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Two subjects I’ve previously talked about that need closer clarification, is the subject of soul mates and its true meaning. It was brought to my attention through conversations that many still do not fully understand or recognize what it truly means.


Soul mates are literally one half of your soul and something very special if found in one’s lifetime. While special, it involves enormous growth, courage and a certain level of spiritual advancement to be able to fully enjoy and agree to take on this type of relationship.


In my present lifetime, exploring and enjoying many different cultures and religions – I have learned many universal themes that share a common belief regarding soulmates.

For instance in Kabbalah, the ancient Jewish mysticism –in its teachings of the Talmud, they discuss the concept of soulmates and how it is considered “beshert”  - predestined before birth. Even two souls who are born continents apart with little in common will reunite to learn certain lessons together and find one another when the time is right. Much like in my scientific work with journeying to other lifetimes or parallel lifetimes – it is the in-between process before incarnating that reveals the path of soulmates reuniting and the purpose it involves contractually before birth. Once born, the consciousness is covered up to learn the lessons and make the choices necessary for spiritual growth. Whereas other cultures like Hindu – one of the oldest cultures in India has one of the strongest concepts of soulmates as providing both freedom through the act of making love and redemption through that of the relationship itself. Many of these different cultures and religions support that of scientific findings in hypnotic regression research – that there is a higher purpose at work when a soulmate relationship manifests. 


When one does encounter a soulmate – they don’t always need to talk physically through the phone, email or other  traditional means as they share a special ESP type of psychic transmission in the heart and mind- beyond just intuition/mental telepathy. Also beyond a hunch like when friends/family or a loved one calls and your expecting it.

One example is the famous story of the man who died from a heart ailment in an Illinois Hospital while his wife died simultaneously in the next room with her heart stopping the same minute he passed away. One of many documented cases of experiences within a soul mate relationship.


Soulmates can also feel someone’s pain when they are in pain or sense someone’s joy. It is knowing wherever that part of you is located in the universe – it’s feeling that connection to the other person at the same time. It is also clearly and distinctly knowing/feeling when that person is in distress and needs your help or just feeling their joy. It can even mean –not being together during certain lifetimes until you are ready and you’ve achieved some learning/purpose or karmic correction on your path. And lastly, it can sometimes mean intense synchronicity and being haunted a lot or in my experience - having verification your paths would cross long before you ever met - both in this incarnation and previous incarnations. 

Or (though sometimes painful) it can be feeling that person’s interactions with others– or them sensing or feeling yours when your not together because you are a part of one another’s soul.   That is why with the shift it is harder to ignore the growth occurring inside of us – or the choices we’ve chosen for ourselves before we chose to incarnate. Especially those who have a soulmate relationship in this particular lifetime. 


But again, not everyone experiences this type or relationship or is ready to have it.


The reason is relatively simple: 

1. It might not be a person’s path or priority this time around to incarnate with a soul mate. Maybe it is in another incarnation or parallel life – but not in the pivotal role that person is playing ‘here and now” in our universe. While this includes some people at this point, they still have wonderful fulfilling love relationships – it is just different from that of a soulmate relationship. 



2. A person may not truly be ready for the energy or has not achieved the level of growth or spiritual understanding needed in order to master uniting yet with his or her soulmate.



3. In some instances a person may have more than one soulmate and may agree to split from a soul mate during certain incarnations for further learning/growth before reuniting later in life or in other lifetimes.


Again, soulmate relationships for ones who have it and recognize it’s magic – and a special gift to be cherished. And for me personally, it is also one that serves a collective higher purpose in the ascension process to use that joint love/soul energy as the fuel to achieve humanity’s objectives. 


Ones who truly do NOT understand a soulmate relationship should never be envious or jealous of it – for it is truly a lack of understanding what it truly means that causes this way of thinking – as soulmates are not always the easiest road at times and again – it is not everyone’s movie or path. We are all born equals but our paths/soul purposes are designed differently for a reason.  But when one does encounter a soul mate and values its purpose – it can lead to manifesting tremendous gifts and spiritual growth for one’s path - emitting much love into our world.  

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