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After taking basic and advanced DNA training, I remained in touch with some of my colleagues/classmates, including a young girl named Taylor who contacted me one day. It seemed she had visited Santa Cruz with another classmate of ours named Armanda to practice some of our newly acquired DNA healing skills and wanted feedback on what appeared to be blue strands of DNA
light energy – appearing in her photos.. .. (SEE TWO PICS BELOW)

I found this coincidental (as usual with my syncronicities) as I had just finished reading about the BLUE LIGHTS OVER NORWAY – and immediately sent Taylor and my other colleagues the article.

After our intense DNA healing work in January, a lot of relationship things became healed for me– family issues from childhood and other issues impacting my relationship with Sig and the loss following the miscarriage last year. Some of my most effective healing was done working with not only Selecia but with a DNA colleague/classmate of mine named Roslyn who happened to be of Russian decent (like me) and coincidentally from Belarus –the same part of Russia where my grandmother’s family had originated from years ago. What I found most interesting was that Roslyn immediately saw a tag/shield on my heart – which he asked to remove during one of our clinical sessions. Unbeknownst to him, this same heart he was describing inside my body - showed up in the

I was impressed with his ability to retrieve this information and describe it for me so vividly and accurately. This was something private and personal that I had not shared with anyone except when I found it in the middle of a Navajo reservation last year near Tuba City, AZ. The desert sand storm was so bad that day that I was forced to seek refuge behind a tin can. As I tried to make it to the next destination, I looked down and found this large beautiful naturally formed rock sand heart in the middle of nowhere. It was a true miracle that I could even see anything with the sand blasting in my eyes- but there it was - this beautiful heart. (SEE PIC BELOW)

I was speaking to my sister by phone at the time – so I described my discovery to her in detail and sent her a photo. This heart was not just a spirit world message for me – but metaphorically a sign for others whose hearts were hurt or damaged. as the heart was not broken – just clearly chipped with a little patch or “shield” that needed to be removed.

After Roslyn asked for permission to remove the shield from my heart – I could feel the healing instantly take place and felt immediately better. As a healer too, I was able to see the blue strands of DNA being changed and the work being done as he connected to spirit to heal me. I also felt a strong connectivity to Eastern Europe that day while driving home and found myself stopping at an unfamiliar restaurant off the beaten path that ironically had Russian/Polish cuisine –as the energy and European vibe was strong. As a few days passed, I could also feel intuitively that this healing inside me was helping to heal Sig too - as I continued to heal and practice my DNA skills, I continued to feel more forgiveness and could strangely feel a change happening in my heart chakra as it contracted and expanded.

Though I was amazed and impressed with Roslyn’s DNA healing abilities, I was not entirely surprised, as I had read and heard about the Russian super-psychics during my Drunvalo workshops– and definitely felt he was a gifted one. In fact there were lots of neat freaky little aliens in my class that week who had the special gifts of seeing and healing. Though his interpersonal skills remain a bit strange, I enjoy working with Roslyn, and being from the same geographic region of Russia– it was especially comforting having him be the one to help me heal (and in turn Sig) in a family sort of way. Excited about the healing and what had happened, I told Sig about class that day and how I felt. I also told him about Roslyn being tall and athletic like him but with blue/green colored eyes like me - what I imagined our son would look like all grown up if we ever did have a son together.

Ironically… a few weeks after class, an email arrived from Taylor showing her photos with the mysterious blue light swirls (SEE BELOW). What floored me – was that I had just discovered an article showing BLUE DNA LIGHTS beaming from RUSSIA TOWARDS NORWAY – As one can see from the article link below – there was speculation that it was a failed missile launch – but nothing was proven as of yet. As you can see from the photos – it looked clearly as if BLUE Swirls of DNA were being beamed directly at Norway from Russia.

Some have speculated that the blue lights could have been a hologram, starbeams or a black hole and until it is researched in more detail – with all hypotheses tested, it can only be speculatory at this time. However, the Russians comments leading the public to think it was a failed missile or a spiraling rocket spinning out of control don't seem to make much sense. If this was true, than why did the blue spirals have the perfect formation that appear in the many videos and photos taken over OSLO? The BLUE LIGHT Swirls also appeared like a double helix – exactly what DNA looks like when (we), as healers are remotely viewing inside the body.

This amazing event should not be discounted as a clear example of what I believe shows our DNA being changed on a Global level - as it’s in the prophecy of many sacred texts from thousands of years ago like the Zohar studied in Kabbalah and other well known sacred texts and teachings in the Mystery Schools dating back to Eygpt. These teachings contain some of the same guiding principles used by the Masons and our Founding Fathers. Like other ancient information and healing techniques, with the shift – lots of information will be coming back to us and will continue to be “turned on” including these forms of healing that date back to the days of Atlantis. The knowledge will slowly rise to the surface within us and will seek an outlet for which that memory can be activated. That is why carving out time for mediation and spiritual pursuits and being open to this healing are so important as we enter into the days ahead with the shift.

