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As most of us have felt for quite sometime – the world is changing and the old formula for living our lives is no longer working.


For example, people I meet on a daily basis no longer want to cling to jobs that leave them feeling unfulfilled or report to bosses who are still clinging to the old paradigm of competition, fear, greed or ego. Most would rather work in a stress free environment doing what they love from the heart without being enslaved to their bills and lifestyle. A shared community or environment where all are working together for a common goal and where everyone is happy, prosperous and stress-free. Sound too good to be true? 

Well investigate for yourself.


This future I’m describing is being shaped by places like Damanhur.


Founded over thirty years ago with over 1000 members, Damanhur in Northern Italy is drawing attention as one of the biggest spiritual communities in the world.

This fairytale futuristic way of life - similar in concept to a traditional kibbutz in Israel, shares the same style of communal living. However, this new age community takes the traditional kibbutz to the next level.


Inspired by new AGE PRINCIPLES – it is a model for a new way of living, inspiring both children and adults to live in their heart and develop/express themselves fully.  This artistic self expression not only makes one feel beautiful – but it helps create and convey energy towards anything from healing to manifesting one’s dreams and visually too, it is quite stunning to see. (PLEASE SEE LINKS AT THE END OF THIS BLOG).


This magical Avalon displays 8 temples with enormous detailed murals, wooden tree homes, far out magnetic devices, lots of art, labyrinths, fountains, and community entertainment. It’s sort of like a spiritual Disneyland with the inventive genius of a Willy Wonka with something for everyone.


The most interesting of all is their inventions of the future – including music written and developed by plants. On video and in-person, they display a live demonstration showing how plantlife “ can learn” to modulate sounds.


While viewing the videos of the 8 enormous temples underground – it is amazing to see the details of these magnificent structures, which display a collective array of drawings influenced from both the east and the west.


These incredible monuments to humanity includes the HALL OF MIRRORS:  which represent humanity, the HALL OF METALS: which depicts the different ages of our lives, the HALL OF WATER: our most precious resource - with blue lights streaming through Tiffany glass, the BLUE TEMPLE: which is the oldest of the temples built and the HALL Of SPHERES: which represents the heart of the temple. In addition, the property has a Labyrinth constructed to look like the new civilization after the rise and fall of Atlantis –a reminder for mankind to take care of the earth and not repeat our past mistakes.


Like “Field of Dreams “ they say “build it and they will come”.. and not surprising, Damanhur claims that the current temples only represent 10 percent of what is planned for the future.


This cutting edge concept for living has peaked the interest of a lot of people from the curious to spiritual leaders looking to learn from this concept. It may sound too far in the future for some, but regardless – its concept is coming! 


What is most impressive – is the way Damanhur combines ALL religions of the world too into one – much like in the way the Self-Realization Fellowship and Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades and how they honor and include all religions of the world.


Damunhur’s model of the future has existed as an example for 30 years as a thriving environment with communities living in harmony and happiness among nature and each other – which has lead many pioneers to go visit to see for themselves.


The social and spiritual advancement coming from Damanhur’s model of the future  cannot be ignored.  It will take a while to duplicate and mimic similar concepts around the world – but its already happening.   

These starter models for living will soon revolutionize our planet – creating a sustainable life for our children and ourselves.

And at this pivotal point in time - we will be the custodians of the planet - ushering in this changes needed to make our earth inhabitable for the next generation and beyond. 


Although it has been in existence for over 30 years, this sustainable eco-friendly way of life ushers us back to the spiritual lifestyle we once lived so long ago.


While touring temples, castles and sacred passage ways around the world are exciting and filled with memories and remnants of where many of us have been before  - it is also the final wave of the Mayan calendar that will be our “send off” as we make our way towards this new humanity and these new future models of existence.


Get ready!


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