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Its Earth Day, Lets Celebrate !!

Its Earth Day, Lets celebrate.

In the near future I hope this day becomes as important to the masses as days like christmas, easter, halloween, ect. instead of another day to go buy stuff and celebrate that days mascot, we could collectively ( expressing Oneness ) give to our planet the types of gifts she would and could appriciate, like clean up, plant, love each other, take a brake from destructive habits at the very least. This is our Planet, the only one we have; not only that… Continue

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Please, Your Writing will always be FREE here, well, we hope anyway...kurtisz

When enough becomes Too Much 4 ME;

THE threat to our FREEDOM OF WRITING? SPEECH,COMMUNITY&theENVIRONMENT(SACRED, Abundant...Scarred & Yet still_Healing, Mother Earth)?

WTF?!? Where is Al GOnRE. Too Many Beans Pickens&Buffett(?), Gatez, US&A..., Mitt R., Sen. McCain, Rush & ALL THE OTHER CELEBUTARDed POLITICAL fashionary MOdels. THe green movment, greenpeaces, the Irish, THE f'kn fightin' Irish, past ancestors who would stand or speak or write up for… Continue

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Today is 4/20 the day in which millions upon millions of people in the world will roll-up, pack a bowl, or ripp the bong probably more than once. And in commemoration of this day on worldviewz and to educate for some who are

"not in the know" of this plant, I'm going to give some fact /myths and history of the plant. I copy/pasted this info from "How Marijuana Became Illegal" by Bud Fairy and the "Myth/Fact" portion is from "The Drug… Continue

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Persephone -a bit of writing

I WAS PERSEPHONE by Sareena Sandhu June 1998

I watched in awe as the blind red dirt

Covered my torso.

Seeming unreal

Whispering to the fourth wind

The one which does not make a sound or motion

As it blinds and pushes you in defiant instinct.

Thrown to hungry wolves

They are amused

My composure is self-withstanding

I am forged with metal which wraps its forceful nature upon my back.

And I am in Hades,

The cruel depths… Continue

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That woman on the Milk Carton by Sareena Sandhu

That Woman on the Milk Carton(March 2009)

By Sareena Sandhu

Why is it that

We can never really put ourselves

In another's shoes

Until we are really there

I am a survivor of domestic violence

I have the badge of honor and courage

I have changed my world

To change my stars

We decide that abuse is not right for us

We control what is done to our bodies and our… Continue

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Merlin's mirror. Channelled by whitefetaher 15/4/09

Mirrors, mirrors of the world, it is time for reflection, for looking at what is being done to your planet, to your lives, to the lives of every living creature. For too many long dark moons, you have taken and plundered the Earths resources and still you hunger for more, for greed, for what your neighbours mirror appears to be reflecting, but it only reflects an outer image, it does not reflect the true self inside. This is another form of the alchemy of which I have spoken before, two… Continue

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Full Egg Moon/Full Pink Moon

So, here we are on the verge of another Full Moon! This full moon is in Libra, balance, justice, temperance, and a sorting out of things, bringing them order. It is interesting that this moon is in Libra considering all the provocative comments to Hiniri's blog post about the phases of the moon!

It is time to harmonize, to bring in to balance all that we are; light, shadow, masculine, feminine. It is the convergence of all these principals that makes us ONE with our… Continue

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Beautiful Losheka by Isis Andersen for David Graywolf Flynn

Beautiful Losheka by Isis Andersen for David Graywolf Flynn For Wednesday's Writing Essentials

For Dave Flynn (Graywolf)

of the Tuscarora Iroquois

Little Turtle Clan Northern Band

with love and respect

And for Hidalgo and the Lakota Nation

With Love and Respect


Losheka is Dave Flynn's… Continue

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Butterfly Nation: Woodstock Remembered By Isis Andersen For Dave Graywolf Flynn who was and is a Golden Child of God who attended Woodstock

Butterfly Nation By Cynthia Isis Titania Andersen

Butterfly Nation: Woodstock Remembered For Dave Flynn By Isis Andersen

dave flynn woodstock lower right corner no shirt brown hat

August 19, 2008 09:01 PM EDT (Updated: August 23, 2008 01:38 AM EDT)

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Another Poetic Mission Impossible Challenge… Continue

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<b>Isis, Lady of Petals from Isis and Osiris by Jonathon Cott Epilogue: A Night in a Garden of Spain</b> From Isis and Osiris by Jonathon Cott

*Jonathon Cott is a favorite writer of mine. I just wish to share his beautiful poem for it inspires and touches the heart.

