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I keep changing my mind. I like the season of winter and the solitude, but I have visions of Candlemas and the spring and the green popping up unexpectedly. I am both inside this experience and the one of the winter element of water.
So, here is a poem about Candlemas, though admittedly it is far away.

Candlemas( Sareena Sandhu, 1998)

Winter wages its slow fury through snow covered trees and bristling winds.
It covers our heads and houses with hard rain that rips into the Earth.
We look for pioeces of small plants and bushes that once resided in the deep dark Earth,

And then, a blowing green candle sent to our Mother Earth to encourage the sun's return.
The group gathers to join hands and turn the wheel. The wheel-
Which Brings spring, the wheel of all Seasons, the Wheel of Life.

Green plant growing- Grow
Sunshine bright- Shine
Flowers popping- Pop

Come back sun- we long to see your Beautful face.
Start again spring- grow green.

The seeds are planted and the circle has been started.
We hope for plants that grow.
We hope for the sun shining bright
And endless days of summer and star filled night.

Begin the healing- Mother Earth!

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Comment by Robert Dakota on January 5, 2009 at 3:24pm
Nice Sareena,
Beautifully spoken. Thanks for your input on Jodi's piece!
Sending warm thoughts as we ascend into the New Year!

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