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Thank you for all the wonderful feedback on the story and one more thing that I should of mentioned...While these animals are quite beautiful and loving- they are also very very rare. the chances of these Buffalos birthing a 100%-pure white Bufffalo is only one in 10 million births according to Jim and Dena's Vet from Montana - an expert in Bison, who conducted all the DNA testing- but that is what occurred! 8 times!!! But if you read the book by Jim and Dena -their second Buffalo they acquired named Dances (who they mated with Dream Maker), died from eating acorns off an oak tree - which is deadly to these beautiful animals - and Dream Maker was heartbroken. However, they went on to acquire three pregnant females and the rest is history.
It's so interesting to see the transformation - as like butterflies the Miracle White Buffalo is born RED...changes to Yellow.. and then by 9 months it is usually PURE WHITE - and they show these seasonal color changes in the book.. It is quite beautiful.. Usually they are yellow in fall, white in winter, a mouse color brown in summer and red appears when they shed in winter - as they have a black undercoat in the deepest of winter before they are whitest. Perhaps in retrospect, I should have posted the transformation pics! but no time -and it's difficult to take photos out of a book! Have a good one.. Love and Light, Leslye

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