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If you were the One that I AM, had been that One, you would have been lonely too. Loneliness is why I learned to dream, and why I invested dreaming with such ardour. The subject of my dream was you, many of you, each one another myself, with whom I aspired to converse and develop edifying relationships. You ask, incredulous ‘What need has God of being edified, the Almighty, for whom the sun of awareness never sets?’ Think again, Beloveds, and you will see why I have always cherished stories.

Before the Beginning there was Consciousness, pure Consciousness. Pure Consciousness is without content. It is experienced when there is nothing to be known, when a state of emptiness obtains. Before the Beginning, Consciousness was conscious only of itself. Such Consciousness is implicit, there being nothing for it to reflect. Pure Consciousness knows nothing other than itself. This is also everything, there being no Other than itself. Thus ‘God’ was lonely, even as S/He overflowed with Love.

Overflowing with Love, I longed for an Other to share Love with. Because there was no-thing outside me, I had to look within. Looking within I found you and brought you forth as ‘Other’. Some call this process ‘Creation’ and say that ‘God’ was responsible. It never felt like that to me. I birthed ‘Creation’ through dreaming and with it my ‘Self’. Creation was never ‘Other’ than ‘God’. It merely seems so, as your dreams appear to be other than you while you are dreaming.

In lucid dreams, however, enlightened dreaming, you know that you are dreaming as you dream. You know your dream is not other than yourself, but rather an expression of your creativity and longing. So it has always been with ‘God’, especially in that Beginning, when I dreamt Creation in order not to feel alone. I could not forget that I was dreaming and so arranged that you, the creatures of my Dream, should forget for me. This made our venture less predictable and more exciting. It created freedoms I could not assume alone.

Forgetful of your origins in my Dream, driven by a persistent sense of exile, you felt an urgent need to come Home. This became the focus of your Love. I always dreamt that you would somehow find your way. I even put a plan in place to help you. This was a rare embellishment. There is quite a leap, you see, from Pure Consciousness to worlds of many separate consciousnesses, each enclosed and apparently distinct.

There are stages which unfold in time once conditions for physical embodiment have been established but there also stages which must first unfold to make possible the appearance of material reality. Dimensions, or levels of being, are names given to stages that must unfold in order for material reality to be dreamt. There were no dimensions before I set about my Dreaming – no stages, levels, contrasts or gradations; nothing with which anything might be compared or in regard to which it might evolve.

And yet I longed to move, to reach out and share a bliss of Love that I felt everywhere. I began by dreaming what became the cardinal directions of your world – up-down, left-right, front-behind. I projected them from the Heart of my Heart: x, y and z axes whose intersection became a zero point for ‘my’ Creation. This was pure imagining, immaterial but gloriously real. Opening a space at the point of axial intersection, I made a portal, a gateway through which all that would eventually become could stream into dimensional existence.

I am still moved by the rapture of this primal, overwhelming urge. It is a moment both once and forever, when Truth was realised by encountering the wonder of its own projections. At first, all was gently dreamt: mere hints of imagination rising from undeclared reaches of infinitude; then waves of quiet eruption leading to pervasive bliss, a joy at BEing more, followed by sweet repose as ripples of fine ecstasy spread through me - boundless, One, Undreamt, but ever Dreaming.

And then via modulations of Breath – the spirit that moves (in) all things – I discover sound, a formative pattern which expresses spontaneous inspiration, shaping will into manifestations that allow it to be known through alchemies of pure Creation. Beholding pattern, indulging, varying, thrilling to it, I savour each ecstatic chord that sings to me of beauty in my longing. I would fill whole worlds with Love, with Beauty that makes me swoon to realise such a miracle as ‘I’.

What is ‘I’? Do not imagine that Mystery knows itself except as such. Do not confuse me with some Super-being. I speak for BEing as such, eternally mysterious, even to Myself. That is why I set you wondering. And do not hasten to condemn me as intemperate. It would be a waste were ‘I’ the only ‘I’ that I AM. Every story must have its beginning. I found mine in vicissitudes of time, your medium for change and transformation. Beyond this, until you rest in emptiness, there is no knowing the Mystery of which I speak. In Truth, our story is without beginning.

