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It was a cold gloomy day in November of 2007 when the series of synchronicities started to speed up in my life. They had always been there.. they just seemed to occur more frequently now that I was living on the west coast. Born and raised in Michigan, Californians were often referred to as “the land of fruits and nuts” as the famous line in the movie with Jane Fonda and Lindsay Lohan: "Georgia Rule" - this appeared to be true - for the most part. Though I embraced the weirdness of my new LA lifestyle – I loved the weather, the sites, the exploration and the awakening to caring and honoring our mother earth. A consciousness emerged for environmental concerns that didn’t feel as awakened inside me living anywhere else in the world. Given the high energy vortex and the sacred Native American soil I was living on - high up in the Hills –land that was once occupied by the Native American Chumash and Tongvas years ago – I felt deeply connected to spirit and felt the spirit world opening up to me in ways that I didn’t know existed and that could not be explained. This to me – was my scientific explanation for what was occurring. As an I/O psychologist –I always demanded proof for my theories and hypothesis.. As I delved more and more into my past life research of who I was and where I come from in previous incarnations – I was discussing my research one day with good friend Swami Ramadanda – author of best-seller BLISS NOW and from INDIA WITH LOVE. Swami G –as I call him, a deeply spiritual and evolved soul, had spent many years in India and through deep meditation one day told me to focus more on my Native American lifetime which he stumbled upon while accessing my Ashkashic records. He told me he saw electrical currents running through my hands and saw me cleaning and tending to a buffalo hide and bathing in a lake with my son. He then told me I was WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN! I had heard about the legend of White Buffalo Woman and the Lakotas –but I laughed at the notion that I was her! This sounded ridiculous to me. I had also spent over a decade since my twenties researching and writing about my past lives and had never stumbled upon the Lakota lifetime –so I didn’t know what to believe. Seeing my sense of disbelief, Swami G said: “No, don’t take my word for it - go see for yourself! “ At first I laughed but with a deep sense of wonder and curiosity – I decided to take his advice and investigate this on my own. So it began late in November of 2007- going many times deep into hypnotic trance through my own approach as well as through the help and guidance of a professional colleague in past life regression - trusted friend and colleague – Christina Gilkas of Laguna Beach. There it was.. easily accessible to me and I found this lifetime and it was quite fascinating. From using pranic healing energy through my hands -to picking certain herbs that only grew in certain seasons to save white settlers from deadly disease was how I spent my day. At times people had to die - and sometimes i cried and took it personally -even though it was their time "to go". My grandmother Rose in this lifetime – was also my grandmother then –and a very powerful and respected medicine woman who was my teacher/mentor. There with us as Lakotas was my nephew Evan (who was my cousin) and my father (who was my son in this particular lifetime) and a special love interest who had agreed to leave me widowed young before we incarnated so that I would teach and heal others through my strength –standing on my own. Since I have spent a decade researching hypnotic regression–my journeys to the past tends to be very detailed and granular with names, places, appearing to me like a “crystal clear” movie. This is the only way to describe it. This is something that took many years for me to achieve in order to build up to this level. As a result of achieving a clear level of granularity while accessing these lifetimes - I have successfully validated records of some of the souls I have occupied before - something I am saving /researching to be released at a later date. Back in November of 2007 -The first journey to my Lakota lifetime was insightful as I saw myself living in Montana and healing others, and tending towards my baby son, who I recognized as my father in this lifetime. I also felt deeply sad at being widowed but realized through my life review at the end- that my soul ‘s main purpose was to use the spiritual gift to heal others in order to protect my tribe and to teach my son medicine. Letters and contact from the Lakotas started to come into the mail for me within a day of this first journey in November of 2007! I was fascinated, awe-struck - yet bewildered, I told my father immediately about my Lakota lifetime, the series of synchronicities occurring and the basket of feathers that was growing next to my desk. “You would think I ripped open a bag of feathers –I’m finding so many! “ I shreaked with excitement!!! My father was opening up to this because of his own unexplanable experiences -but had no one to discuss this with but me as the midwest was not exactly open to this supernatural phenomena.. and to this day- still many are not.. including most of