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I am in Australia editing "Our Seed of Life" with an amazing world renowned editor Chris Liddell .
I have put my heart a soul into this film for over two years and Have been blessed with mind blowing heart expanding content graced by the spirit of love..
All the footage of this film is shot in super HD by award winning videographers . I am excited to share with you my editor is also a master 3D computer animator
who is making a next level animated journey into sacred Geometry as it applies to consciousness and the building of the universe as well as mapping the relationship between the energy lines of the earth and the human body ,Chakras -meridians etc. I know so many of us want this information and wisdom to get out to the masses in a accessible way for all.
I am in the position here where I really need need support, to complete this film I am humbly asking for the right person or persons to contribute to the finances of this film as a donation or equity ownership. My heart told me to ask you for I am certain you know the kind of people that are looking for me as well.. The last film I made was shown in 40 countries and made a nice profit ,, My editor Chris and camera man David Warth Made the movie documentary "Whales Dreamers" that film won 8 film festivals top awards and received a 9 million dollar
distribution deal... I mention this because of the reality of connections I have in the industry and the quality of the team I have
below is a short description of the film
please let me know what you think

OUR SEED OF LIFE TRAILER from adam Russel on Vimeo. Could it be that each of us shares in a collective consciousness uniting us with all of humanity? Is there a relationship between the hundredth monkey phenomenon and what seems to be the most massive and rapid evolution in consciousness this world has ever seen?
Come with us on an epic journey across the globe, in this multicultural documentary odyssey! Discover every human being's heroic journey, with each of us in the driver's seat of this choose-your-own–adventure, return to love story!
Never before have we had access to such vast amounts of information, and as we sift through the mountains of data, we have a chance to discover the common denominator, the foundation of life itself- the intelligence and beauty all contained within Our Seed of Life.
As we travel across our planet, we find that there are many who seem to share a common thread of consciousness, regardless of culture, religion, age, economic status, or family upbringing. In a world in which we are often misguided by societal belief structures, it is amazing to witness millions of people committed to thinking for themselves and following their own guidance. We seem to be drinking from the same fountain of wisdom, but it is not wisdom learned from books, it is an internal faculty - which does not need to be taught.
Our Seed of Life explores some of the most powerful tools that can assist us in accessing our internal guidance, so that we may navigate this world and our lives from a place of freedom and optimum potential. Among these is sacred geometry, the secret code of life, and the most powerful tool in rekindling our conscious understanding of our connection to the universe and all of its inhabitants. We have the greatest opportunity at this time to discover humanity's true potential and co-create a world in its reflection.

Drunvalo Melchizedek,

author of The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, among others, shares in great detail that many of the ancient civilizations' prophecies are interwoven in our lives, affecting us directly, and being fulfilled right in front of our eyes. From the most ancient of societies that without question saw the interconnection of all life everywhere, to the innocent perception of our children who have the capacity to see beyond limiting beliefs, the same wisdom is being echoed through the ages making it so that we can no longer deny the role each one of us plays in this overarching, all-encompassing dance of life.
"Our Seed of Life" is a beautiful multi-cultural film dedicated to all beings who follow their hearts and choose to no longer be deceived! It is our time to shine and live the life we ALL deserve! "Our Seed of Life" is not based in any dogma, and it is not associated with any particular belief systems. Rather it invites you as the audience to come to your own conclusions, as you take this opportunity to witness perhaps some of the deepest mysteries of human consciousness and hidden histories of our planet, unraveled and revealed before you!!

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Comment by Meir Gottlieb on December 18, 2008 at 7:50pm
Hi Adam, I'm so deeply imppressed by this post of you, that I have to express it here, right away, even before heading to your Profile page!!! Sound GORGEOUS!!! Thank you!!! Unfortunately - I'm too slow to type much more...But I wish - and will be most grateful - If You look at my page here - and also at my page in "Sara;hs immagination" site: "The never ending Universe" : -) Best regards + lots of Love! Meir
Comment by Adam Russel on December 18, 2008 at 7:17am
Aloha great to connect with you I am in Byron Bay .....I have been feeling Melbourne lately , I have never been , feeling drawn there.... Would love to see you and your art.. 04 34399132 please call me anytime
lots of love
Comment by Eliza on December 17, 2008 at 11:24pm
Hi Adam,
on behalf of the collective,
thank you and your team for making this film.
if you are in Melbourne & if you are free would love to catch up in the New Year I too have contacts so if we have a chat I may be able to point you in the direction of some people. I am a huge advocate of Drunvalos work and in fact painted the Flower of Life on our gallery wall so people could have access to the sacred geometry.
agin thank you
with love
Comment by J. Nakagawa on December 17, 2008 at 10:43am
Great post and website Adam Russel! Could you or would you be ok if I posted the Drunvalo Inerview? I like where he said,

"The children want a beautiful world to live in and they're going to get it . . . We're going to make it now for sure. There's not even a chance from a galactic scientific point of view. We have made it. We have already arrived. But it doesn't look like it. Now we have to make the "look like it part" change. But we are safe at this point, completely safe." Drunvalo Melchezidek

Maybe many little donations from a lot of people?

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