Isis, Lady of Petals from Isis and Osiris by Jonathon Cott Epilogue: A Night in a Garden of Spain

From Isis and Osiris by Jonathon Cott…

a garden of spain


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The Via Galactica: The Way of the Galaxy by Cynthia Isis Andersen

The Via Galactica: The Way of the Galaxy by Cynthia Isis Andersen



This is the Hubble Deep Field Survey and this has been called the most significant photograph…

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Faces~Phases of the Moon by Hirini Reedy

Kia ora & hi there,

Recently I sent an email talking about shifting the mind into

empowered states. Remember Mind SHFTS? See+Hear+Feel+Taste+Smell.

In your memories, you can recall SHFTS that can give you power and


Now we must be able to channel and apply that energy into movements,

tactics and strategies that give us the best chance of success.

One way is to use the faces or… Continue

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The Emperor Wears No Clothes

If all fossil fuels and their derivatives, as well as trees for paper and construction were banned in order to save the planet, reverse the Greenhouse Effect and stop deforestation; then there is only one known annually renewable natural resource that is capable of providing the overall majority of the world's paper and textiles; meet all of the world's transportation, industrial and home energy needs, while simultaneously reducing pollution, rebuilding the soil, and cleaning the atmosphere… Continue

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The Story of Stuff

What is the Story of Stuff?

An animated webumentary exposing the global repercussions of unchecked consumerism, The Story of Stuff charts the lifecycle of a typical commercial product, beginning with raw materials mined or extracted, continuing with manufacturing and shipping, and concluding with purchase, use and landfill internment.…


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5th International Amazonian Shamanism Conference, Iquitos, Peru

Love and Blessings to all!

This Amazonian Shamanism Conference is in July, 2009. What I want to know is anyone in this WorldviewZ community planning on going? It would be great to hook up with some people here who are interested. It's something that I am tentatively planning on attending. Please check out their web site for more details, connect with me here, or on my web site

I'd love to hear from you!!! It's… Continue

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Discernment-The Most Important Spiritual Gift?

Love and Blessings to All!!

We are so bombarded with information coming from everywhere; up, down, t.v., radio, books, articles, speakers, workshops, retreats, spirit guides, daemons, angels, gods, godesses, devas (orishas), God, Gaia! Whew!

We have been given a very, very important spiritual gift; discernment. Sometimes, it seems as if that gift gets lost among other psychic/spiritual gifts. It is hard to compete with some of the more dramatic experiences we as healers,… Continue

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I just saw Organic Birth, the movie

I just saw the movie "Orgasmic Birth", wow! Afterwards, filmmaker Debra Pascali-Bonaro and others held an open panel discussion. She has approached medical doctors. In two weeks she will co-present the movie with a doctor! Haha to make it more acceptable they're calling it "Organic Birth". Two panelist were from Puerto Rico. They said 48% c-section births there and 31.5% in the USA. C-sections and drugs can change the hormone sequence of birth. Interesting fact, two states, NY and Mass, passed… Continue

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March 8, International Women's Day (IWD)

I'll start with something you can do in 3 min. Support the reintroduction of the International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA). The bill was shot down in both the Senate and the House - HR5927

Here are 3 links to pre-written letters you can send to the Senete and Congress.

Women Thrive Worldwide…


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The Vision

Oh yes and of 'this' I sing and the siren sings the same song ... then together we link our worlds to the Heavens and bridge the rainbows Light. I love to paint and play and pray...... I dream to make it come again Our New World where all is High Light, unprecedented to any memory for many lives. I glimpsed through the veil once in a vision. Through an open doorway in the sky… I saw us in the distant present past and in the future worlds... doing ceremony for this moment in time to wake… Continue

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Rapa Nui changing with the healing of the ancestors

After we did divine healing work for all ancestors who were ready on Easter Island last year I feel the island is changing bit by bit, opening nadis of energy it kept cloesd for many centuries. It is a slow process, as many are having difficulties with changes, the emotional patterns that show themselves but it is happening and the moais (the famous Easter Island statues) are smiling. The people are tied in an extreme tied functioning collective and it takes power to break loose and find… Continue

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