my family members. My mother for example, highly conservative and skeptical like many living in the Midwest, thought I needed a straight jacket. But these and other signs were no mere coincidences. Finding these feathers became a daily occurrence and not always in nature.. they were sometimes in the city – in my car.. on the pavement, etc.. Other things too occurred that I have saved for my book – as to reveal them all would be too much. In fact, so many unexplainable coincidences started to escalate back in 2007, that I started a daily journal of synchronicity back then that i still use daily to record certain events. My father laughed when I first told him about my White Buffalo lifetime back in November 0f 2007 – but then the next day was shocked to find a letter arrive in the mail from the Lakota St Joseph’s Indian School in South Dakota saying “Happy Birthday Milton” with a dream catcher symbol gift to hang over a baby’s crib. “How do they know my name?” He asked..and better yet “How do they know my birthday is today?” He was truly surprised – considering the Lakotas apparently knew his name and his birthdate and were contacting him too! As we know – spirit world works in mysterious ways. On this particular day, I was under tight deadline as a full-time celebrity reporter and had worked all morning through past lunchtime. I headed over to the Beverly Glen Deli for a quick lunch – as I lived in the Hollywood Hills – and there were very few restaurants nearby and no food at home. I liked the peacefulness of living in nature –away from the bustling city life and was starving as it was late - 2:30 in the afternoon on this cold gloomy November day. The Glen – a small strip mall nestled between Beverly Hills and Bel-Air stood empty and desolate in the hills. The Deli inside, also looked deserted with lunchtime over and the weather dismal. I placed my lunch order and waited for pick-up. The place was empty except for two women dressed in south western attire standing next to me ordering lunch. I noticed one had a large silver Buffalo around her neck! I quickly admired the woman's necklace and introduced myself. I learned her name was Dena Riley and her friend she was with was named Cynthia Hart. After waiting for our food, we decided to have lunch together and learned about these two very interesting ladies. Dena told me about her Spirit Mountain Ranch in Flagstaff, Arizona where her Buffalos had just given birth to their 8th White Buffalo –Lucky Star and where she had housed all 8 miracle white Buffalo! Though strange to see these ladies in LA – in the middle of nowhere in a deserted strip mall – they had apparently made the trek out to the hills to meet with some film producers interested in their miracle white buffalos.. With shock and awe- I told the women this long story of my journey and awakening that week to my lifetime as White Buffalo Woman!!!! We ate lunch together and talked for hours that day about our lives and connection to spirit. I also shared my unusual experiences and the synchronicities. Cynthia, Dena’s best friend and a well known astrologer in Sedona and part Lakota felt validation for what Swami G had told me and the miracle of my experiences after journeying to this Lakota lifetime. She too, is connected to animals and has a beautiful collection of wolves (–coincidently the Wolf clan was my tribe in this past Lakota lifetime). Both ladies agreed “There ARE no coincidences and signed it in a copy of their book “Our Journey with the White Buffalo” by Jim and Dena Riley. The Riley’s talk in their book about the miracle white buffalos born on their ranch and how they migrated their herd from South Dakota to live out west and the miracles that led them to name their ranch Spirit Mountain Ranch. On a sad note, since meeting Dena a little over two years ago, her beloved husband Jim passed away in the spring of 2008 and she has since moved her ranch along with her 8 miracle White buffalos to Oregon and could greatly use your help in adopting/sponsoring a white buffalo. Go to and see her 8 beautiful White buffalos 8 Miracle White Buffalos: 1. Miracle Moon –born April 30, 1997 2. Rainbow Spirit – born June 8, 2000 3. Mandela Peace Pilgrim – born July 18, 2001 4. Arizona Spirit – born July 1, 2002 5. Sunrise Spirit – born May 22, 2004 6. Spirit Thunder – born May 27, 2004 7. Chief Hiawatha- born May 16, 2005 8. Lucky Star – Born June 10, 2006 And as a reminder to all: The White Buffalo being born – is a sign of the changing times we live in. As we enter the sixth sun – it is a time of rapid change – but with the WHITE Buffalo’s miracle birth –most recently #8 in 2006 –it signifies a sign of ABUNDANCE. Upon parting ways with Dena and Cynthia on that cold November day in 2007– I smiled as I pulled up to a light on Mulholland Drive and there perched in a tree only a few feet away from me was another beautiful sign of Divine Spirit – a Beautiful White Bald Eagle - another Miracle to end this story of Miracles.. On that note – love, light and blessings to all.. Leslye SEE PHOTOS FROM THIS BLOG: Feathers, Dena and Jims Book - Journey with the White Buffalo, White Buffalo: Miracle Moon and Baby Rainbow Spirit, and Message to me from Jim and Dena

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