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The night before I wrote this, I found a BLUE FEATHER (SEE PIC 1) on my evening hike in a beautiful park I visited in Michigan. The color was so blue and it was something which I had never seen before. I found the feather a few minutes after “SOULMATE” pulled in front of me on the road (SEE PIC 2)- all at the same time the song “ IF ITS LOVE” a new song by TRAIN was playing, a song that shocked me the first time I heard it in Miami a few days ago as the lyrics were exact conversations months ago and had the QUEEN BEE reference.

Considering that I grew up since the age of 3 being called: BEE, BEA, AUNTIE BEE and BEEZER FRED by my family and then Queen BEE jokingly by my mom, it was funny to hear all the BEE references this past year. And strange too, to hear this song pop up with the QUEEN BEE reference and see the new film preview for “Ramona and Beezus.” So much Bee stuff this past year – its been crazy..


In addition, I’ve recently experienced lots of personal relationship stuff show up too – like seeing the name Sig combined with both the second half of my names and nicknames everywhere.. More recently it was very apparent in Miami where I met SigFred Perez at my first stop - the manager of Perricones deboarding the plane and heading over to Brickell Ave for work stuff and then continued throughout my trip -spotting SegaFredo coffee everywhere, followed by “Siga Mayan” written on Jacobs coffee mugs from Europe and signs for buildings called “ONE” like the Richard Bach book called ONE that I read. I needed to be “on my game” for a job interview, and I thought to myself – why am I getting bombarded with all these messages when im just trying to “ebb and flow” with life? Am I running away from something? Should I be doing more? Am I truly doing what I was put here in my heart to do? Am I a government experiment programmed to write about syncs that happen to me before they happen? (Just kidding) but seriously- these were all things going around in my


Months earlier, I had sent my friends the Queen B Arizona liscence plate jokingly that pulled in front of me (SEE PIC 3). It had appeared back in the winter during the middle of my advanced DNA training – and was to me, a powerful message of my healing capabilities being resurrected from my work in the dessert that I felt coming back from ancient lifetimes. In fact, since studying forms of pranic and DNA healing I had mastered over many lifetimes - my syncs have become crisper and clearer messages to me over time and moods/healings have occurred instantly. Though childhood things
“get triggered” – especially when I’m in Michigan and around certain family members – a good tune-up by one of my healers – keeps my channel pure and healed – which in turn, keeps me able to do my work as a healer.


While messages are sometimes haunting or overwhelming, they are containable and capable of being controlled. Today I find comfort in tuning them to a quiet place – as it no longer serves me well to talk too much about synchronicities – only in examples like this to show that they are messages/guide posts and there for us to tap into.. For those in my life who either A: don’t
understand the synchronicities or B: simply don’t care, I keep it to myself or write about them on an occasional blog where I can type my uninterrupted thoughts at my leisure.


For a few years now, I have been finding hundreds of feathers on my hikes in the LA mountains when spirit and these many indigenous lifetimes started to really open up for me.. But the feather I found the other night in Michigan was different. Since it was my first blue feather, I had decided to research blue feathers and their meaning. I couldn’t find much but what popped up on google
was a link to Richard Bach, the pilot/author well versed on Soulmates and his earlier book ILLUSIONS before he met and married his soulmate Leslie. The particular passage in the book was all about visualizing and finding his BLUE FEATHER first as a practice exercise before he would find, lose and obtain his soulmate Leslie from Los Angeles – a writer who formerly did some acting/modeling (what a coincidence!?) And as the pilot/author of the book ONE and A BRIDGE ACROSS FOREVER, he beautifully articulates the pain, triumph and heartache of trying to connect to his soulmate Leslie only to lose her again –and so given the similarities - it started me thinking about Bach’s work that I
read two years ago and why I was being led again to see the comparisons in my own movie with “Solemate” and the blue feather finding me on my path? The answer is simple – my personal lesson for growth in this lifetime is to make decisions – something not easy for me at times. Especially when I feel itching to bolt and run away at times – a repeat pattern from the past that gets triggered being back in Michigan.


