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Visionary Artist Sherab Khandro Speaks On Meditation

The blending of East and West through the art of
American Artist Sherab Khandro

Painter, sculptor, speaker and writer, it is Sherab Khandro's deepest wish to nourish and inspire the hearts of others through her work with spiritual arts. Formally trained by Tibetan masters, Sherab Khandro brings expression to the sacred through images from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.
Using the neo-impressionist style of pointillism in her paintings, tiny dots of color create rich and vibrant imagery. With each stroke of the brush comes a prayer of compassion. Each dot, offered as a jeweled universe, a prayer to the Buddha to end suffering in the world.
Her sculptures can be seen as a part of sacred Buddhist monuments called stupas and in private collections. She served many years as the spiritual Arts director for Tibetan Buddhist centers in Maryland and Arizona.
Speaking and teaching on the nature of her work, her technique and it's impact both globally and personally, she engages and inspires groups large and small.
Fifteen years as a Buddhist nun in the Tibetan tradition she brings profound spiritual training to all of her work. She is committed to living from her heart and inspires others to do the same.
"As world citizen's, we have an opportunity, quite possibly a responsibility, to bring our best qualities forth for the benefit of all. Giving birth to the deepest aspirations of our hearts, through our words and our deeds. My art is my voice, I speak of loving kindness, compassion and peace."
-Sherab Khandro

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