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the 7th Day of the Maya, Unity and the Monkeys.

Beautiful World!

What a momentum has been build up over the last month and a half. Never before have we witnessed so many different tribes, troupes, groups, organizations and inspired individuals pulling together Unity focused events and gatherings. With the social media networking potential now being open and ready for everyone, beautiful individual souls feel this strong inspiration to start the gathering of like minded people in their, region, country or just simply in similar resonating fields of perceiving our worlds reality.

There is something stirring on the planet that is big, it is growing in numbers everyday and is changing the way we live with Mother Earth forever. It is so important to be seeing this side of the Shift, because too often it is just too easy to subscribe, again, to the drag,the angst that lies in making big changes. And are we making changes?! Ah, well just the most important one in the entire existence of
humanity on planet earth...

Yes, the time frame that we are in now, the golden window, is an opportunity to walk into the new reality with ease and confidence. This time is the start of the 7th day that the Maya speak of so eloquently. In the first part of this day, that lasts a little over a year, it is relatively easy to step into the lighter form or way of looking at the world and how we can 'fix' or change our collective future. This knowledge is now being used, big-time. What better time than Now to get involved in collective efforts that work from intention, that come from the heart and are aimed at unity or unconditional love.

Unity consciousness... It is that word that sort of means a lot, but we have not fully embraced it, yet. Some are still objecting to it from an intellectual point of view, because it just doesn't make sense... Well, that's the tricky part of shifting consciousness, the new unity perception of reality is not sense, it is being. It is not thinking from
the brain, it is feeling, or better even, dreaming from the heart.

Is it fair to say that we could all agree that the mind does not fully understand this unity yet. No wonder that it doesn't. The mind / brainoperates on this perceptional level called duality. Good and bad, love and hate, truth or false. Yes, that need to judge, label and distinguish things in order to get through life. How could you dualize

Fortunately people intuitively know, because it is part of the remembrance process, that work or involvement on the level of unity, transcends all levels of our current polarity consciousness and might possibly be an answer to our collective situation on planet earth. Surely the polarity solutions we have tried over the last 50 years haven't done any good, we're still sliding downhill with no brakes on the car.

It is a bit of a mind wrap at first, but putting our self in a state of unity awareness or feeling, creates a state of being where there is no debate, there is no judgment. In that place we need to change nothing, do nothing different, be nothing different, we simply are. Though the mind does not really like that last idea neither, if you do this sincerely from within your heart, youwill get an experience that is so real, so good, it allows you to experience that state of being. That is unity. It is that feeling of shivers across your back, your hairs tightening on your head, goosebumps and electrifying vibrations running through your body. Something energetically is happening and it is real, your head cannot deny it.

Now, the following is the part where the brain says, "aaaah..I think I get it.". When we collectively all start doing this; moving from our duality brainset into our unity heart, and thousands all over the world are rising to their feet with this, than we collectively shift away from war, from hate, from greed. Then with that knowing fully about the
100th Monkey Effect and how conscious intend affects reality for the collective, we might just be witnessing one miracle after the other; bang, bang, bang, peace here, peace there, real healing of peoples life's here, real healing of nations and peoples there.

This is the step we have to make. From the head, duality, into the heart, into unity. It seems irrational, illogical, but if you really listen to that feeling inside, you know this works, your heart has always known this. The Hopi, the Maya, they all say the same thing: The longest journey man will ever make, is from his head back to his heart.

The 7th day has started and this window you're in now is the time to do this work with much greater ease than when you wait another year, let us suggest that that is perhaps why you have just read this.

Life is amazing. Embrace.

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