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Michele Walters Intuitive Writings 06/06/2008

Space = Light Plus Shadow
Forms = Magnetism of Density (shadow)
Shadows surrounded by light. Size and shape (No. + Geometry) = Expression of Form
i.e. Zodiac expression governed by no. stars plus shape = i.e. Scorpio/Virgo
All is constantly in motion and there is only an illusion of non movement.
Capstone or mind governs and keeps cohesion of form.
Mind consists of three parts Conscious, Sub conscious and Super Conscious
Mind connected to universal mind which reveals truth which can only be accessed via highest form of mind through a gateway linking higher mind to universal mind. Thought or thinking produces form and is what governs the future development of form. Sees into existing substrata’s of substance to reassure itself of its existence (meaning/worth in validating itself).
Form not alone but all forms together, whether micro and macro, are in community. As above so below, all is the same.
Reason for being is to journey towards the light in order to be part of the light or to grow in consciousness. Increase light in matter which is how the light becomes ‘The All’, omniscient, and omnipotent. Dual existence at present of shadow and light working towards an eventuality of only light. People think what they are told is true. Pre programmed from conception while the human brain is in theta and delta wave states to only receive data until the brain switches to alpha waves when it is able to communicate with its environment. By then tapes in place of ‘how it is’which is reinforced by the external environment. Senses reinforce beliefs and validate self.
Need to share with others and hear others points of view to realize everyone is different, yet all are looking to achieve the same end of homeostasis and balance. Equilibrium is needed to survive and this is the easiest way. Everyone must work together, not separately, in order to reach the ultimate goal of helping each other through trials and pain of being in matter. Price to pay for learning how to come to the light which follows the law of sacrifice. Matter must disintegrate in order to raise itself up to the next level of transformation. This requires faith and trust, acknowledgement of the love, spiritual masters such as Christ/Buddha/Mohammed, showed to all of humankind. To understand ultimately that we have been shown ‘the way’ via love of God (the source, or eternal being), of ourselves and of each other.
There is no quick fix. Focus and intention keeps us on ‘The Way’and it is easy to become lost. Conflict between Will and Desire with the mind dualistic between the higher mind and lower mind. Lower responds to emotions which are instinctual and higher responds to soul (love) which is the only true path. The connection from higher mind to soul occurs in the stillness of imagination. The higher and lower are often in conflict with each other as we live under the principle of harmony through conflict. To avoid pain people don’t want ‘to see’ yet it causes even further pain and suffering. Once they choose to look they can remove the suffering (not the pain) and understand where it is coming from. There is always conflict between the higher form and the lower form which can only be resolved by a third point which is the will to love. Three is the key, the crown of glory, matter is transformed by a dove (Christ consciousness) with the ability to look from above, a higher perspective, not by being in the story but above the story. This enables clear vision and understanding. Close up everything appears separate but from above the higher we go the more united it is. There is only one entity and we are all connected, it is a matter of perspective. There is a constant light within all matter that is part of the greater whole and always accessible but we must reach deep within to access it. This cannot come from outside ourselves. This is where our connection lies with the light of existence and cannot be destroyed but is freed from matter on death of the physical. Upon which time it is freed from form to re-enter the vacuum from where it came. Each light will travel according to its resonance to the source of its resonance which is dependent on the light quality which it was able to receive in matter. This light or soul particle then either awaits replacement back into form or becomes part of the light body of the greater mind working from afar as part of the ‘Mind of God’.
Each soul’s particle is imprinted with its own unique ‘sound’ or ‘vibration’, the tone it measures is dependent upon its consciousness/light quality gained through the shedding of its protective layer in form to allow light to penetrate the heart in order to manifest love in all directions. This is the nucleus of matter, its essence.
People mistakenly believe this must be protected or the pain will be too great to expose itself but the opposite is true. They must use the spiritual guides as an example but will be opposed by those who wish to remain in shadow. A humility and understanding is required knowing the truth of what awaits. Their misunderstandings and ignorance cannot be condemned otherwise we return to the polarity from which we began and the law of karma. We must continue to enter the light and connect with the greater source in order to maintain the strength and vision to navigate the murky’ waters of the three lower bodies (mental, emotional and physical illusions). From this place danger and pitfalls are clear. Misinformation is toxic to us and our environment. It is killing us and we must be prepared to be reborn to a new way in order to see to the centre through inward connection to source. This is the main thing we must learn to do, the mystics and shamans have always been the sages and soothsayers because they could do this. The time has come for every soul to learn to do this, only then can shadow be broken down and transformed into light.
