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"Lemuria Family'' ~ 'Our Beautiful World Rebirth'

Golden Temple of Light" 4.3.2011 ~ Noon message from Our 'Lemurian Family' "Blessings to All ~ The World is fast closing on Herself ... for As She closes ...
Another Beautiful One appears ~ for All is Beautiful ...
for All Has the Bright Spark of Divinity Within ~ 
There is no need to 'cling to' ... for All is "energy" ... "transforming" ~
Beginning and Ending ... is in One Circle ...
'The Circle of Life' ... "The Circle of Love' ... It Is the same ~
Enshrine Yourselves in the Beauty of Your Own 'Being' ...
for You Are ... That Marvelous Wonder ... whose beginning and ending ... Is 'Heavens Realms' ~ Marvel not at what is seen as wonderful ... out there ...
for it is 'Merely A Reflection' of Your Own Wondrous Beauty ~
Breathe in ... 'Your Beauty' ... 'Accept it' ... 'Own it' ~
For what is a Gift from the Heavenly Realms ... that is not 
'shared' through Your Own Reflection of Heaven ... That You Are!
Address Your worthiness of High Salute ...
for Your Creator ... Creates Great Beauty, Always and Forever, Neverending ~
Differences are all in thought creations ... for All are Still from and part of
'The Source of All That Is' ~
For How many times have You Seen and Felt ... 'there is 'More' ... out there ...
'there's something else' ~ 'Everything' ... has Always been 'Inside You' and
Your mind has distracted You otherwise ~
So to turn things around ~ All that is needed is ... to 'Go into Your Heart Space'
and All the 'energy forms and thoughts of Creation' ... are centered and formed from there ~
This Is Your Quest of Joy fulfillment ... And So Be It ~
Blessings Upon You In this Glorious Ascension time of Yours ~ And So It Is"

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