Though there are some similarities to my own relationship in Bach’s novels – it got me wondering – why many of us cant help but compare “our movies” to that on the big screen, books, film, newsprint, etc. sometimes. Or can we?.. And if my unique movie does have so many similar elements to let’s say the pilot Jacob Lynn and Vienna on ABC’s The Bachelor– or let’s say author/pilot Richard Bach and his soulmate Leslie – then what is the end? And do I actually create the happy ending as the creative/spiritual person by own free will or will I switch the channel? What will I decide? Bach and other new age writers seem to think so – that there are infinite possibilities and parallel universes/outcomes to chose, but perhaps as a scientist – I must investigate more before I can
personally answer that question..


While we all have our own free-will, somethings, I believe – no matter how hard we try to change them or run from them – some things are out of our control. For example, when I try to walk away or switch the channel on certain people or things – sometimes the messages “bombard” me – so it makes me stop and think about what I’m here for, what I agreed to do in this incarnation and how to “change” my focus or approach – so that I can “ebb and flow” with the universe.


We all play parts in our OWN movies and have similar characters in life, art, film, cinema etc.… And life often does imitate some elements of art.. and for curiosity’s sake – I sometimes wonder what happened to the pilot/writer Richard Bach and Leslie Parrish (now in their 70s) but perhaps it is best for me NOT to know and as a writer to keep one’s personal life to oneself and write about
something else – like children’s books. Something Bach has also enjoyed these
days with his Sea Ferret series. But one thing I agree with him on: life is an infinite
possibility of choices and ever-unfolding opportunities to improve and make better decisions. These decisions can be wiser through the use of intuition and in turn, synchronicity. Something that is heightened and guides us when one connects to their higher self - all part of the ascension process that is evolving here on planet earth.


Parallel lives and planes of existence aside, to be a soulmate on THIS earth plane for me personally– one has to live in the day to day reality with me - without fear or illusion. Because when
reality doesn’t meet the fantasy expectations – it can be a total letdown. Like falling in love with the honeymoon stage of a relationship – and not moving beyond it – to keep the other person at arms length from getting to know what’s beneath the layers to see the good, the bad – the undesirable. I say that speaking from my own experience.


Also, sometimes – we are just the prize – or the dangled “carrot” or catalyst to really get someone to grow, change and step up to the plate and out of their comfort zone – so that they can be a better person -improved and mastering lessons they need to learn. Healers especially draw a
lot of people to them with problems/baggage and usually encounter more than one
soulmate or friend – as they may be responsible for assisting /helping many during their lifetime in different ways. This also creates the need to set firm boundaries with people because of our empathy and compassion towards those who need healing.

When I first read Richard Bach’s books, it was the spring of 2008. I was led to read THE BRIDGE

ACROSS FOREVER in spirit by my great aunt Esther, an avid reader who had passed away.
It was books, like the Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini and other wonderful novels that my Aunt Esther had passed along to me that truly taught me to love and appreciate reading.


The night she died occurred shortly after an interview I conducted on Estelle Getty from the Golden Girls– who also had the same initials “EG” and coincidently had similar health problems – as my aunt
suffered from Dementia before she died - a form of Alzheimers and Estelle coincidentally died from a similarly related health ailment – LewBodies Disease. Unbeknownst to me at the time I was working on the Estelle Getty interview - was that Great Aunt Esther was also dying - a clear sign she was leaving this world that I did not pick up on. Sometimes "syncs" are right in front of our nose - and we miss them. Coincidentally, it dawned on me that tonight – July 24th, 2010 is Estelle’s birthday! ) So obviously with all the hundreds of white butterflies I saw today from spirit world on my hike– I am clearly being guided to write about this..


