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Our modern World Culture is facing the greatest challenges of our known collective existence. The integral structure of human kinds' history is unraveling and we will need to utilize all of our means to recreate a New Earthly Planetary Culture that supports co-existence with
 Mother Earth & Living in the Heart. 

World ViewZ LLC was officially established in 2004 and has been the heart's dream of Robert Dakotas' soul vision for creating and recreating positive change on our planet 
Mother Earth
 through the many different forms of alternative media and healing techniques available.

Sacred Earth “Her Story in the Making” will go on tour in 2010 to various cities to stimulate “Organic Networking” and to continue the documentary filmmaking of Sacred Earth “Her Story in the Making”. To date the destinations include: starting in Sedona, then going to NYC, Miami, LA, & Tokyo. This is an invitation to get involved in a movement through Alternative Media and Visionary Art. This is an invitation to participate wherever you are now.

Sacred Earth “Her Story in the Making” is a Multi~Cultural~Media experience in Visionary Art. Designed from the title of my good friend, National Geographic Photographer Martin Gray’s book “Sacred Earth”, and the second half of the title “Her Story in the Making” coming from Robert Dakota’s 5 years of filming journeys with Drunvalo Melchizedek; journey’s to Peru, Japan, Bali, Southwest, New Zealand, Kauai, Maui, Guatemala, Easter Island, Tahiti, Moorea, and Patagonia. This is an Alternative Media experience and Documentary of journey’s to remote regions of the world documenting the landscapes, sacred sites, featuring interviews with women and elders. Having the purpose to inspire multi~cultural co-operation to initiate a New Earthly Planetary Culture utilizing the best attributes from all traditions and cultures to generate new perspectives by illuminating imagery from our Sacred Earth combined with the highest qualities of mankind found within Art.

Contribute to World ViewZ by Donation Gift all good causes require material energy in combination with ethereal energy. If you feel called to donate in that way, we greatly appreciate your interest and willingness to contribute to these efforts. We are open to receive. All donations are received with great gratitude.

Be a Sponsor for this Tour and Documentary
For More Information about
Sacred Earth “Her Story in the Making” go to

We have four web-sites in operation to get the word out about our project and to bring support to our sponsors creating
cross-promotional, mutually beneficial relationships. Traveling to places like NYC, Miami, LA, and Tokyo presents a unique opportunity to create intimate one to one connections. There are other projects in the works to be announced as tour dates are confirmed.
Robert Dakota
World ViewZ Founder and Visionary Artist
worldviewz and sedonaconnections channel at

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