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The Complimentary Works of Drunvalo Melchizedek and Nassim Haramein by Jamie Janover
I had the great opportunity to attend the Delegate Program of Nassim Haramein presented by Jamie Janover this past weekend. I also have had the great opportunity to participate and become an ATIH teacher of Drunvalo's work this year.
I wanted to attend this program to enrich and deepen my own awareness of this material that compliments Drunvalo's work so perfectly.
The Delegate program was a very positive influence on understanding with even more clarity then before, the interconnectedness of all life everywhere, through the same patterns that replicate themselves through out the Universe. As an Artist I can recognize shapes and patterns much faster than I can recognize math equations. This presentation by Jamie Janover will give you a practical understanding of the mechanics of the Universe. You don't have to be brilliant with math or physics to glean a wealth of information in a compacted 3 day period.
I highly recommend this work with the resonance project. The future is now...
Robert Dakota

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