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OUR SEED OF LIFE ~ ** ~ "Huge were the minds that saw beyond the crashing waves to other places and other times, and powerful the dreams they took to the Old Tides. Mighty were the deeds they achieved for the families of human kind." ~ Barry Brailsford, Song Of The Old Tides Full of beautiful and inspiring cinematography, cutting edge computer animation, music and visionary art, Our Seed of Life is an epic journey across the globe inviting one and all, regardless of age or culture, to witness perhaps some of the deepest mysteries of human consciousness and hidden histories of this planet. Could it be that each of us shares in a collective consciousness uniting us with the whole of humanity? Is there a relationship between the hundredth monkey phenomenon, and what appears to be the most massive and rapid evolution in human consciousness this world has ever seen? Discover what may be the single most heroic journey a human being undertakes, and consider the possibility that each person alive embarks on this journey, placing each of us in the seat of a chose-your-own-adventure, return-to-love story! In this multicultural and compelling documentary, we explore the common denominator in our human existence, the foundation of life itself, the intelligence and beauty contained within our seed of life. To do this, we look to those on our planet, who are like the gatekeepers of life, whose voices need to be heard today and right now: our children and our elders. Once all across our world, elders and youth held the practice of sitting together as equals by the communal fire, sharing with each other ways to remember and celebrate their connection to the universe, and ways to improve and resolve aspects of everyday life. Today this dialogue is growing strong again, as we begin to see that the fresh, innate knowledge and sensitivity of the children and young adults echoes the ancient wisdom of elder traditions, as issues of war, global warming, disease, poverty, and disconnection from nature raise awareness of the necessity of an improved relationship to life and each other all together. Within this profound thread of consciousness uniting ancient past and present, Our Seed of Life offers glimpses of humanity's vast potential, and presents practical tools that can assist each of us in gaining access to it. These tools are timeless and available to all of us. For example, as we travel around the planet, we find that there are many who seem to be sharing the same wavelength of consciousness, regardless of religion, culture, age, economic status, or family upbringing. In a world in which we are often misguided by societal belief structures, it is amazing to witness millions of people committed to thinking for themselves, and following a deeper personal guidance. What do these people have in common and how do they come to share this landscape of consciousness, although often divided from each other by distance, time or other external factors? They seem to be drinking from the same fountain of wisdom, but not one subject to an external education system, rather it is more of internal faculty-which does not need to be taught. This internal faculty, this seed of life, as deep as the patterning of our DNA, and connected to it, is more or less accessed by every human being. When accessed fully, a person seems to be able to consciously navigate his or her life with ease, grace, harmony, freedom, and optimal potential. One of these exceptional tools is that of sacred geometry, life's building blocks and secret code, which fashions all form and directs all energy in existence. The ancient civilizations such as the Maya, Egyptian, Incan, Vedic, Arabic, etc. have been more than aware of its importance and in this film we will link it to its use at sacred sites, as well as its vast significance to the human body-mind complex and its role in everyday life. How and to what extent these tools aid us, we explore further in the film, guided by the voices of youth and elders that explain through a mix of first hand experiences as well as drawing from a wealth of knowledge passed down through the ages. The film will also take a look at the suggested connection between nutrition and consciousness, which is gaining more and more interest lately. Ancient societies have always used food as medicine, and today some of these valued super foods are rediscovered and entering the modern market. Health movements, such as the "raw", "vegan", "organic", etc. are recognized by health professionals and adopted by youth, or even the wealthy and influential. Fad or no fad, these foods are currently creating a powerful impact. Children diagnosed with ADD or Autism are showing remarkable improvement eating a super food loaded diet. This topic is a valuable one to the film, as these foods, which we will identify, have been used for thousands of years in clarifying body and mind, and assisting humanity in rekindling their conscious understanding of their connection to the universe, and as we will see they continue to be powerful allies today. Our Seed of Life contains a lot of exciting and heart expanding information never heard or seen by the public majority before. It is an honor and a joy for us to present it here. As the hearts and voices of the youth speak to us like prophets or wise sages, we also hear voices of a distant past surface for the first time in this modern age, to