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As the Source of all, God is not stagnant, it is continuing to grow through an inner awareness to become more expansive and more of its own Self. The Source is collectively a part of everything and yet It is still a force unto Itself. It seeks to gain greater experiences through the process of materialization and It expands not only into the past but also into the limitless future. Because It is the Source of all things, It has experienced all there is to know about everything so It has become Omniscient.

We have a unique agreement with this intelligence because on a celestial level, our consciousness (being one with Universal consciousness) has collaborated together so that we may garner increasingly more experiences in the form of being. Our Higher Selves have the duty of gathering up these collective experiences and guiding us throughout countless lifetimes so that we may gain further insight for the Source upon which we will return. Therefore, our evolutionary goal is to identify and become one with the Source of which we are made. This will allow us to expand our purpose so that we are able to appreciate the enormity of what we are. The first step is to acknowledge that we are the Source through the living spirit within our being.—Dr. Peter C. Rogers, Ultimate Truth: Book I

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