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En el límite

Ayer recibí esta canalización y quería compartirla con vosotros con todo mi Amor...Nyako Nakar


Se escuchaban a lo lejos

Unos sonidos extraños

Que nadie reconocía

Ni siquiera los ancianos.

Las madres miraban

Hacia el gran cielo

Para escuchar la voz del Creador

Los hombres organizaban una… Continue

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Full Moon June 7th by Silvan Zulle

And once again we will meet each other on a Full Moon that

is coming closer. This Full Moon will take place June 7^th

(7:13 p.m. London time -- please adjust your local time).

Last time we had a Full Moon in Scorpio this time we enjoy

a Sagittarius Moon. So this is a Fire Moon with potential of

enthusiasm, independency, optimism, future orientation and

sense for the questions in life and humanity. Don't overdue

it, because that is a "shadow" aspect of… Continue

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Interesting interview with Drunvalo

1. 2009 May 24 MarkH Galactic and Earth Update Posted by: "Steve Beckow" frstcntct Sun May 24, 2009 9:04 pm (PDT)

While most of us are taking a much needed breather from the intensity of recent energetic waves--including today's Chiron-Jupiter-Neptune Triple Conjunction activations--events continue to move us forward.

Obama is having a Remotely Viewing Interaction with several astronauts while he is at Camp David. Rama talked to Tom-the-Ring-Tailed… Continue

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Using the Mind to Heal the Heart

Using the Mind to Heal the Heart

By Laura Fine, H.H.P., M.F.T., M.A., A.E.A.

In Saint Exupery’s The Little Prince, he states, "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye." The heart is not just a physical organ, it is an energy center, a place of consciousness, a space of expanded awareness of the existence of essence, the essence of the universe which is love, that lives and pulsates inside of us. It is our most natural… Continue

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Writing about women's emotions in abusive and codependent relationships

Already, I have written about the domestic violence issue in my poetry. I am starting a website for the women to submit their work, I already know how difficult it is to acknowledge what you have been through. It is time to express your feelings. Those emotions cannot remain bottled up inside.

I wanted to write the words that would motivate, even inspire other women to leave. My writing would have to get through to even the hardest of hearts and break through all those walls. It had… Continue

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Music and Spiritual Practice - An Overview of Poligraf (part 4)

(The Wheel of Becoming - Symbolic Representation of Saṃsāra in Tibetan Buddhism)

Poligraf's first album is entitled "Samsara." Traditionally, the term refers to the Buddhist concept of the cycle of birth and death in which all beings in the universe take part and which can be escaped only through enlightenment. Personally, I agree with the view that it is rather that very same process of… Continue

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Three new crop circles



Photobucket Continue

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Music and Spiritual Practice - An Overview of Poligraf (part 3)

Poligraf has been an essential part of my life since its inception at the beginning of February 1998.

The adventure began after the collapse of a band that probably never really existed as it only had a handful of rehearsals, but for which I had already written a lot of material. Left alone at the helm, I connected with a group of experienced musicians via a co-worker friend and after agreeing on a general aim and formula, we raised sail… Continue

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Music and Spiritual Practice - An Overview of Poligraf (part 2)

(Buddha the Conqueror by Nicholas Roerich)

Buddhism has been an essential part of my life since the mid-90s.

The adventure began when I stumbled upon a feature in an encyclopedic dictionary that highlighted the Four Noble Truths. That finding immediately sparked my curiosity and a few days later I was buying a copy… Continue

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Eight Spiritual Universal Principles in the Art of Practice

Eight Spiritual Universal Principles in the Art of Practice

By Laura Fine, H.H.P., M.F.T. degree, M.A., A.E.A.

As hands-on healers, massage therapists, body workers, we have tremendous responsibility and great opportunity to provide our client’s with an experience of touch that can have a profound impact on their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. This experience begins the moment the client sets up the appointment. The energetic anticipation on the part of… Continue

Added by LionheartWest Energy Healing on May 18, 2009 at 12:56pm — 1 Comment

Music and Spiritual Practice - An Overview of Poligraf (part 1)

Music has been an essential part of my life since the end of the 80s.

