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This fantastic text is from a young man from Mexico name KAI

The magnetic structure of the earth is composed of several energy vortexes and portals that give life to everything that exists. These vortices maintain the vital balance on the beloved Earth, as well as those responsible for directing the energies and codes coming from the universe, and to anchor them in all living beings, so in that way, life is expressed and maintained.

There are several magnetic grids on Earth, however, at the moment and we must focus our energies on the Cosmic Christ Grid and the Grid of the Magnetic Vital points, as they are the ones that need our work to balance and reunify them.

The Cosmic Christ Grid, is the grid for the new consciousness of humanity, it is the one that will hold the collective consciousness over the next few millennia, a consciousness based on love and unity. This Grid is the one that was activated in the Summer Solstice of 2008 and which are establishing now, for as we open our hearts and consciences, we will reconnected with her and so, fully enter the consciousness of the new humanity.

The Grid of the Magnetic Vital Points,is a more earthly grid. This one is extended over all the earth subterranean ground and is responsible for maintaining life and energy flow on the planet. One could say that is to Earth what the system of chakras is for the human body. Is the grid that holds together in a symbiotic society , all living beings, including human beings. Is the grid that regulates life processes on Earth. It is this grid to which animals and plants are linked to regulate their cycles.

Have you ever wondered how it is that the animals know the precise moment at which to begin their reproductive processes and migration? if they do not know the schedules or dates, or time, neither calendars. Well, it's because time is an invention of the Human. Life on Earth is governed by this magnetic grid, which emits pulses indicating the exact moment in which to start their migration and reproductive processes. Those Pulses are Sonic tones, recognized by living beings, which have different sequences, which are interpreted as commands to start natural processes.

In fact, humanity could live a healthier life, more organic and natural rather than be guided by the schedules and time clocks; they would tune with their whole body to the pulsations of the magnetic grid. Then, both physical and mental illnesses would no longer exist, since the human being, no longer would work against their natural processes. That is how the ancient and native peoples lived; they would regulate cycles of crops and the way in which their bodies healed, guided by the wise and holy Pachamama pulse.

In the present day, with the change of eras and the restoration of the Cosmic Christ Grid of Unity and the gradual destruction of the Collective mental grid (the old grid, the grid of the old energy) it is necessary to heal and re-balancing of the Magnetic Vital Points Grid (call it the natural grid) with the cosmic spots of the Cosmic Christ Grid, for it is this imbalance that is causing Dolphins and whales to get stranded and dying, and migrating birds losing their way, as this natural grid , had been connected for 13, 000 years to the old grid and as such this mental grid collapses, the natural grid loses points of support and connection, as both are intimately linked. As they operate in the same way that does the human body and the chakra system in conjunction with our light body or Merkaba. The Merkaba completely surrounds us, regulate our consciousness and connection to the Universe, while our chakras are located internally in our bodies and regulate our body processes.

The human being is like Mother Earth in terms of its energy structure is concerned, and the human energy structures are interconnected to the structures of the Earth, namely, the Cosmic Christ Grid and the Natural Grid, understanding our bodies, we can understand the universe around us.

Therefore, it is so necessary to balance and heal the Natural Grid, reconnect it to the magnetic spots of the Cosmic Christ Grid and begin the process of healing of Mother Earth and Animal Brothers and Sisters. Guided by our heart and with the help of the Beloved Cetacean we shall succeed!

Today (June 3), I was shown by the Brother and Sister Cetaceans, that currently, because of the testing being carried out underground in the Pacific Ocean and South Atlantic, there are points of the Natural grid that are l in total unbalance, These unbalances generate negative vortexes, since such experiments rip and break the structure of the Natural Grid, causing a huge unbalance in the Beloved Mother Gaia.

It is as if our bodies receive a bullet impact, the human body is torn apart physically as well as energetically. Mother Earth is the same. What makes us think that the continuing explosions will not cause harm to the Earth?

How is it possible that the being who is supposedly the only mammal with intelligence, is the only one destroying Mother Earth? The only home we have, the loving being that gives us life! And why? In the pursuit of power? So they can control the rest of their brothers?