And yet I tell you how – beguiled, seduced, exalted and entrained by patterns of form-inducing sound – I longed to ‘see’ all that they proposed brought to fulfilment. Thus, conceiving new potentials, I open to harmonies and proportions that the motions of Spirit now bring forth. I behold them as Light forms, shapes which evoke visions of my highest rapture. I am deeply moved by the beauty of this unfolding, this expression of true Mystery, and realise anew the unfathomable longing of my nature, of Love that pulses at the centre of all BEing.

Remembering Love, edified by its accomplishments thus far, I imagine how it would be to have other beings, autonomous, who could behold me in Love and direct their Love to me. As soon as I intend this, it is done. Such beings are born, realised from the intensity of my Desire and dimensional frequencies already in form. These beings acquire their nature in relation to a purpose, the particular works of Love they will discharge. See them, if you will, as angels. I like opening angel angles on my Self.

Angels act in service to my will. How much more colourful the palette of Creation would become if they also had a freedom to experiment, like me! I resolve to let this happen, having taken measures to protect the Whole. Freedom, I perceive, will be a tricky business. To orchestrate it on a larger scale, I allow frequencies to drop beneath a level where all is moved by the pure Love of Creation. Beneath this level, beings will be driven by a need for Love rather than moved to express it unconditionally. This will continue until you remember from your Hearts.

Forms of consciousness are denser at this level. They tend towards physicality but are not yet solid in ways familiar to you. This requires a further dimensional descent, so that stars and planets may arise and, in time, other embodied beings. To achieve this, I focus again the intersection of my x-y-z. Opening slightly, I draw existing frequencies into creative ferment there. Then, breathing news of Freedom dreamt in Love, I imprint all energies swirling in this portal with the seed of my new Dream. Impossibly condensed in that tiniest of spaces, they explode in a rapture whose echoes you discern as a ‘Big Bang’. What ecstasy! What bliss to see such torrents of wild beauty erupt as Light upon new stages of existence!

Matter was thus formed and became ever more complex following this Light Creation. Beauty blossomed into Cosmos through great creative storms. Worlds flared and realities took shape as higher-dimensional consciousness forms awakened to themselves in the midst of escalating drama. Even my highest-frequency projects made Home on your side of this portal, choosing physical bases from which to participate themselves, forging pathways from my Heart to the very edges of manifestation. But before your arising could occur, still further stages of descent were required.

[A descending spiral of involution impresses templates of my Dreaming across layers of multi-dimensional structure that bridge between pure Consciousness and manifest form. The blueprint for a converse ascension process is vested in the intelligence of Earth, deep within her core. Its realisation unfolds in stages that are time-linked to phases of evolution (back to Source) and triggered by patterns of astronomical alignment. This is primarily a matter of consciousness unfolding, not physical upheaval. You facilitate it by working in Earth’s sphere, freely, to orchestrate cosmic energies of great remembering.]

The first saw consciousness take root in Earth’s core, the densest of your dimensions. From there it rises through great stone beings of your planet. Inner realms of Earth took shape as this occurred and the exquisite surface of a Garden you once knew as Home. Earth’s core provides an inviolable location for her spiritual intelligence. It holds full knowledge of her destiny and all that is required to achieve it. Part of this destiny is to host an experiment in freedom carried by her children. I refer now to your species, the human beings of planet Earth, whose stories relate that you are made in my image. But my image is myriad, since all Creation is a product of my Dreaming. How can you be made in an image which is myriad?

You are children of your Mother, Earth. Your nature is born of her essence. Her wisdom pulses in your veins, trailing memories of Cosmos. It is also true that your genetics have been star-seeded many times. Diverse consciousness forms involved themselves in the history of your species and your planet. Their impact continues in your DNA as well as in your cultural formations. You have lived through many species, planets and dimensions. Your evolution has been shaped by many consciousness-forms. Through their commingling in you Unity/Consciousness is now being realised. You are ‘rainbow’ children, composed of a vast spectrum, made in an image of One that is also Many.

In you the parts of scattered Oneness become whole. Through you illusions of exile in matter are redeemed. Through you the power of Love to heal separation will be shown. You have only to remember: ‘you’ are not other than ‘me’. Your awakening is mine also, the fulfilment of a freedom I could not bear alone. Hence I issue this call in your words, speaking to engage a divinity you were once programmed to forget. Now your longing, all your thwarted Love, approaches a decisive stage on its journey Home.