Estelle’s caretaker Paul Chapdelaine – a sweet spiritual soul commented that I should look for a sign that night from my great aunt Esther. Sure enough, it happened later that day. I went to the beloved Bhodi Tree, my favorite spiritual bookstore in LA – and there sitting in the store front window was Richard Bach’s love story called “THE BRIDGE ACROSS FOREVER." This seemed odd to me – considering the fact that I had spent hours browsing their book shelves of metaphysical and spiritual healing books and had never once encountered any love stories. When I turned to open
the page it said: “ To my soulmate Leslie, for teaching me how to fly.” Immediately chills ran up my spine. As I mentioned above, it was all about the romance between this author/pilot Richard Bach and his soulmate Leslie – a former actress/model and writer who lived in LA. Coincidental allright – but nothing new to me with all the oddness in my life with my hourly syncronicity. As I continued reading, the coincidences became over-whelming that night, including a character in one of
Bach’s books named Hy – a rare name and also coincidentally the name of my uncle Hy (short for
Hymen) who was married to my Great Aunt Esther and they had one child together – my cousin Linda - so it was so “out of the ordinary” to see these similarities in print – yet spirit works in mysterious ways and my great aunt obviously led me to it for a reason. Though I had work the next day, I literally sat in bed all night reading the Richard Bach books completely and utterly speechless. What amazed me – was the sort of familiarity in the struggles between the writer/pilot Bach and Leslie to stay together without letting doubt, uncertainty and fears creep in as they explored alternative planes of existence. A very “thought provoking” concept for its time. Something they struggled with throughout their 22 year marriage. While it would be interesting to see where Leslie and Bach’s story end – I don’t have to know –because everyone’s movies and lessons are different..


As a writer named Leslye from LA whose had a similar dynamic going in my on and off pilot relationship – despite the similarities – my movie is different and we all have choices and free will. The beauty is – we can stay on the same frequency or change the channel at any time – it is our choice. I only have the answers in the now for me and that is to follow my heart and do what is best for me and my higher self. Although Richard Bach and Leslie in the book ONE and the Bridge Across
Forever have some similarities – again, it is not my movie – it is their movie and their business. But sharing their story provides examples that others can draw from – just like all fictional and autobiographical works.


How one feels day to day changes, but I know for certain, life is always more content having
friends and a special significant other around. Life is a gift to be lived, enjoyed and cherished together with a partner. We all have the beauty of choice. And if one waits for their prince or princess (whatever the case) to come sweep them off their feet or the happily ever after – they may become very disappointed.. as happiness is NOW..and friendship/companionship is an important element of love and romance. Therefore, an ideal situation is to choose being happy in the now by marrying the twin selves of our souls inside of us and letting go of any perceived outcome or fixed expectations.. By being true to me, I have become that person I want to be – and in turn make the right decisions naturally….something that I am learning to master this time around.


Since life is a gift - life is good just as it is in the NOW. Setbacks, changes, heartache hurt – are all temporary. We can always “change channels’ if a relationship or situation doesn’t improve to
our liking after attempting to make it better and being honest with ourselves and our hearts. If that’s the case, than its time to move on. Women especially must remember this as we move into the shift and as the females gain the upperhand of power. This is a big deal – as this change is the first shift in power transferred from men to women in 25,000 years and our society is still dealing with the “fall out” of women gaining the lead. It is by personally connecting to our hearts and transcending
challenges – that life ebbs and flows again upwards and outwards to better things. Life either resolves itself and heals or replaces the person or thing with something or someone better. Anyone (male or female) stuck in their pain – must be willing to change, ebb and flow with life. If one can’t make themselves better – than they are not willing to truly look in the mirror and deal with
themselves, and therefore, are not meeting their spiritual growth or correction.



May this help anyone who needs to move on to the next level or let go. I learned to help myself heal – and in turn, now heal people in similar circumstances – so that anyone who has known heartache, pain, disappointment – can move beyond it. So here’s a hug from a friend and encouragement to “reframe” your thoughts and find ways to forgive, heal and/or move out of any rut/situation that holds you back.. Remember.. it doesn’t have to be one way or one person – as you truly create your own happiness – the rest falls in place.


Life is like a script.. for those who have tapped into their higher conscious and heart – the
script can be re-arranged, re-written and improved at any time –its up to you.


However, I caution people from experience, I have learned the “hard way” to examine change carefully before making a leap and NOT to compare my movie too closely to someone else’s movie – in real life or fiction thru film, books, tv. etc. – because everyone’s story is unique to
that individual – no matter what elements are similar.


But again – people learn the lessons they need to “take away” from examples – even if they make the wrong move – because there are no wrong moves - we are all here to learn – me included. People will continue to throw caution to the wind and “jump” sometimes before properly thinking things through. We’ve all done it before – but touch the hot stove enough times – you get burned and the burn gets worse each time until one eventually learns the lesson – atleast we hope.. right?


