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"Pleiadian Emissaries of Light" 'Our Golden Egg'

Message from "Pleiadian Emissaries of Light" at 'Stargate Portal tonight 13.8.2011 during

Our "Full Moon"  'Circle of Love' gathering ~
Our 'Circle of Love' gathering tonight was Blessed by a Channelled Message
from Our "Pleiadian Emissaries" through 'Arlia' ... Who gifted to Our new Ones Who came

to this gathering and not the last one! 

'A Golden Egg' that was placed in each of Our Hearts and that We were
each to 'Go forth and Let Our Love Shine' ... and that as We did this ...
'The Golden Egg' would be nurtured and blossom ... insomuch that
When the 'Earth Shifts in The Twinkling of An Eye' ...
'The Paradigm Shift' ... Then 'Our Golden Egg' shall Align Us ... for the time
of The Great Shift ~ And that We need not fear ... because
when the time comes 'Our Golden Egg' will Open and We shall Transform
in sync with All That Is! And such a Blessed Gift We Shall Continue to Nourish!
And for Those Who read this ... and Believe ... So Be It unto You Also! Mihi Aroha and Pomarie! 

Aroha ... We Are!'

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