator and divine timing.. there is no stress! everything comes together in a perfect synchronistic flow.

Though living in Los Angeles was a spiritual mecca for me personally - the experience is not the same for everyone.  I recall one friend for example that experienced LA as one big party - with so much stimuli that he was unable to focus, work or relax - just excessively play with no real ability to focus or balance living with life’s responsibilities. A  good example of how people's path in a particular city and their experience can be so different from one another.

"If we all lived, loved and resonated with the same cities - we would all live in the same place" 

That is why it is important for people to "tune in" and connect to their higher self before making life changing decisions like moving to another city - as what is a good living space for your friend may not be good for you.  

Your life "blueprint" given uniquely to you (Date of birth, time, second and location)  corresponds differently to the ley lines located on different geographic areas of the earth- and how one responds to these grid lines will always be completely different for each person. 

Its important to emphasize that ones path is  "UNIQUE"  and we are all lead to live and experience different places and lessons in different cities for a reason.  

While I was on an enormous spiritual path and learning growth curve in LA, I had an "aha" moment  "looking back" recently upon my exit - when I saw my Astrocartography chart (my own blueprint) showing LA as this spiritual growth/learning hub for me on my path.

For those who are not familiar with it, Astrocartography is a process of identifying and analyzing one's "birth chart" - that is.. the exact time, day, month and second a soul enters earth and how it corresponds to different geographic locations. One's own unique "blueprint - is a great way for people to investigate whether or not a city or place is suited for them and/or loved ones. 

When done by a qualified person, astrocartography charts can provide insight to validate one's own curiosity of “jumping to the end result” when contemplating a geographic move. This  "reinforces" one's intuition for those who are not yet "sure" of a move - to gain greater clarity into what a particular place or location may be like for you to live there. 

When I hear people talking "the 12 or now 13 Astrological signs" I  laugh and roll my eyes.. as these signs are not applicable to all those born within a certain month. Whereas a birth chart is one’s exact "blueprint" a fingerprint and really the only exact science of astrology is knowing your exact path -not your sun sign! 

There are many people born within the 12-13 astrology signs and perhaps even on the same day that are completely different from one another - with completely different charts. But an "in-depth" Astrology chart or Astrocartography chart by the right person can accurately reflect and provide further clarification on your choices - and I have a handful of wonderful Astrologers I recommend to my clients for more in-depth understanding of their own unique path.  


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