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Please check out Juan Williams new book "Muzzled" - gotta love this guy.. 
honest, real and from the heart. Perhaps from his bravery, more people will be accepted for speaking their humble truth.

Let go from NPR for keeping things honest and real, Juan tells how he learned to bounce back and helps others to see things from a different point of view. One with heartfelt compassion for his candidness.

As our spiritual nature continues to grow as a whole in the days ahead - there will be many in the workplace who can no longer follow the "old regime" of thinking in their top-down business hierarchy wanting workers or peers to be "muzzled" - as Williamson puts it..

This old school leadership style must go away as its been shown to not only decrease profitability - but also to decrease employee satisfaction. Empirical data also suggests it can be quite expensive NOT to compassionately address conflicting opinions among the workforce - as employee turn-over (through quiting or firing) can be quite expensive to an organization and like a "band-aid" over the issue - without solving the root cause. An in today’s economy, let’s face it –people are NOT as likely to speak their truth – even if they are made to feel miserable and sensored at times.

Therefore, a new supportive leadership style that's been around for decades is finally emerging. A one level business approach that will empower companies to establish more effective teams and management style operating with

the conflict resolution skills needed to create cooperation and unity among its workforce. This in-turn, will come through emotionally trained leaders and teams who learn "first hand" how to resolve conflicting styles/opinions through empathy, support, team-building and new found compassionate sensitivity.  By understanding and appreciating everyone's contributions and our unique differences, we will better understand one another. It will also open up insight for us to see our similiarities too as a whole- especially HOW we are all truly connected and to "know and appreciate what everyone brings to the table.

Freedom of speech is a right, therefore compassionate acceptance of everyone's viewpoint is long overdue. Specifically in the work force, empirical data supports that valuing a team members viewpoints and contributions not only increases employee's personal and emotional satisfaction, which in turn–leads to improved performance but also leads to improved customer satisfaction, increased revenues, happiness, etc.. A very simple formula but one that should be applied everywhere - regardless of industry.  

Whether these conflicts are in the workplace or outside of work, or on the playground for that matter - kids learn from adults and good changes are occurring to the betterment of our society.

Be honest.. and may everyone continue operating from their hearts in the days ahead to deal with EVERYONE in their lives with the utmost compassion. 

We are all undefined - as our diverse skills and qualities make us who we are and weave "together" in a way we are supposed to use them..whether this is conscious or not. The path reveals itself to those who have the faith to trust the process. The hardest part has been for those "change agents"like Williams who are the living example ahead of their time.

Much like Billy Bean's character in the movie Moneyball - a great movie that shows Bean's bravery to "change up" the system and shake up baseball management’s old school thinking and much like you’ll see reflected below in Juan Williams video -  many of us fellow light workers can relate –as we know what its like to be in their shoes – even if it goes against the grain of mainstream thought. Often the case with people ahead of their time. 

Our opinions shape who we are, and as long as they are delivered in a palatable (satisfactory) way - they keep all relations authentic, real and forever evolving into a form of love, acceptance and cooperation. 

And as Williams points out.. “lets not demonize people for having differing opinons” but try and increase our listening skills to gain insight and understanding.

This is reflected in the tolerance and love we see for everyone these days..including ourselves -  as we are all inter-connected and learning many lessons.

Whether it be at work or home or in the classroom -  this is the start of something really good and long overdue.

JUAN's Video on the book:

Unfortunately, this October 2011 video link sharing what happened from Juan's

perspective in the aftermath (the following year) looking back on his firing is no longer available.

For more information on Juan Williams availability for speaking engagements, please see below:

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