We must communicate the message and show people how to do this for a modern world. Posture and breath are required in order to recognize the place within and each person will learn and know how to do this in a different way. Astrology shows their soul/personality structure and cycles of receptivity and creativity. Everyone must learn their own rhythm/sound then they will be in the eternal flow (energy wave) or stream of consciousness. They must be taught how to ‘see’ in the shadow.
As the moon reflects the sun in its cycles so do we. When it is full some people are illuminated and some are blinded and you must learn to know which cycle is best for you i.e. which one is when you are receptive and which one when you are creative (new moon or full moon). If we are not being receptive or creative we are in custom or habit and the program is running. Awareness of when we receive triggers (pain response) is the key to knowing where to look. Must be mindful of automatic responses and create mindfulness by breath and posture which is the easiest way to regain ‘mindfulness’. Check in to see what is happening to the breath and posture in order to create a new structure to work from. Structure has integrity and we can only create a new structure via mindfulness. In other words objective awareness of current structure to work out which tape is playing now. Planetary aspects show the main tapes – loudest to softest depending on the aspect. On a personality level this can be positive or negative but all is still a tape. On soul level shows rays or pathways to soul’s growth.
In order to jump into knowing we must overcome fear of the journey. We always have help once the choice is made from our spirit guides and helpers who are our soul partners.
Increase of light can repel darker forms or can attract attack however this is not our main concern as each will eventually have to choose the journey. Otherwise we will destroy ourselves and our planet via ignorance and there will be no more opportunity to grow in consciousness as it can only occur in matter. Once illuminated to a certain point we leave the need for bondage and are able to communicate via light. Masters such as Jesus, Moses, and Buddha are light beings who have come to help us evolve from our cellular structure in form to the higher consciousness of light for they are messengers of the light (love). That is why their truth survives ‘time’ as within us our light particle resonates with its truth. Human minds have distorted what is true through their intellect and need to know ‘how it is’ which always reflects their internal belief structures. It is insidious and deceptive and is in place before we consciously know it is there. Just as the words of truth remain so to we must allow these words to resonate with our inner being. To do this we must sit in the silence and ask is it true? We can discover how to not be deceived and to know truth by the following simple exercise:-
Sit in the silence and tell yourself something you know to be true – remain mindful to the body and mind, see how it feels, notice everything in your cellular structure, the response it gives. Then tell yourself something you know to be false, examine your response in the same way and you will sense a difference in the two responses. This is the gift of matter as it gives you a gauge to use to know what to be true and what to be false. You can use this method to judge truth from untruth with your existing beliefs and is a technique that is possible for all people. It is the truth within us that recognizes ‘light’ and ultimately that is what our senses are for – to know truth from lies, to enable us to have an experience in matter to grow our light by perceiving truth and receiving nourishment on all levels into our being. If this is not done we are tossed about life like a sail boat upon the sea, forever at the mercy of the prevailing circumstances. Our limitations come from our fear of limitation and lack which only leads to greed and selfishness.
Just as we must put the wipers on to see out of the vehicle in the rain so to must we use our will to remove the veil of uncertainly and doubt about our true nature. Only then can we truly know who we are. An infinite being of pure creative spirit connected to all, in all, and able to transform by choice and will in order to know the truth.
Ultimately all cause originates from Will, our Willingness to transform and whether this is done consciously or unconsciously is our choice. This is what free will is. Our deception lies in the fact that we think we are choosing consciously when in fact the choice has already been made, This decision is based on the mind of a child who decided from circumstances what responses were necessary in order to survive and validate the self.
Once choices are made consciously then we are truly able to use our vehicle (the lower three bodies of mental, emotional and physical) to assist us reach out unlimited potential through alchemy, the transformation of shadow into light.

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Comment by Michele Walters on July 23, 2009 at 2:50pm
Thank you Nina, All the best to you. Love..
Comment by Nina Adolphsson on July 23, 2009 at 3:18am
Hi Michele I loke your blog very much! Thank you!
Comment by Michele Walters on May 5, 2009 at 8:57am
Yes, unfortunately this is often how my mind works, complicated and overdone on most occasions! One of my many ramblings in an attempt to synthesis the rapid fire of my brain into a single shot! I am hopeful that eventually I may be able to weave together a single blanket that brings some comfort!
Comment by Helen M. Downs on May 4, 2009 at 10:47pm
Yeah Michele, II've only just joined and have yet to read this in full but I could imagine making you an entire website from just the information in this page. I'll go back and read the rest now, but I think I agree with Clem (G'day Clem!) All the best, Helen.

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