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A special child in my life was recently bullied this week and after all the recent tragedies it brought back memories of the painful year when I was bullied. It was my geeky phase entering the 5th grade with braces and glasses, appearing a foot taller than all the other kids in my class
– a real jolly Green giant! To sum it up, I looked somewhat like Pippy Longstocking with red hair, freckles and droopy knee-high socks that never seemed to stay up – and of course a training
bra and over developed curves for my age. This was nothing I could help – as I
was going through that awkward phase of adolescence and developing quicker than
my peers. Not my favorite time – but one where I learned to handle the pain of

Bullying is nothing new.. It has been around forever and it has escalated with the different children being born today as we go through the “growing pains” of learning how to handle our children today with the new paradigm shift in our changing world.

Oftentimes, this behavior is picked up in the home - as abuse is often “learned” behavior.
Like many children who are the victim of bullying, I know all too well what its like and the pain it causes these children.

Fortunately, in my own personal experience, I was able to get past this challenging time in my childhood through the wonderful love and support of my teachers, friends and parents. I also learned from my former Principal that the individuals who were bullying me were deeply despondent, depressed and unhappy inside and also wanted to change schools because of their unhappiness. A surprise to me at the time, but my bullies used picking on others (including me) as a way of attempting to raise their already low self-esteem inside.

However, when the bullying didn’t stop, I switched to a new middle school called Cranbrook
Kingswood in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan – one that was more nurturing and accepting of all kinds of kids from various backgrounds - very suited to my unique needs to express my creativity – free of judgement or harassment for being different. This was a wonderful place where I could grow
and be free to express my individual creativity with love, acceptance and the safety of accepting peers and nurturing teachers. A school that was a pioneer in education for many others to follow and one that I am most grateful to my parents for sending me to - a special ‘magical’ place to learn and grow.

With the Internet – it is not so easy for kids today to make their great escape when bullied, but like the myriad of UTube videos and articles offering love and support in the wake of the recent bullying
tragedies - Things really do get better! And it is best to gravitate to those like-minded peers who support and understand you while trying to be neutral and impervious to those who don’t.

Counseling and guiding children today– no one is better equipped to speak up on this subject than someone who has experienced bullying firsthand. Therefore, my heart goes out to children who are bullied for what they go through. It has gone on in our society for a long long time, but as the Hopi Prophesy and others have shared – we are being changed in many ways.

Our DNA too, is being changed and different types of children are being born today than our society has ever dealt with before. These Rainbow of Star children, as they are called, are different – more
unusual than the norm our society has been exposed to in the past. For instance, these children today are more sensitive and psychic than ever before. For anyone who thinks its just science fiction in the Chronicles of Narnia or a Harry Potter movie should check out the books on the super Psychic kids being born in various parts of the world. It is truly fascinating. They are also bringing with them a collective consciousness and advancement to
help our generation “learn and grow,” bringing many of the multi-dimensional talents and lifetimes with them this time around – much more so than we have ever experienced before. Because of these multi-dimensional skills, lifetimes and “out of the box” thinking – there is bound to be some clash in “understanding” at times between these kids coming in and our current generation – especially with our current societal and ethical regulations relating to “time” as we know it in our current structured format and our somewhat “limited” talents/dimensions compared to our children.

However with the shift and time speeding up with the earth’s rotation– all that is changing - including our consciousness. And as time continues to speed up -these societal changes will be felt – some with “growing pains’ – like the recent suicide tragedies.

This is “new territory” for both parents and grandparents and requires an open heart and mind in order to understand one another. It will take a big dose of unconditional love and a new style of parenting.

Some old school thinkers may still follow mom and dad’s plan to be what WAS considered the norm – instead of what is in their child’s heart and may struggle in their attempt to understand the new children being born. Some may push their dreams/aspirations onto their children while others
will love them the way they are. Many will be doing multiple things with their various gifts.

However, at their own course, they will eventually learn and apply the true meaning of unconditional love, as there will be no “norm” to measure these kids by anymore with the increasing variety. This opens up room for more bullying and abuse from within the family structure as well as the
school environment – but will be “felt” and realized by all - as transparency continues to be seen
within our society. This will eventually help all bullies (whether it be at home or in the schools) – to grow and learn to change.

With the recent rash of suicides over the past few weeks from bullying – it is obvious that the immediate efforts to heal our changing society is needed more than ever. and part ofyes""> that cure – is our group love, tolerance and acceptance.

Reading to kids weekly in the LA schools and libraries - I have seen the “full gamut” of behaviors exhibited by children – including bullying. Children are born innocent – but bullying, violence and even “opinions” from mom and dad are learned behaviors that sometimes seep into a
child’s conversation” revealing a lot about what they are taught.

So it is my hope that as adults we be more conscious of our words and actions as role models for our children and teach them acceptance of everyone and intolerance of bigotry.

Peace and love is what its all about - not hate or bullying.

To love all people and races and to embrace the heart and soul that is within us all. Love and acceptance is key.

On that note – kudos to people like Anderson Cooper, and other high profile people in the spotlight who are shedding their skin and standing up for these kids. Let us all stand up for these kids and honor the light that shines within all of them.

With the Mayan Elders meeting with the UN this past weekend to calm fears regarding 2012 and the special activation happening among global lightworkers around the world -yesterday on 10-10-10 – things will improve.yes""> 10/10/10 was one of the most important activation days of the year to help the world live as one in our hearts.

It was also a day that released a strong dose of energy into the cosmos. This will help us go about reflecting and looking inside ourselves and our relations - and examing where things need to change inside of us.

Like a snake shedding its skin – we are all shedding those undesirable qualities and will continue to access our changes needed in the coming days from the energy released today.

With all the bullying going on in the world. This new "dose" of energy should also really help bring about the peace, compassion and unconditional love that is so desperately needed to handle the
variety of Rainbow children today.

Let us not forget the important lesson that occurred the past few weeks and may good things continue to come out of the recent bullying tragedies with this healing now taking place.

As Pals Around the World grows – let us honor the uniqueness … the individuality in
everyone. the uniqueness in their family dynamics, their culture, lifestyle etc.. and remind ourselves that “different” really is one in the same. Regardless of our different, looks, attitude, upbringing,
culture, etc., at the core essence of everyone is love…

we are oneness.. we are equal … we are the same.

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