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As the shift continues, we are blessed with increased feelings of joy, trust, abundance and true happiness.  However, we must be patient with people who aren’t yet living in their hearts– and who don’t fully understand yet what this feels like or how to obtain it through spiritual efforts.


Patience is key – especially realizing that others will “catch on” and understand when the time is right for them. Light workers especially are here to gently observe and assist thru our own conduct/actions with this process. In our own lives, this means showing unconditional love and understanding to our family members, loved ones, associates and friends – as that love is directly proportionate to our planetary changes and the way we treat our earth. Though it sounds strange and foreign to some –people will gravitate and start to consciously tune in to these subtle changes when they are ready to see them.

Those who say, “That’s preposterous” are just not tuned in yet to the correlation between their energy levels and what it attracts.


For example, if you take two groups and you have them direct loving thoughts toward a person (like we did in yoga class the other day) or towards a computer or even a bowl of rice like in Sandy Fox and Lex Lang’s water documentary entitled: "The Story of H20m Water with Intention" (which debuted a few years back at the Laemmle 5 on Sunset),  you will see the consciousness change and the person or thing’s chemical properties change and ascend. Whereas, if you perform negative thoughts/feelings etc towards others – you will feel the opposite. The results are not good – causing stress, disease and harm to that person or thing and one’s self. It is a very simple concept that our thoughts/transmissions carry weight collectively – and Carl Jung and many more have proved it a dozen times way ahead of our time. Therefore, when those collectively are not nice we feel the consequences.


Many in the spotlight have clearly understood what’s coming for a long time. Michael Stipe of REM so brilliantly sang in the 90s: “It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.”   As he too knows – change your consciousness and your world changes. So as we get shaken up a bit with earthquakes, tsunamis – it’s a call for our humanity and hearts to grow and it really is leading us all to something good.


What’s coming? For starters, hate and talking about others in a negative way no longer serves a purpose - because people will “see it and feel it consciously in others. When one is “called out on lower-level” behavior” by a collective humanity who holds them accountable - they will eventually learn to grow and transmute that energy to love.

I know personally, as when Im impatient or lose my temper – I see and feel the love deflate – and quickly make a conscious effort to stop – this is a “new and improved” behavioral awareness for me – but one that shows great improvements immediately in what is reflected back. And this sense of recognition is growing in others as well. 


It’s collectively what will occur too in Libya and places where the last remnants of war are occurring in our world – as by meditating and gravitating towards peace – war and other unpleasantries will no longer shows up in one’s movie unless one is having a war inside – as people and the INDIVIDUAL reality we see inside ourselves will be mirrors back at us in film, fashion, media, arts, real life, etc. showing us at our true best or worst. That is why several states of realities and universes exist at one time. Therefore, its a calling for people to be gentler and kinder to oneself when looking in the mirror - as what you see inside yourself is what you will manifest in your world.

If your seeing love and feeling it internally – than you will see this new humanity already showing up and may already be feeling your heart chakra expanding/connecting.

If so, good for you! – as it is showing your essence as the creator sees you and is mirroring that love back into your world :)

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