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Leonard Orr in OZ with Pauline Win ~ Jan 14 – Jan 23, 2011

Discover the Yoga of Aliveness with easy & pleasurable
practices of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Mind
(based on Leonard's ground breaking work)

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This 9‑day training & retreat is for everyone interested in self‑empowerment, mind & body mastery,
deep relaxation, rejuvenation, increasing their aliveness and realizing
their full potential in life. It is suitable for all levels of
conscious breathers from complete beginners to experienced
Breathworkers. For experienced Breathworkers, it is an opportunity to
attain a higher level of breath mastery and professional success as a
Breathworker. It is also especially ideal for all healthcare
professionals who can recharge and learn how to deal with and prevent

Seminars will include all aspects of Leonard's work, including:
Quality Seminars from Leonard
High quality Rebirthing sessions
Daily spiritual purification practices of earth, air, water and fire.
Fire purification is sitting with an open fire in a dhuni (a yogic style retreat gazebo).

More details on www.rebirthing‑

Come, celebrate your unique divinity. Relax
Registration: contact Pauline Win +61 3 9017 5930

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