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Channelling from Merlin with Hilarion through Whitefeather 5/6/09

I come to address all Lightworkers.
Dear ones, it is time once again to still your minds and hear the words I come to share, for they will be of comfort to many of you in these changing times on your Earth plane. Yet, I understand that there will also be many who read and scoff at my words, or those being given by other Masters at this time. But take heart dear Lightworkers, for there are equally as many who, although they claim not to understand, the words will reach into their core at another level, some part of themselves will grasp the words and understand them, the seed will be sown and so it will be upon the Lightworkers to use your keen powers of awareness to recognise the seed planted there and to do your utmost to nurture and nourish it into growth.
For those that scoff, do not waste your time trying to make them see the light, for there is nothing there to nurture at this time, but yet, if you continue to live your lives as examples, then there always remains the chance that a seed can be planted at some future point in time. You cannot plant a seed until the ground is prepared, and so it is with the human heart and soul. You cannot tend a garden or piece of land that someone else has locked the gates to, and so, dear Lightworkers, you must remain vigilant at this time, watch patiently and quietly for those who scoff to begin loosening their inner chains around the gardens of their hearts. Continue to be all of who you are and lead your lives by example, then, in time, others will wish it for themselves and then one day, they will leave open their inner gates because they are curious, because they realise they seek a little of what you have. Then, dear ones, then you can help to clear the weeds and plant the seed and begin to nurture it.
Look around you at your world, see it not as chaos, deceit and lies, see it as the beginning of liberation from fear, focus NOT on what has been done by others, but by what is being done now, cleansing, purifying, preparing the ground to make it more fertile for new seed growth. The weeds must be pulled from fallow ground, it must be dug over and raked clean, and so it is with your societies, communities, your lives. This is good, it is necessary, and you must understand this. When you focus on the fact that this IS a good practise, Then it will happen more quickly and less painfully. You must learn to see it this way, what is past is past, learn to clear the ground and start afresh, it is the only way to grow strong seeds. The old that is breaking down belongs to the masculine, it will have no place in the feminine world that is due its place now. The time will come for masculine and feminine to walk in balance, but for now, the power of the feminine must be the strongest medicine healing and must come from the Mothers and Grandmothers. It will be passively aggressive in maintaining the steady move towards a feminine world order. The sooner the males and feminine warriors amongst you lay down their swords of revenge and fighting fear with aggressive actions, their hatred, anger, greed and dominance, then the sooner the gentle but innately strong wisdom of the feminine can fulfil its purpose.
Lightworkers, dear ones, you are to be the forerunners of this feminie movement, stop fighting amongst yourselves, this shows only masculine tendencies of ego. No one hurts you with their words, their personal truths, you hurts yourselves by holding them inside yourselves instead of letting them float by like clouds on a summers day. Aaah but I have spoken of this often of late and today one for recovering old ground, those that have not learnt from that lesson will face it again soon enough.
My message today, dear ones, is for Lightworkers to stand up and be counted amongst the greats of their age, never before has there been a chance for so many of your to be heard. Come together in powerful groups to perform Earth Healings, all around the world this is needed. Lead by example and show others the beauty that can be theirs, guide them, for your teaching must be both gentle and subtle, yet held within them will be the aggressiveness to say no, to speak only your truths despite what others may think or say of you, let others take or leave it as they wish, it is their choice and they may not be ready at this time.
Yes many of you will continue to loose friends or loved ones, one way or another during this time, yes it will be hard for Lightworkers at this time, not only do you have your own issues to deal with but you feel the weight of the world around you and so must learn to become stronger even if others claim you are being cold or insensitive, you have to protect yourselves, know that in the grander scheme of the universal lores, you are doing it for the greater good and at some point, whether they realise it or not, they will be thankful for the truths you speak.
Hold your heads up dear Lightworkers, for those that need to will see your lights shining as beacons and will be drawn to you. Do not try to grab the ones that shy away, fearing it is they who need your help the most, for you will merely deplete your own energies and will then be unable to give to those who truly need your gifts at this time. You must learn to let go of the need to help everyone who crosses your paths, especially those you feel need it the most, the universe will send you those most in need and they will be ready to listen. You must allow each to be responsible for their own lives even if it saddens you and pains you that they cannot see the light at this time. You merely drain yourselves fretting over this, those who truly need you will come to you when their time is right.
So, dear ones, Lightworkers, do not cast your seeds everywhere hoping they will grow, learn to be selective and plant them where you know they will grow. Do not cast them because “there’s a chance they’ll grow” because this is also means there’s a chance they will not, this is foolish use of energy. Plant them only where they will grow well, in so doing, you are working more efficiently and so working better for the greater whole. As more and more seeds grow and come to fruition, those garden still shut will be overtaken by the abundant growth, the weeds will become weaker with less to feed on, the weak will wither and the strong will grow, quietly, passively, spreading far and wide until locked gates cannot stand the strain anymore and so throw open their gates to welcome in the love and light and beauty.
Lightworkers, you must work steadily, quietly, coming together to work your magic, the alchemy of opposites together is the lore of attraction. Like attracts like, when you focus on spreading beauty with those who also walk in beauty, the darkness will not wish to be left outside, cold and lonely, and slowly but surely, will also become beauty itself.
So be strong in yourselves Lightworkers, be truthful to yourselves, walk in balance and the spirit of the feminine, quietly aggressive.
Great Blessings be with you. I am Merlin with the Master Hilarion.

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