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From Sedona to the People of Japan ~ Silent & Guided Meditation Wednesday 3.23.11 Part I

From Sedona to the People of Japan

Silent & Guided Meditation for the People of Japan
Wednesday March 23rd, 2011 6~9pm PMT

Sherab Khandro guides this group meditation dedicated to sending loving prayers in support of Japan and Her People.
We had 4 Grandmothers from Tokyo here with us for the Spring Equinox 2011, a trip planned in January that they decided they wanted to complete and that it was important for them to come to the sacred land of Sedona especially at this time. I was deeply moved by there courage to come here in spite of all the things that are happening in their home country. I refer to them as Grandmothers only because of the stage in life they are at. They have already entered the fourth cycle of life and weather or not they physically have their own Grandchildren they are now Grandmothers because of the wisdom a woman holds in her fourth cycle; the honored position of “ Grandmother”.

The culture of Japan is so deep and spiritually eloquent a true jewel on our planet. The Japanese people are so resilient and poised amidst very extreme circumstances. They need our continued help and support. We can not let them down. What happens to them, happens to us….
If any one culture on the planet has the courage to face and overcome such critical circumstances perhaps it is only Japan. What will be changed is the way we casually take our energy consumption and where it comes from for granted.

We dedicate this clip to the People of Japan for their healing and recovery. May they be protected and blessed during this tense time. Grant them solutions to the immediate dangers of nuclear radioactivity. May Mother Earth be calm and soothed granting the people peaceful calm. Thank you for all those risking their lives!

This event happened spontaneously and flowing on very short notice because a group of people offering their piece of the mosaic came forward very fast with everyone in unison saying yes I will do something to help the
People of Japan.

Here are the people that all said yes immediately to creating this gathering:
for March 23rd, 2011 Japan Meditation

7 Centers Yoga

Robert Dakota

Yuko Ito

Nana Suzuki
Sedona Heart Japan Relief Fund

Sherab Chandro

Mark Short

Creative Printing

Sedona City Of Lights

Sedona Events

Four Corners E Newsletter

Ani Williams

Three Trees

Drunvalo Melchizedek

Steve Schliebs

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