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Cosmic Mind is the unadulterated Mind of God. In Theosophy, it is the sum total of all Divine and spiritual intelligences. It is the essence from which all things manifests. Hence, nothing can exist without being an aspect of this consciousness. In his writing on “Cosmic Mind in the Microcosm” Rudi Jansma says; “In the creation story of the Vishnu Purana, the first thing to manifest at the beginning of our cosmic cycle is Cosmic Intelligence (Mind). From this Cosmic Intelligence emanates the individual intelligences of all existing entities in the Universe. In men and women it manifests as human intelligence, the human mind. But it also appears as the intelligent influence in all of nature's kingdoms, visible and invisible.” All Universal order, laws and designs emanates from this vast intelligence. In terms of creation, first the thought exists within the Mind and from there manifestation occurs given the right set of circumstances. This is the process for bringing anything into creation on any level. The Cosmic Mind of God first desires to know itself in the form of a galaxy, a star, or a planet and from that inclination; it simply becomes that which it desires. The entire Multi-verse consisting of untold diversity and countless hues and shades of dimensionality all happen in the Cosmic Mind of God. This creative process is the express design of all consciousness to include you and I. We are the unique individuated expression of this all encompassing Mind. It is spirit manifested in human form. But, the Cosmic Mind entails so much more than this. It is also, the sum total of all things, all energies and manifestations, all forms, subtle and unpleasant, sacred and ordinary. It is the prevailing condition which in its subtlest form is undifferentiated Pure Consciousness which is the primordial substance from which the myriad forms of existence emerge. Simply put; Mind is All.

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