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New Moon Message: 2011 the Birth of a New Humanity: Shifting Timelines and the Bible Code

Without a doubt you have been feeling, thinking and dreaming about 2011. The year that stands before the end of the old world. What will it bring? What will we create? Will the Shift take place? Would you be ready if it did?

This year is the year where experiential time will speed up so much that you will have to make choice after choice after choice. These choices, whether made consciously through the strength of your mind power or effortlessly through your intuitive hearts longing, will lead you either into another lifetime or two of being subscribed to the world of corporate gain orientated mind control, called television, or it will finally lead you into the whole new realms of relating and being part of this new One Reality. In this light 2011 is really the weighing of hearts. 2011 is the time and place where you decide which time-line you want to be part of.

The Time-line of the New Unfolding Paradigm

Reality is created in each moment, by us as an individual and as part of the collective. Quantum physics has proven this fact over and over again. This year critical mass about this knowledge will break through and this will cause a shift in our collective awareness. We will jump yet another time-line, coming closer and closer to a line where Unity can be moved into effectively. People tend to think that all people will come to know this, believe this and practice this new form of living with Life, unfortunately this is will not be true, yet. This has to do with free will and balance in consciousness at least up until the big turn is here.

In the Old Testament of the Bible, within the books known as the Torah, mathematicians and scientists discovered a coding system that has led to some startling revelations, predictions and foretelling of both past and future events on planet earth. For thousands of years there has been one golden and sacred guideline that accompanied the reproduction of the Torah; Never to change one letter, one spacing or one anything. We have now found out why. All major events that have taken place on Earth and even the less globally impactful events are to be found in the Torah, with time or dates encoded along with it. From the bomb of Hiroshima to discovery of new planets all events are encoded within the matrix called: the Bible Code, in fact everything significant that ever happened since the creation of the Torah seems to be encoded within this matrix of Hebrew coding.

What we'd like to point out in reference to the Bible code is that all events relating to the Holy Wars, the destruction of Jerusalem, the killing of millions of people, the assassination of presidents leading again to wars, the dying of millions of people because of global flu pandemics, even nuclear wars, destruction of sacred cities on earth and the start of the 3rd and final World War killing off all life have all not been fulfilled. Now you might think, 'so than this Bible Code is a fake, or at least not accurate', good observation, but if you study this work you will soon understand that we as a collective humanity have changed our destiny, we have jumped potential Time-lines and created a different outcome. Not just once or twice but we have been shifting and rearranging our collective outcome with great effect since the late 90's. We are on a ramping rage to continue to constantly change the future outcome of our collective reality and you are part of this! This is where your dreams go into.

This is what Para PachaMama is about. This is one of the purposes of our template. It allows people to make adjustments in the amount of energy they put out one way or the other. With a focus of cushioning the Shift for the ones that are still sedated or intoxicated with a dream of separateness and or fear, we feel we carry a great potential and responsibility for collective change. If you change your mind that changes outcome. If we change our minds together we change the world. Once enough people have changed their minds and our world has finally changed in the way we relate to Life, we can become one with our Earth.

This is the direction for 2011. Awakening of the 100th Monkey, the Birth of a New Humanity.

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