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There is pressure here in the West that middles our ways in America. The Mid-West and her people have come up against pressure and change that cannot be reversed. No zippady-do-daw back to the 1950's fantasy that so many conservative thinkers fantasize about will return. Those days are long gone and the most strident faculties of that thought process have finally realized it.

The remnants of the rust belt stretches all the way to St. Louis and Southern Illinois and the pain of wage stagnation and the inability to raise a family or build a life with jobs from Homdepot or Walmart has finally become self-evident. And lets not forget going broke when one breaks their arm here. Having no health-care is a major scare to those toiling to keep their rent current or their mortgages up to date.

The faces are heavy with worry and doubt. However, I sense something else that other Americans forget about Mid-Westerners, they are not afraid of hard work and toil. The History of their ancestors shows it. The Mid-West, before the iron plow, was considered a desert after the war of 1812. People who wanted a better life came to this so called desert and turned it into the bread basket of the U.S. And the world. I feel that drive and transformation coming around again here.

Most probably in farms and small towns are not happy with President OBAMA's election but the ideas of hope and determination that he gives have taken seed here in people's hearts. Flowers won't grow from those seeds but sturdy oak trees will take root in Mid-Western minds because they are looking for a better way. That is what this global pressure is brining about in them. They did it before in War 50 some years ago and I believe these people will do it again.

There are wind-farms producing energy for Chicago in the Northern Illinois plains. People are selling their giant trucks and thinking differently because of the pressure. Global warming, they've come to realize, is not a belief, as conservative pundits have told them, but a truth that has been calculated and measured.

Normally, I would rail against this place that needs a “SPIRITUAL JOLT.” Now, I know that pressure is bringing about change. I'm honored to stand beside my fellow Mid-Westerners to help the world bring forth this change. When the Mid-Westen thinking, sorry to point out the obvious, turns to WORLDVIEWZ hope is replaced with action. When these folks take action, watch out because change is here.

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