For example, if you incarnated with a partner and planned to be with them in the long haul – but your buddy divorces his wife and is encouraging you to be “his partner in crime”– it may not be best idea. So many people look at what the next guy or girl buddy is doing or want their buddy to follow in their own path – when so much is determined by you, your own individual path for spiritual growth and having the internal strength and certainty to connect to and know what you came here to do all by yourself.


When we decided to incarnate -we all came here to learn and share in certain lessons with certain people. Also, what you “want” may not necessarily be what you need (for your soul’s growth) – and may be destructive to the other person – and their growth. Additionally, it may affect many other people’s lives in a negative way. Therefore, it is very important for someone to examine interfering with one’s path and to look at all the people involved in their movie.


To better understand your own individual life path or soul contract, I highly suggest reading Courageous Souls by Robert Schwartz, which provides real-life scenarios of people's planned incarnations – soul contracts and why some had to experience being widowed, or drug addiction, accidents, illness, etc. for their own personal growth and/or that of others in their soul group.


As an old soul who has spent many many lifetimes devoted to other people – my lifetime

(this time around) is devoted to a cause – not a person. I write as a healer – I’m here to help children, the environment and animals –and to write to help with the shift - that is what I came here to do.. A
soulmate is wonderful part of the plan– one that is mutually loving and supportive of our paths, goals and objectives. A child may be possible too – if I decide that is something I truly want to create.


Whatever path chosen, if your own movie or relationship doesn’t suit you up until now,.. truly examine what needs to be “tweaked” or arranged before you abandon ship. Also, through signs/syncronicity - trust your gut whether or not the person or path your contemplating is clearly best and please – by all means – again, don’t compare your movies too closely to others or put your
energy into other people’s choices or dramas. People's path, evolution and choices are clearly not the same for a reason.


This was something I could not emphasize enough based on recent experience. For example, being born Leslye Lynn Jacobs and having to deal with friends/families comparison’s to last seasons tv show The Bachelor – a reality show with the highest ratings that turned this couple’s life into a
zoo – was not enjoyable. So the guy flew for Rose airlines (like my grandmother’s name – Rose). So his name is Jacob Lynn and I’m Leslye Lynn Jacobs. So I have Queen Marie Antoinette from Vienna in PALS AROUND THE WORLD: VOLUME 1: MY LITTLE FRENCH FRIEND and the girl’s name was Vienna - and on and on. Does that make the guy Jake the pilot me and Sig a girly Vienna? Not at all. However, in our past lives together most of us have had lifetimes with reverse casings as male and female –including Sig and I – but not this time around – we incarnated as who we are – traditional male and
female roles. Yes there were a lot of small coincidences – and “mirrors” from our earlier years and mistakes reflected on the big screen with these people – but that doesn’t make them
“exact” mirrors for us or give us the right to judge/comment back. And why do so many people comment on the personal lives of people they don’t know? Is it out of boredom? Or a way to
keep the focus off their own day to day issues?


It’s like the teen book sensation the Hunger Games – is society becoming so engrossed in focusing ALL their attention on reality stars and their heartache/demise that eventually people with fight each other to the death on tv with all of us cheering on the sidelines for our own pleasure/entertainment?. I would hope not. That’s maybe taking things to extreme – but anything is possible. To think how popular reality tv is today and just how much negative energy goes towards these people in the ring and their is truly scary!


But on the bright side, by watching/examining other people’s movies – it can also positively help people learn and assess how “not to be” –but it is never good to decide one’s path or judge it – because only the two individuals in a relationship know what is right or truthful and judging or
putting energy into the outcome of another person’s affairs– only brings problems back on oneself.


So anyone assessing their own movie – as a couple or individual. Remember, a better solution is to formulate your own decisions from what you observe, see or hear and be your own counselor in life choices.


Good or bad - there are lessons to be internalized and learned from the big screen – but basically the outcome of your own movie resides deep inside of you..


By connecting to your higher-self and spirit, one is lead “up and onward” on the right path.













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