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I've moved back to the midwestern America. A place that looks good on paper but doesn't work well in reality. Mainly I think the problem is it's flattness and it inhabitants inability to think outside of what they know. The Midwest gives narrow mindsets and consevative views their purchase and it hurts us very much. Most Midwesterners are overweight and scoff at ideas of acceptance for all.

It pains me to live here where Budhist, Hindu, or other mindsets are seen as a threat and not an opportunity. Most people here are hurting. Inadequate jobs, healthcare, and culture. It's butts, Trucks, and gutts world here but more than anywhere else, this is the place people need healing but also deny it.

It's been hard to come to terms with this cultural and spiritual wasteland but if you pass on the flowers in your heat to others the gods of karma pay you back.

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