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Dream Message on the eclipse of 21 December 2010

I was given a very clear dream message from Spirit during the eclipse of 21 December 2010.


I was told simply and directly :

                   "The whole purpose of life in matter is to REMEMBER who we are.

                    To discover the TREASURE within is to know our TRUTH and to RECONNECT to the ALL".


Love and blessings for a remembering of SPIRIT and a RENEWAL of Intention in 2011.





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Eclipse Poem

May the Winds of Time
Flow through your Mind
Like the Waves of the Sea
Flowing Endlessly.

Bring your breath back to me
So that you may be able
to see your reflection
in the night's symphony.

Ask to follow the path
in the crater of the Moon
revealed in the bright aftermath
of the Sun's knowing tune.

May we be as one
in our journey of truth
planted in the love of another
Mother Gaia, Mother earth.

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For anyone who may be interested this is the name of a new journal that is starting up called Archai, the Journal of Archetypal Cosmology. The website is here: The premier issue is coming out within a couple of weeks. Here is an extract from their website about the new edition:

"The premier issue of Archai will be available in spring 2009. Featuring major new work from Richard Tarnas and Stanislav Grof, this first issue will provide a comprehensive introduction to… Continue

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Michele Walters Intuitive Writings 06/06/2008

Space = Light Plus Shadow

Forms = Magnetism of Density (shadow)

Shadows surrounded by light. Size and shape (No. + Geometry) = Expression of Form

i.e. Zodiac expression governed by no. stars plus shape = i.e. Scorpio/Virgo

All is constantly in motion and there is only an illusion of non movement.

Capstone or mind governs and keeps cohesion of form.

Mind consists of three parts Conscious, Sub conscious and Super Conscious

Mind connected to universal mind which… Continue

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. This is a poem I wrote after my first shamanic journey.

“Up, up I rise

Like the eagle I soar

From the valley

The curves sound

And return from the round

Sun and Moon

All we are

Is reflected in time

From above we can see

Our truth

In the eternal

Rhythm of Life

My feet touch the ground

As I fly in the sky

My shadow extends

Through the passing wind

I can feel the… Continue

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Dream Journal 28 November 2007

This dream was very powerful to me and as soon as I awoke from the dream I felt as if I was still in a type of meditative state and was able to continue the information while awake which I had not done in previous dreams.

The dream itself was very short and in the dream I could feel a Plutonic Energy (from the planet Pluto) which seemed very real. This energy which I felt was being sent forth into space which in the dream represented ‘The Mother’.

This feeling was very… Continue

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