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Second Full Moon Tuning through Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth

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As time progresses and our Full Moon comes in sight we, at Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth, have come to learn even more about the significant alignments and energies that can be illuminated during this particular Full Moon/ Equinox event.

The following are relevant excerpts from an article written by Rob Hart
from Australia, published in the Connect Magazine. To read the full
length article click here. (Pictures added by Para Pachamama ~ Spirit
of Earth)

"This is a big month. There’s a zero degrees Aries full moon exactly on the
Equinox, when the Sun aligns with the Equator at zero degrees Libra.
This is the line of cardinal polarity. Here’s a picture: on the evening of Thursday 23rd September, as the full moon rises in the east at 0 degrees Aries, the sun is setting in the west at 0degrees Libra. And both Sun and Moon are in exact alignment with the equator.

If you could view this from space it would be quite spectacular, but even from an earthly perspective, if you find a hill where you can look to both the eastern and western horizons at that magic moment when the Sun is setting and Moon is rising, you will be experiencing a unique energy flow.

Sun pouring its life-giving energy in from the cardinal point of balance, harmony, equality and oneness, and being reflected back from a full moon at the cardinal point of new beginnings, pioneering, warrior, ‘I am’- ness of Aries. And this energy stream is flowing and amplifying in a feedback loop right across the equator line.

As far as I know people, this has not occurred before and, if you’ve been following the exciting astrological events of the last few months, you will know that Jupiter and Uranus are hovering around zero Aries, and Saturn is still close to zero Libra. We have the unprecedented opportunity to expand into fully conscious galactic beings and
celebrate the real power of oneness.

This has the potential to dissolve all illusions of separation while still retaining an exciting sense of self. What a beautiful paradox to be resolving."(...)

"This is the opening act for the spectacular show that has been announced for 2012. The show has started. Don’t miss out!"

We hope this article can serve as an inspiration, visualization and amplifier to your meditation and work you do during the full moon and after. Once again, thank you for participating in these tunings and being part of the change we all wish to see, collectively and around us.

Our hearts are committed, Para Pachamama!

Namaste, Jiriki

Feel free to share with those who resonate to this message.

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