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As we know, art sometimes does imitate elements of real life with different people. Sometimes these film, media, TV roles may be exact portrayals of you or someone you know. Sometimes its a bit of you showing up as multiple aspects of you in playing more than one role. As a writer – I have discussed this many times with well-known writers who experience it. And yes, as writers, we often do see elements of ourselves on the big screen in other’s work – as our consciousness and level of awareness is in the same place. And in turn, sometimes film/TV or art may contain elements of people you know or dont know with a little different storyline. The characters will be accurate in some, while others may be substituted for your boss, an old teacher, your parents, a best friend, a lover, etc.

Regardless of the context, when people don’t like what they see as themselves in art – it is usually people’s fears or beliefs projected as a mirror for how they see themselves or how others perceive them.

For example – seeing yourself as a villain or bad person – reflects your fear that others may not like you. and being here at this time in history is really not about being liked or what others perceive correctly or incorrectly about you.. It’s about how you see others and how you see yourself that determines your reflection.

Seeing yourself with any undesirable qualities –(mean, shallow, greedy, impatient etc) or in any other kind of unflattering light is a poor reflection of yourself and a call to shift from the inside. I learned that just the other day at Kinko’s when I was impatiently waiting for help from a sales clerk. Barreling down behind me was a grandmother and her grandson who rudely stampeded the poor guy – following him behind the employee line to his personal copy machine – with little respect or patience. It made me truly see my mirror – and stop in my tracks to practice having more patience.


The same is true in film. Often times different people are substituted for elements of ourselves and/or people we know in a film. This too, is a way of helping to put people in one another’s shoes. To find common ground and more love and understanding for one another. This also helps us connect in our hearts with the harmonic changes coming.


By seeing a friend, or family member show up in your movie – it also helps us with the ascension process by showing more compassion for fellow men and women and our loved ones. Seeing others in a bad light too often reflects our internal fears and negative self-conscious thinking or someone’s fears manifesting through collective consciousness. 

It is up to us and individuals to feed ourselves "good things' so we are drawn to see good things in our own movies. and in turn the good in others and our lives.


But how do we change – one asks?  Its all about working on our breath, meditating and ascending – for the mirror will reveal itself and only good things will start to show up in our movies. And for those who don’t want to change or see their shadow side - who perhaps don’t see this correlation just yet. The answer is simple. Just love them the way they are and respect your differences.  Don’t expect or push for change – we can only control ourselves and love others truly as they are.


Over time, any lower level behaviors will eventually drop away on their own. We will also no longer look anymore for things to nit pick or criticize–as lower level energy will have no room to grow as consequences of this transparency will be felt collectively by others as we grow and ascend.   Sort of like a consciousness taser gun forcing people to change lower level behaviors so that they eventually drops off. – At least from “my movie” As people who don’t match your vibrational level – will no longer play a role and/or will gravitate to others at their level of comfort. 


Because that lower level vibration will not have any room in YOUR world with the shift, some older people will be the most impacted by the coming changes. Although many are viewed as “set in their ways” and are the most vulnerable at this time, others are more flexible - open to growing and changing as they see our world changing.  Learning to shift their consciousness to this new paradigm and to be able to handle the new energy and consciousness will take great courage and openness – but its being done. They will grow along with us – especially with the help of the younger generation - their children and grandchildren who are gently assisting them with this process.


Though art often imitates elements of real life - we are all woven into different plots and subplots. Oftentimes, we can  recognize elements of different characters to be aspects of different people we know in the movies. Sometimes a combination of others, whether it be groups of friends, family, co-workers or sometimes just ourselves or sometimes just lyrics to a song you know. 


Manifestations on the big screen show not only groups of souls that we incarnated together with to learn certain lessons – but also people we agreed to play roles with before we came here in order to expand the amount of love and compassion in our world. 

Lessons planned in the “in between” state are unconscious. Therefore, the art projections are mere learning tools to help teach us what we need to grasp for our overal growth. 

For example, when messages are specifically for me, manifesting in a film or show – I will get clear confirmation through synchronicity on the way to the show or a few hours before showing me or emphasizing important elements for me to pay attention to - though many are attune to messages, syncronicity or signs may or may not be as awakened or heightened in others - but that is okay- as our mirror projects what we need to see.  

During the changing times, people must remember not to take themselves or the things that manifest through film, art or TV too seriously and also to “take away” the lessons of the messages we are drawn to see - as there are no accidents.  The things we are drawn to watch on our path are divinely timed to help us learn and grow and project our internal moods: happiness, confidence, love or even our fears.


As previously mentioned, focusing on people’s strengths – not their weaknesses, will keep our core clean and allow us to see the best in ourselves and in turn, see the best in others - manifesting a collective harmonic culture of brother/sisterhood. 


People who are unable yet to rise above the duality in our worlds that we create ourselves - are clearly not in their hearts yet. They are not meditating or breathing to have heightened awareness of the duality that exists – and they may not be ready to yet.  But it is the intent that by sharing this blog – that ones perspective expands.


Whatever the genre may be:  film., art television etc.. We are not only learning lessons but also experiencing what I call: “ Learning Infotainment” - a way of educating one another in spiritual growth lessons, as we are entertained. Whatever you’re watching. Enjoy the show and may you “grow in your hearts.” 

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