guide and comfort us at this crucial crossroads for humanity. We are primarily referring here to the Waitaha, a nation originally comprised of three tribes from various continents that came together at a time very much like today, a time of upheaval and big changes –climatic, political and spiritual, in the world, and sailed for a safe haven to establish an independent unified nation. Yes, sailed, using technology that history denies to have existed at that time. Their existence rewrites history as we know it, and solves mysteries related to Easter Island and beyond. In the end, the Waitaha settled in New Zealand and were comprised of over 200 tribes from all around the world, having developed a common language, a common ideology, and lived in peace for over 2000 years, long before the arrival of the Maori. Their history so vital to humanity was hidden and nearly wiped off. But the elders of the tribe have waited to speak and share their rich and complex oral tradition, that has found an outlet only recently through one source whose books have only recently been published in New Zealand. They were only following their prophecies, 1990 being the year when the Waitaha began to share their knowledge. We are the first film to bring it to the world, and our hope is that the public finds inspiration in their story. They are a touching example of humanity's inherent desire for peace, harmony, freedom and the evolution of consciousness. It reminds us that throughout time when corruption has interrupted the natural cycle of life, there were always those that were brave enough to listen to their inner guidance, and find new and better ways to live. Many great nations that have inspired the human heart have been built by great visionaries- United States among them. The Waitaha listened to their youth, with the same ear they listened to those traditions that stood the test of time, and so their nation grew prosperous and strong, constantly evolving. They encouraged their children to learn through the creative process, which stimulated that internal faculty of wisdom, and less by imitating. This particular subject is one of the main things that inspired our project originally and brought us this far. How we raise our children, is how we raise our nations, and everything in between – all the structures of society. So this became another important topic it the film. We explore alternative school systems and how their methods and curriculum correlates to the way ancient societies such as the Waitaha, reared their children. These schools, such as the Steiner, Waldorf, Montessori, etc., have a higher success rate than public schools, and in the course of this film we see how the creative process is honored in these educational systems. We have the greatest opportunity at this time to discover the best inside each of us and create a world we are excited to live in. Our ancients pointed out to us that life is interconnected and through the innocent perception of our children, we have the capacity to see beyond outworn or limited beliefs, so that eventually we may no longer deny the role each one of us plays in our collective experience of life. This beautiful film is dedicated to all those who courageously follow their hearts, and thus break new ground for the rest. It is humanity's time to shine and live the live we all deserve. ~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~ Our Seed of Life is a story like no other and our intention is to make it highly accessible to people from all walks of life. Flower of Life Films is committed to making films that the youngest of our children along with our grandparents can relate to and enjoy. Filmed in HD, Our Seed of Life is a multicultural film odyssey; it uses visionary art and computer animation to move beyond the talking head scenario of most documentaries. It also includes original musical scores and poetry that weave in and out as appropriate after thoughts and companions to the content. The film delights the senses and the imagination, and infuses unique, original and valuable information that inspires, uplifts, empowers and offers practical solutions rather than merely pointing out or discussing problems. In this way it also differs from other documentaries. It is not based in any dogma, it is simply an exploration, an invitation for the audience to come to their own conclusions, and take the opportunity to witness a fresh and innovative look at life, and perhaps reflect on the empowering suggestion that each one of us holds a seed to its evolution and creation. Yes, the film is loaded with information that cannot possibly fit in the regular length of a documentary. Our marketing solution is to cover the basics in the film and have the rest of the information available as chapters under the DVD menu, where with one click you can prod deeper in a subject of interest. We will use Elements For Life [

– a company that currently has over one thousand distributors around the world and growing] and the Spiritual Cinema Circle, as distribution allies. We will also present the film at influential film festivals such as Cannes, where our chief editor's last film, Whaledreamers won numerous awards, and has already made 9 million through present distribution channels. We are also looking into possible connection with Discovery, ABC, the Travel, and National Geographic channels for distribution.

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