.... The Human Being is the only mammal with the ability to reason mathematically, but has so far been unable to reason with his heart, unable to connect to the true wisdom and real life.


Now I say, the New Earth will not come magically from nowhere. Nor will be already built for us by the Cosmic Beings from other planets. Nor will the Ascended Masters either.

WE ARE ITS BUILDERS AND CO CREATORS, As We are the inhabitants of this planet we are the guardians of Life on Earth.

Brothers and Sisters, dream!

Dream for yourselves. Do not expect anyone to tell You what to do or show You the Way. You are able to find Your own reconnection, Your very own upward spiral that leads to the Cosmic Consciousness. Because we all can! We are ALL healers, we are all Divine. The fact that there are channelers and healers that are well known, does not mean you are unable to channel or heal as well, or that You’ll need those same channelers give You the power to find Your very own divinity and divine gifts that YOU are already carrying in Your DNA.

Visualize that the New Earth is alive, that there is a beautiful place full of light and love where all animals are present, where the Cetaceans are present and we all share their knowledge and wisdom through their songs.

Dream! Believe it is possible that perhaps it was impossible until now!

Put aside for a moment, all the pain that has being dragged for so long. Stop postponing your awakening based on having to heal past lives, present traumas and physical illnesses. All that vanishes when we allow ourselves to vibrate in the heart, when we allow our beloved Mother Gaia embrace Us and Our Beloved Father guide us from within our heart.

Brothers and Sisters, dream! daily, build the New Earth. That the New Earth will come alive with Your dreams.

As we dream, we create. And as we create, we heal our soul and we reconnected to our being, and all that now prevents us from dreaming, disappears as if by magic. Because there is no pain when we vibrate in love with all your Being. Dare to make the jump, stop fighting against yourself and allow Yourselves into the infinite flow of life.

Allow Yourself to believe.

Believe in what we ever thought possible, when you were a kid, when you believed in fairies, angels and Divine Magic. Everything used to feel so easy, right? Because it is SO. Do not be dragged into the consciousness of NO from the old energy. That old elite consciousness in which only a few are chosen. Let yourself be carried away by the consciousness of the YES of the New Energy and the New Earth, anything is possible! WE ARE ALL DIVINE, WE ARE ALL CHOSEN! We're all in this sacred moment on Mother Earth to make a difference, to create the new world!

We are all divine beings, strong and courageous who chose to incarnate at this time because we're confident in our strength, because we know (but sometimes forget) that, within our hearts lies all the wisdom of the universe.

Allow Yourself to see beyond. Close your eyes and see with your inner spiritual eyes, a magical world, with clean skies. Pink clouds, cascades of bright colors, green fields full of flowers. Oceans full of dolphins, whales and, multicolor fish, fields full of magical animals, birds, brightly colored phoenix and a united humanity without borders, where Love is the language that expresses the unity which enables us to share and enjoy hand by hand, every day.

Imagine, create, make it a reality with all the force of your intention.

And while you are here, above the earth. With your feet touching the surface of Mother Gaia, direct your love towards her, to all animals and especially towards the Beloved Cetaceans, Dolphins and Whales, who have helped us throughout the existence and for the last 13 000 years, They have being taking care of the Natural grid, but ... they are tired, they need support, they need love.

Is this love that will go to Mother Gaia to heal the tearing spot in the Natural Grid, and, at the same time, connect it to the Cosmic Christ grid. It's simple to do, always the most powerful tool is love and intention. Those are the solid bases of creation.

So, Brothers and Sisters, are You ready to take on your own power? To start the work for which you chose to incarnate at this time on this earth?


I invite you all to devote a moment to the Mother GAIA and the Cetaceans, turning Your attention to the grid and with all Your most loving intent, visualize that this the unbalances are now healed, and that the Beloved Cetaceans are the right way through the Sacred Pulse Natural Grid.

Send all Your love and gratitude to these wonderful and wise Beings, the Beloved Cetaceans that over the millennia have helped and guided us with his wise singing and their language of light. Now is our turn to help!



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