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Sleepwalking Through Your Life? - How Mindfullness can Help?

Here's How Mindfulness Can Help

Have you ever sat down to watch TV with a bowl of popcorn on your lap, then suddenly realized twenty minutes later the bowl was empty? Have you ever driven somewhere and arrived safely, only to realize you didn’t really remember the trip?

These kinds of experiences happen to everyone. Today, many of us refer to this mindless activity as “being on autopilot”. Many daily habits can be completed without our full attention. It seems our minds are constantly running ahead to the next activity to be completed, the next phone call, or meeting, or place we need to be.
All of this multi-tasking, however, is taking its toll on our lives. A bit of inattention now and then is not necessarily a bad thing. But sleepwalking through life, always rushing off to the next thing and never truly living “in the moment”, can come at a high cost. Relationships with family, friends, and coworkers eventually suffer. We miss out on the special moments that happen every day. We ignore important messages about our health, our well-being and our life. Our bodies and minds remain in a perpetual state of stress and self-criticism for not being “better, doing “more” and being “more successful.”

If multi-tasking is the disease, then mindfulness is the cure. Mindfulness is the practice of paying more attention to ourselves and the world around us; achieving an awareness of what is going on inside our minds and bodies, and outside, at the very moment. We all have the ability to practice mindfulness. It is a simple matter of establishing a new habit of paying attention, not to what you have to do tomorrow or ten minutes from now, but right now, in this minute. Or, as some describe it, to simply be “here” as life unfolds before us.

Once you are able to understand and grasp the spirit of mindfulness, it is the “doing” that helps one to become more informed, responsive and healthier in body, mind and soul. Every minute of every day takes on new meaning, and your ability to embrace life and find much-needed emotional and physical balance becomes effortless. While mindfulness can force us to face painful issues long buried, most people are happy to remove old burdens and embrace the future with a renewed zeal for life after learning how to apply mindfulness in their everyday life.

Of course, achieving this state of relaxed, aware mindfulness takes some practice. And that is exactly what will occur when you accept this special invitation from the U.K’s leading professional coaching company, Noble-Manhattan, LLC. Join founder Gerard O'Donovan and Scott Milway, a highly-respected trainer from the Deepak Chopra organization, on the two-week mindfulness expedition known as Noble Quest. This spiritual journey visits the exotic destinations of Vietnam and Cambodia during October 19th -31, 2009, where a select group of only twenty-five men and women will experience the adventure of a lifetime; a unique, life-transforming expedition incorporating adventure, fitness, and a special kind of spirituality that will reveal the true benefits of living a life of mindfulness.

During your mindfulness adventure, you will learn the full Primordial Sound Meditation Course and join in daily meditations as you spend time with the locals and come to know and understand the peoples and cultures of Vietnam and Cambodia. You will climb the highest mountain in Vietnam and in IndoChina, Mount Fan Si Pan. The group will visit famous destinations, such as Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and the truly impressive monastic complex, Preah Khan, as well as Neak Pean, a Himalayan-style lake and sanctuary, and East Mebon, a temple-mountain. Simply put, Noble Quest will take you on a journey that will soon become a revelation, and a new reason to celebrate life.

When you’ve completed your journey, you’ll receive full certification and a qualification from the Deepak Chopra Centre. The quest raises money for a charitable business, The Noble Foundation, dedicated to helping men and women become self-sufficient through micro-financing.


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