The adventure began during the second of my four years of studying electrical engineering at Université Laval in Québec City. Through various friends and contacts I reconnected with progressive rock, a form of music to which I had already been exposed to in my youth thanks to my older brothers and sisters. Hearing the music of bands such as Yes, Rush, Genesis, and King… Continue

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Crafts for Children


My name is Doris Anne Beaulieu and I’d like to this time to talk to mail order companies and parents.

To parents I have a wonderful craft book for your child to give his or her teacher at the end of the school year. My Easy and Inexpensive Holiday Classroom Crafts for Teachers book is truly a gift that will forever keep giving from year to year, holiday after holiday. It’s a craft book for developing creative minds. This book will tell you what items you will need for each… Continue

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Grandfather Martin explains Colorful Drawings

On a "free afternoon" during the Return of the Ancestors - Apr 18-28 we decided to visit the Hopi Mesas just as individual tourist. We drove around the Hopi Mesas for a bit when our car was stopped by a couple of barking dogs. To make a long story short, as the dogs were barking in front of our car, a woman came up to our car. She asked if we'd help her dig out her car stuck in the sand. We said ok and walked over to a shed. The next thing I know Grandfather Martin is handing us shovels. After… Continue

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crop circle

In the 9 of May appear this fantastic crop circle in a town from uk, Clatford.

I think its a beautiful one, very special and I made my version in 3 dimensions, just sharing it with you..LOve NN…



Added by Nyako Nakar on May 15, 2009 at 10:35am — 2 Comments


AN UPDATE FROM LAST SATURDAY: THIS I HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT!: Spent last night visiting my friend Julia Gerard, who owns a clothing store for over 25 years in LA called The Peace Gallery.. She's a really cool person.. very creative and powerful and a leo.. she outfits many celebrities in showbiz.. including Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney who was in last week praising her conscious/thought provoking clothing designs with the Peace symbol.. In partnership with her, is her boyfriend Sirius Trixon -… Continue

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Queen Mother PooNaa's Sunrise Ceremony.. THe Hopis and the Cool Syncronicity that transpired....


Having major ROTA cermonial "withdrawl"- like the rest of you.. - I woke up last Saturday at 3:30am to attend Queen Mother Poo Naa of Ghana's Sunrise Ceremony to give back with my friend Tara. (See pic attached and/or visit her website at

We arrived in pitch blackness to Santa Monica Will Rogers State Beach. It was quite beautiful and… Continue

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Underwater by Sareena (April 2009)

I am Breathing

I am finally breathing again

There is no pause

No closed door

No locked cage

I watch the clock on the wall

How many years has it taken me

To Breathe,

To Open Up My Mouth

to Speak

to Scream

to Cry

to weep

I am Here

I have found the Salt behind my shadow

My mouth Opens-look at that

I have a Voice

I have a Right

To Walk this Planet

Wherever I want

My breath fills the… Continue

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Esta fue la pregunta que les hice a mis guías antes de partir al Gathering de Arizona:

- ¿Cuál ha de ser mi actitud en el evento?

Y esto es lo que respondieron:



Mi hermano de luz, se paciente, deja que la energía te envuelva y te ayude a encontrar el camino.

Vive en el… Continue

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Flower of Life Workshop - May 2009, Tokyo

In Japan the first few days of May are called Golden Week and most of the country takes a holiday at the same time. I used my three days off to attend a flower of life workshop facilitated by Paul Knighton here in Tokyo.

All I can say is that it was a life changing experience. I had practiced the MerKaBa meditation for a few months on my own before attending the workshop but felt I was definitely missing some pieces to the puzzle. The workshop most definitely provided those pieces… Continue

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En donde todo empieza

En donde todo termina

En el punto cero

En donde todo descansa

En el ojo del Águila

En su nido en el desierto

Se escucha un murmullo lejano

Todo tiembla

Cada uno encuentra su… Continue

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