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As a celebrity reporter over the years, my spiritual growth and awakening put me in conflict with reporting – as I was not interested in tabloid fodder or writing dirt  - but truly enjoyed covering the one-on-one stories where I got to know the true essence of the person I was interviewing – and that is still true today.


Through my work as a reporter, I have met and interviewed a lot of interesting characters. People who have a huge responsibility living in the spotlight under a microscope. Like anyone on this planet, some of these individuals handle it well and others do not. Many have become friends over the years through their work with children and support of the PALS AROUND THE WORLD project.  Many too are colleagues and fellow custodians in ushering in the changes coming. Being in the spotlight, they are yours too - as they serve an important role (outside of acting) by teaching humanity through their living actions by example. 

As fellow custodians of change, it is our plight together to birth this new humanity and consciousness.  Over the years, I have seen many celebs hold their composure and show amazing strength and courage at times under the unkind microscope of the media –something that historically “goes” with the territory once someone is recognizable – whether they ask for it or not.

Yet the ones who make it and thrive – are the ones who have that internal layer of deflection and self-protection - impervious to the sometimes cruel and unflattering intrusions. It is their natural innate ability to remain strong and immune to the flack – that ultimately translates into lifetime success like our recent Pals Ambassador Ernest Borgnine – who was recently honored for his lifetime achievement award by SAG. It is these particular individuals with the internal core strength, that I have enjoyed interviewing the most. It takes much humility and courage to swim against a current of negativity, doubters or inaccurate perceptions at times – especially when the world is watching.


When asked recently who my favorites celebrity interviews/stories were over the years, I couldn’t pick just one person. I have often admired many for their talent, their philanthropy and their amazing warmth and depth of character –especially the wonderful celebs involved with Pals. However, after some thought at this particular moment, I would say it is the ones who have candidly admitted their mistakes, apologized and moved on in the public eye that I respect the most.  These are the celebrities who have really demonstrated their spiritual side through humility and courage that they are human yet redeemable and have flaws just like you and I. And it is this human side that makes them all the more loveable.

The two celebs that come to mind presently are Pat Boone and Mickey Rooney who I have had the pleasure of interviewing a few years ago. Both of these Hollywood legends have lived full lives and both candidly admitted their past mistakes, misfortunes and regrets to start a new. They are also people I truly admire for using their gifts and time in their retirement years to give back through service to others. Not easy at a time when most people have slowed down – but if you know these two characters – you would see that it truly brings them joy and they don’t need slowing down. Truly remarkable! Between Pat, Mickey and Ernest  – they should be called Super citizens – not Senior citizens!

As we know, being in the spotlight serves as an example to help us to learn and grow– and there really is no good or bad – or Charlie Sheen Winners or losers so to speak.  When we all ascend –and truly want whats best for others - including growing to get past the dirt stories – than we are all ascending –and we are all on the road to victory. . And while it would be nice if all of us were capable of admitting mistakes, changing and growing to be better people in THIS LIFETIME – we are all being called upon in our own little movies to learn and grow and do just that for our own spiritual growth - just like these celebrities do among the glare of the spotlight. 

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