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The Mechanics Of Karma

("A free body diagram of a mass on an inclined plane" by Mets501)

Will the island turn into an archipelago ? More poetry today...

How long have I hankered

For the right way to go

How far have I wandered

To know what I now know…


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Have you been to these Ultimate Exotic Destinations?

Vietnam and Cambodia - The Ultimate in Exotic Destinations

The exotic destination of Vietnam lies in Southeast Asia’s center, bordering China in the north, Laos and Kampuchea in the West, and the Pacific Ocean in the east. The entire country stretches from the Ha Tuyen province in the north to the Minh Hai province in the south, and includes thousands of enticing offshore islands and striking archipelagos.

Archeologists date Vietnam’s genesis to approximately… Continue

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The Magic of Angkor Wat

One of the world’s most beautiful destinations is Angkor Wat, “the Pagoda of the City” in Angkor, Cambodia. Once a funerary monument built by a vast army of slaves, builders and craftsmen who labored to quarry, transport and haul the stone into place and create the numerous statues and carvings adorning almost every inch of the complex, Angkor Wat now stands a surreal testament to a once-superior civilization who enjoyed a palpable appreciation for art.

Understanding Angkor… Continue

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Sleepwalking Through Your Life? - How Mindfullness can Help?

Here's How Mindfulness Can Help

Have you ever sat down to watch TV with a bowl of popcorn on your lap, then suddenly realized twenty minutes later the bowl was empty? Have you ever driven somewhere and arrived safely, only to realize you didn’t really remember the trip?

These kinds of experiences happen to everyone. Today, many of us refer to this mindless activity as “being on autopilot”. Many daily habits can be completed without our full attention. It seems our… Continue

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A Healing Mission, a Stunning Destination - My Noble Quest

Once in a great while, a charitable foundation comes along whose mission is so captivating, the world cannot help but take notice. The Noble Foundation is one such organization. A charitable offshoot of Noble-Manhattan Coaching, one of Europe’s leading coaching organizations, The Noble Foundation is supported by a single mission: helping men and women across the globe to… Continue

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