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I have been inspired by Winter. This time of year is total "water element" according to Traditional Chinese Five Element Theory. So here is a poem about this time-

The Spirit of Yule by Sareena Sandhu (1998)
I was awash in light, cradled like an infant-waiting to be born. I fell asleep. Did I ever exist as one true molecule-body-being?

There is a sense of urgency like slow dripping water from the faucet. White and green candles resonate. They hum like a washing machine approaching its own rhythm- it's cycle of work and play, life and rebirth.

The womb, red and luscious and warm. I, in a fetuslike position, tasting honey for the first time. Sweetness. A bell devours endless silence. Then,
I am awake

Winter (from Patricia Telesco)

Winter is the time of the dark moon, a fallow period, and a time for rest. Here Earth sleeps and so should we. Within those night visions are great insights to discover, along with the psychic powers hidden just benesth thesnow. In each room of the house, keep an acorn for the hope of spring to return. The altar covered with cloth of whites, browns, and blacks, and secure some twigs decorated with green ribbon to encourage the spring back.

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