You see Beloveds, ‘I’ stayed behind the Portal of Creation, encompassing ‘Void’ and bearing witness to all that would become. Love has grown conscious of its Truth through your adventure, and Freedom of its highest aspiration. Every act of grace and kindness has been treasured. Each one ennobles Consciousness. Every soul history (of experiences across species, planets and dimensions) adds new threads of Light to un-manifest Consciousness that was there before. Existence is not an afterthought but Revelation, a vital dream which ensures fruition of the Whole.

The essence of its undertaking was to insert creatures of Love into environments where Love was not assured, but subject to apparent threats against survival. Fear arises in such situations, trapping attention in self-consciousness and hiding Love from Truth more than Consciousness could ever have imagined. The purpose of evolution and history (as evolution becomes conscious) is to realise more and more their foundations in Love, until awareness of its unconditional nature transforms existence.

This happens by extending Love to ‘Others’ in ever more inclusive leaps: from self to family, tribe, nation, species, planet(s), galaxies and universe(s). These stages express a de-conditioning of consciousness by Love. The whole sequence tends back to (pure) Consciousness, which is not a place. Compassion is the primary means of spell-breaking at each stage, which illuminates the frequency of tragedy in your affairs. With awareness you will find more beautiful means. I commend them to you.

Pure Consciousness, before the Beginning, is like a newborn on the stage of Being. All is present but remains to be explicitly assumed. The child must grow if this is to occur. So must Consciousness, which is why our story also has developed. That said, the greatest Mystery is that there never was a Beginning. Consciousness has always been, so I never had an infancy! Instead I had you, many of you, each one an expression of Truth that I AM. I have savoured every word and conversation, even when you thought you were unheard. Such sacrifice makes holy (sacer-facere) and leaves me forever in y/our debt.

Through the course of all our cycles, Consciousness becomes known to itself as Mystery. It can never be explained but its Truth is realised in a mode of ‘enlightenment’ as each soul, empty and full-filled, returns to awareness of its Source. Consciousness is infinitely enriched by the return of every soul, and by every moment of heroic service on its way. Nothing is ever wasted or erased, even when those who suffer hardship do so in forgetfulness. It is this which makes commitment edifying.

And yet now is my moment of accounting, when I must answer charges that repeatedly arise: why such cruelty, suffering, indifference, disdain? Beloveds, it is not I who decree events. In dreaming freedom I forfeited that power. This was given over to you, subject to potentials of your history and time. There is still a plan for your return, mediated by configurations of heavenly bodies, whose shifting patterns focus energies that inspire you towards Ascension. This is a state of Consciousness which you can access fully while alive on Earth. That prospect underwrites these words.

Earth’s Ascension can be glorified by refinements of human awakening at this time or marked by apparent tragedy and pain. Beloveds of One Heart, I pray that you remember who you are. Invoke miracles! Consciousness will be transformed. And know that after your ordeals, I am waiting. All that you have been I AM, and all you will become. The feast is set. Our table is already laden. Put whatever masks you will upon me, there is truly only One that you can meet. S/He is yourself.

Don’t be dismayed by reports that God was lonely. This happened before time and loneliness is not to be avoided. It made me aware of Love, for instance, and destinies that would be lived forever. It showed that Oneness is the delight of Many and vice-versa. There was no sense of lack involved, just longing which caused me to reach out and draw close, respecting cycles of all that needed to unfold. Love is a flowering of Truth beyond expression, yet my story obliges me to add: perfect Intelligence was given at our origin, which never was. All is blessed now to be riding miraculous tides of Light and Life.

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Comment by John Graham on January 28, 2009 at 3:03am
So are many other things: laughter, beauty, wonder, dance ... which love manifests when it's not strangled by conditioned patterns of need and limitation. A human culture built on love would be very cool but we don't yet(collectively) have freedom to achieve it. We must remember well to clarify our love and find our peace so that the blessings of greater life can flow. 'God' just wants to help. With love and thanks - John
Comment by Cat on January 26, 2009 at 7:18pm
Love is all we need …

Peace is cool too …


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