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Tippi Hedren's Beautiful Lions from Shambala

Hi all.. a few weeks ago - I had the chance to visit actress Tippi Hedren's beautiful Shambala Preserve in Acton, CA about 45 minutes outside of LA.. I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Hedren a couple years ago and she is an amazing person who continues to give much of her time and support to help raise awareness about the dangers of private ownership of exotic animals. She works continuously throughout the year and has created a beautiful preserve on the site of where she filmed the 1981 film "ROAR" with her daughter Melanie Griffith. The site of the film is now used to house these 80 exotic cats. Tours may be booked a few times a month online at and she often comes out to speak to the tour groups when visiting. I wanted to share a few of the pics from the outing.. My favorites - a mother lion protecting her roost as the father and baby lion sleep, Michael Jackson's two tigers from his former Neverland Ranch -Freedom the Lion rescued by a journalist and brought to Shambala and Playful Leo from St. Louis!! Enjoy... Love and Light, Leslye

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