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The 4 races

There is a prophesy that the Great Spirit gave the four major races a gift,
the black people received the gift of the water,
the white people received the fire, the red people the earth,
and the yellow people received the wind, and then all the four races
went in different directions, and used and misused their talents.
The Great Spirit also said, there will be a time when all the races will
come back together, and put their talent in the very center,
so it can be used by the others in a good way,
that is when the fifth element will be uncover…. And the time is now…

The time has come for the people of the earth to come together
in a good way, and put their talents for the highest good of everyone,
the water represents the emotional body, the fire is the mind,
the earth is our physical body, the planet earth, the land,
and the wind is the spirit, and all together form what we call being human.

Human beings have many realms within the self, some of these realms
people are not aware of, yet if you see human beings as a whole then
everything will begin to make sense, even when people are not aware of it,
just like in the same way the geese fly together, as one single spirit,
so it is as a human being, this is the spirit of God-dess, as one…

Human beings for long have been out of their nature,
of his/her own humaness spirit, and created different ways to see themselves,
according to a back ground, according to a religion or tradition,
according to an environment that leads them to a different beliefs,
and they began to feel separated from each other, and felt good in creating so
many differences, and those differences became an identity,
a false image of the self, a false image of what a human being is truly….

For so long this human being has moved so far away from nature,
they went into self destructive behavior, and created wars with each other,
and separation and destruction is everywhere, for in their own way,
a self destructive force was taking place, for they feel separated within the self,
a fragmented self, that didn’t recognize themselves anymore as a
true human being, for the traditions, religions, backgrounds, languages,
created a gap, and limited the minds of the people,
in such a deep manner Now is the time for the integration of the self,
so human beings can recognize that there are many other realms,
as the multidimensional being that the human being really is,
and in the reflection in the outside of this incredible journey of being human
is the bonding and understanding of all the races of the world together,
in the inside.

Who will win? Who is the boss? Is it the mind, the fire?
Is it the emotional body, the water, Is it the earth,
or maybe the wind as a spirit?

Here is the situation, when human beings are able to see
themselves as a whole, as a complete being, that will be the big winning.
This is the time of the ascension, and human being is on an
incredible journey reaching themselves, reaching who they truly are,
recognizing themselves as a perfect being,
as a daughter and son of the Father Mother God,
and in this incredible journey, they need to begin to see themselves as a whole….

What has happened to the people and why are that they are so
afraid to see beyond their, cultural beliefs that has limited and
enslaved their minds for such a long time?

On this journey being human, a battle came into being inside of the people,
are human beings slaves their emotions, their heart?
Are they are so afraid of love ?
Does human being destroy the land, and themselves creating in that
way a self destructive way of living?
Does the mind wanted to possess and control everything through
the limitations based on a cultural belief?
Did the spirit get so broken that it gave up and does not believe
anymore in self?

Maybe I am late for the party, when I arrive here in USA ,
there were all these addictions of the system already into being,
a history, a herstory was already written, and created a big hurt
between the races, or as my beautiful sister said,
“maybe you are just in time for the new party”,
and this is the time where human beings are able to come
together as one, as an integrated self.
I am not sure about this party thing, I do believe in human beings.
In my connection with the Great Mother,
I listen carefully of what she is saying,
I born as a Mexican and as a woman, yet the journey have taken me
to move the identity, into many realms,
I have been everything, and everyone, I am you……
and still be “me”, …and so are you.

The new world is at hand, and human beings will uncover
the true human being inside of the self, and this is the time of the quickening,
so human being is ready to embrace who they are as a whole,
and learn to relate in a different manner, with the environment,
within each other, and the most important within the self.
And if we see this “process” in a country where all the races are together,
is very interesting to find out how is working in the outside
and making the reflection in the inside and inside as a reflection
to the outside.

For long time in the history, human being thought that freedom
needed to be fought for, not recognizing the freedom within,
as a right of being human, for long time human beings thought
that justice was something that the governments of the world
needs to provide to the people, instead of recognizing justice
inside of the self, now is the time to question What people have done
with their mind? People have become slaves of their own mind…
and thinking the land is there to use and abuse, is also being represented
by the women, for it is the land that bears life, that give life, sustains life,
and in the distorted mind way of thinking, the women were seen
as possessions and controlled, then the distortion of the communities
began to happen when the women that represents the virtual reality,
began to create a reality based on pain, truly a community’s happiness
will be according of how the women feels, “if mama is not happy
nobody is happy”.

The system has been creating and recreating based on
the wrong beliefs of human beings, human beings think that
the most important thing is the mind and has created a
slavery way of thinking, they value themselves
according of what they have, and posses,
the valorization of human being created the big Fall of the human being,
and then of course, many religions or traditions,
were created according to the false belief that
human beings are nothing but imperfect beings,
that has created a system that enslaves, manipulates,
destroys the true human being.

Now, human beings are in the process of enlightenment,
it is reaching a point where they need to see themselves in a different manner,
as whole, and to relearn, to remember, the ways of the true human being,
where the way to relate one to another is through respecting
each other ways.

The time where the broken mind, the limited mind,
the distorted mind, making the choices is gone….
Now the choices are being made by an integrated being,
ready to embrace who they are in the inside and
reflect that one into the manifestation tin their outside.

In lakesh


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Comment by riad zioui on March 30, 2010 at 11:05am
magnifique message pour chaque etre humain qui onpas encor trouver une reponse a leur soufrance mes craseb a ce message chaqu in pouras trouver une payes d espris

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