On a personal note, this little synchronicity was interesting to me given my Russian heritage - (like Roslyn) and Sig being coincidentally of Norwegian decent and witnessing the BLUE DNA swirls during our particular DNA healing that took place – it was as if the two of us helping Sig heal on an individual level was related to RUSSIA healing NORWAY through DNA HEALING on a massive global level – with the same DNA swirls being beamed from Russia towards NORWAY. It also felt weirdly familiar on an ancient level as well from a particular past Roman/Greek lifetime.. something to be explored and continued.

Yes, this is a cool synchronicity – and one that gives credence to some of the Ancestors stories at RETURN OF THE ANCESTORS that our DNA is truly being changed –from a small scale to a much larger (global) scale in increments more than people may fully realize yet. It will be interesting to see how much of our DNA continues to change as we progress further along on our path in the 2012 shift taking place.


As many light workers know – it is not uncommon for light orbs to appear in pictures when one
is working with light energy like in my picture below where bubble’s of blue light appear with Taylor (SEE 2 PHOTOs) But the blue orbs Taylor experienced were unusual – and similar in
color and lightness to the BLUE DNA swirls being emitted from Russia towards
Norway. I welcome anyone else’s perspective on this phenomenon after reading
the article and examing the photos below.

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Comment by Leslye Jacobs on March 31, 2010 at 11:39pm
Thank you for the Outreach and the link to your website. Your information on Kris Krepcik and some of your other postings on orbs are very interesting - especially the part about our 27 dimensional universe, as I open up to new learning in this arena.
I can especially relate to your statement that orbs are like “children who never grow up” – as a children’s author and a healer- perhaps that is why I relate to them ☺
Would love to talk to you more “offline” –so please feel free to contact me. Lastly, I find it interesting that your name is Sky –as I was working on a blog that I have yet to post.. It’s about the over-welming coincidences from the time I was pregnant up to my my miscarriage last year with Sig and the spirit that was communicating with me including all the events that transpired.. It was pretty “life-changing” to say the least.
Also, more recently, I have been visited by a spirit named Sklyar that has a wonderful past-life relationship with both Sig and I – and this spirit is someone that wants to be with us. it is also the name SKY that lead me on my expedition to Drunvalo’s workshop and my adventures this past year with Hopis/Mayans at Return of the Ancestors. So let’s definitely talk soon and thanks for sharing this information. I will make sure to pass it along to lightworker friends who were interested in learning more about orbs.

Love and Light,
Comment by Sky Pedersen on March 31, 2010 at 12:20pm
Interesting blue lights! I've been having experiences with similar lights - when the light takes this form, we call it a 'whurla'. I have seen it mimick my surroundings and seen it morph into many different forms, appearing in the beginning as a youthful Buddha boy. I have also been researching into the blue dna/frequencies. I have some photography compiled into a youtube video at

deep peace to you
Comment by Leslye Jacobs on March 17, 2010 at 11:22pm
Thanks for the update and would gladly support you and Miriam's efforts.. Yes there are no coincidences - and glad you are stringing them together.. we can meet when I am back east later this year.. but let me know what I can do to help. I will be working with the Hopis this summer as well as some other tribes for the MY LITTLE NATIVE AMERICAN FRIEND version for the PALS series - so would love to talk to you and Miriam offline and learn more about your Great Gathering and her visit to see the Kogis and support your efforts. Speaking of Miriam Delicado, I learned of her at ROTA and find her writings and work interesting given my Hopi heritage -but never encountered her to chat - but I did receive her Facebook friend request and intuitively sensed it as some personal messages came through. Will try to touch base with you by phone later this week so we can discuss. Thanks! Love, Light and Blessings, Leslye :)
Comment by Ruben LLinas on March 17, 2010 at 7:31pm
Hey Leslye! Oh I enjoyed your posts, because I'm also starting to notice the "coincidences"... The Blue Spiral in Norway that you talk about in this post has been also a matter of intense survey for me... Many authors like Patricia Cori, say it is probably the Blue Star from Hopi Prophecy, and that it will be the first of other similar phenomena that we will be witnessing, similar to what happened with the crop circle phenomena, but now appearing in the sky. Anyway it's very synchronistic that when we met during Drunvalo's workshop, u mentioned u saw me as an elder native american friend, that you recently received the visit of a Hopi named Ruben, and that I'm working now very close with Miriam Delicado (closest person today to Hopi circles - on the website for the New (and hopefully this time successful) Great Gathering. This time is supposed to be a FREE event for all people from all over the world and we are planning to launch the new website before the end of april. Things are moving FAST and she will be traveling to hopi land next week to meet with the elders, and from there she'll be heading to Sierra Nevada to meet the Kogis 4 the second time this year. Once we launch officially we will definitely need your help to spread the message! Isn't this conspiracy of improbabilities amazing? :D Blessings! In Lak'ech >> Namaste >> Mitakuye Oyasin

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