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Hello dear Lightworkers,

in these days of seeming chaos we the awakened ones (the ones that are consciously doing things to bring more Love, Peace and Light to Mother Earth and all of Humankind) have a major part to play. We are given the opportunity to help Mother Earth in a myriad of ways that does not take one away from ones daily routine of work, family, friends of those tools is Prayer/Affirmation, which is highly effective when done "right". There is no right or wrong but you can get "better" results by adding a few extra things, and these are (in my perspective)

1 - a quite space where you can be alone for, lets say 15 min

2 - concentration - a few deep breaths with focus on the Heart chakra or any other way you prefer

3 - intensity - the deeper the prayer is (meaning the more Love) the better result

4 - visualization - "seeing" the object/person for whom healing energy is to be sent

5 - sincerity - that is coming from the Heart and hoping only for the Highest good for All

6 - affirmation - a mantra that you resonate with like e.g "Love to All" or "Peace to All"

I´d like to share a prayer/affirmation involving Mother Earth and all of Her sentient beings.

Start by getting comfortable and be in a quite space for 5 - 15 min, after a while (when you feel ready) see Mother Earths body, see Her beautiful body against the dark space, visualize this now. Now, enfold Mother Earth in a blanket of pink Love (or if you wish in a Ocean of Liquid pink Love) see this now and affirm "Mother Earth is a planet of Liquid pink Love" see the continents of Mother Earth being held and by this Liquid pink Love, the oceans the lakes the forests...let this all encompassing Love touch all of Her kingdoms, keep affirming "Mother Earth is planet of Liquid pink Love" visualize or feel if you prefer all of Humanity being held and soaked in this Liquid pink Love, soothing the emotional bodies and easing the mental bodies...see this now and affirm "May all of Humanity be blessed with Liquid pink Love"...hold this image for as long as you feel the connection that this Liquid pink Love gives to all of Humanity connecting us all as a big family with the power of, visualize the core of Mother Earth and fill it up with this Liquid pink Love...let Her body overflow with this beautiful healing energy...stay with this as long as you like and affirm "Mother Earth is a planet of Liquid pink Love" get back to your body (if you feel that you need to) and ground yourself...

By doing this (or any other Lightwork in any other form) Mother Earth, you, and all of Humankind benefits more than can be imagined!

Thank you for reading this, and if you like you can set off a certain time each day to do this prayer/affirmation or in any other way you feel comfortable with to bless Mother Her the gift of your empowered consciousness...fueled by your Love!



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