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During the time between last month’s June Eclipse and the summer solstice, much creativity and awareness came to light for many – including the direction of where we are heading with the birth of this new humanity.


While people continue to speculate over the shift and what's coming for our planet – I am amazed at the amount of people who are not authorities on the subject who continue to share with certainty what they believe will happen. It’s like the Doomsday preacher who told us a few months ago the Apocalypse was coming.  Though some are more convincing than the Doomsday preacher, I continue to shake my head and hope that people live in the now – and not take anyone or thing too seriously.


Yes, we have this beautiful gift of “free speech.”  And with Utube, video and social media – anyone can voice their opinion – but with so much information out there – and different levels of understanding with the people inhabiting our earth – it creates different reactions/fears – especially those who are searching to newly identify their own spiritual selves for the first time.


I recently came across a Facebook video of gentlemen telling everyone that Hopis were the chosen people and that a space ship would come rescue everyone from earth. Really? Is he a Hopi Elder or authority? No. Did he have factual evidence – no? Does anyone really know for sure what lie’s ahead for our planet–in the years ahead -  No.  But it sure did evoke fear in people who saw it.


That is why it is especially important to look to oneself for guidance and to stay grounded and secure by connecting to the earth and practicing good daily spiritual habits to work through any changes or fears that will be surfacing in the days ahead.


Some people like to deal with fear head on. They will talk about it and confront the issue in a healthy palatable way. Through conversation, social support and truly looking at what is being shown. Others are still not capable of looking at their mirrors yet. Its like my yoga teacher jokingly said a few weeks ago: “ In the 50s, fear was dealt with by sweeping it under the rug, ignoring it and having a smoke and a bon bon.” So true! And with the older generation – that still rings true!


Great spiritual leaders of the past - like Yogi Bhajan and Mayan Council Elder -Don Alejandro have shared their own views candidly of the days ahead and what’s coming and although they do not paint an entirely “rosy” picture – given their wisdom as spiritual leaders – it is taken into account. Even with great love and respect for these wisdom keepers –no one knows for sure the exact timeframes or “if and when” this will happen for sure. We will just have to wait and see. 


While this new apocalyptic type view may be seen as “fantasy” speculation or hogwash… the world is paying closer attention and Hollywood is the broadcast epicenter.


Given the connectivity of the land and the grid lines, Hollywood will always be one step ahead in what’s coming to our society and the pulse of the social times we experience as a planet.


 This is evident in the new movies coming out with several repeated themes of ditching the material life for a simpler one and movies like Tree of Life dealing with questions of our own existence, our own mortality and creation.


 It is also evident with Thor, Green Lantern and several other God-like legend type stories showing traces of Greek Mythical times coming back to us as well.

Again, it is no accident when a story is told and explained on the big screen – as every story told serves a purpose to educate and prepare.


As we step into the times ahead, it is growing increasingly important for people to ground themselves, practice good daily habits, do yoga, connect to nature and the earth – and fully confront their fears by acknowledging them – truly holding them in a sacred space to view/examine and then gently release them - clearing the path ahead. 


With this new energy it is also a time to open our hearts to remembering.. truly remembering who we are. Why we are here and what we are here to do/accomplish during this pivotal point in time.


As Karma catches up with people quickly during these changing times – some will handle it better than others. While some “forced” to face the consequences of their actions might not be able to see or like what they are being shown. And it is the ones who cannot deal with their actions and own mirrors who will have the hardest time. 


Since I clearly have no desire to predict or prophesize on what’s coming with the shift – as it is clearly not my role – However, I do see and feel these changes happening around me in the now – as do those in my world. I also listen with an open heart/mind to the words of wisdom of the great master custodians of this earth. As leadership is not given – but is a privilege earned through spiritual reward and mastery over several lifetimes.


Don Alejandro head of the Mayan Council for North and South America and several other great wisdom keepers of the earth – wise elders who I have had the pleasure of learning from during these important times are leaders of our time. Elders who have had the close connection to the earth and spirit during their lifetimes – something foreign to many of us living in the distractions and social clutter of our urban modern lifestyle full of technology, material gain and work.     


As we approach the new moon this Friday – we can expect to experience another almost total eclipse, as the sun and moon are only one degree away from a conjunction to the nodes of the moon. As a result, we are already slowly feeling the release of an intense chain of transformational energy that will pave the way for new structures, new ideas and open hearts/ minds even more in the days ahead. This newfound awareness will prepare us as the greater shift of energy continues.  Are you ready? 

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